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  1. English is not Buen's first language. How's your Norwegian goin'?
  2. Violins have been recorded from all sorts of positions and distances
  3. 1. Carl, Anders is an acoustician, by profession. What are your qualifications for describing his opinions as "nonsense"? 2. Where, when, and by what method has this been "proven"? 3. That's no surprise. It's well documented that our hearing changes as we age.
  4. Reeded. "Reddid" is when you've painted something red which was previously a different color, as in "I done reddid it".
  5. In the Midwest, we say "rid" or "readed" for past-tense clarity.
  6. Since you have stated that you like the sound and playing qualities of the cello, I would not recommend re-varnishing it. Coatings can have major impacts on sound and playing properties.
  7. By shaping a piece of wood, one can make a "sandpaper file" of any radius, and any coarseness. Did Stradivari do this? I don't know, but he would have most certainly had access to wood, paper, glue and sand. Could it have been Omobono's job to make or refresh the sand-surfaced tools? If so, that might explain why Antonio got so pissed at Omobono for moving to another city for a time.
  8. I've mostly dated girls, but have not yet totally ruled out dating violins. Is there a dating site for violins? If so, will these violins be willing to send me alluring photos?
  9. Uh oh, the double-post gremlin is still goin' on.
  10. I think it's a mistake to try to stereotype oil and spirit varnishes, as if they represented two distinct sets of dried film characteristics. One can make an oil varnish which is hard and brittle, and a spirit varnish which stays soft an gooey for decades or centuries, and vice-versa.
  11. OP, at around 0:43 in the video, I'm not seeing anything I can readily identify as "inside wear", although there will always be a little inside wear from soundpost repositioning on an older instrument which has had much use. I will suggest instead that most of the color difference you are noticing is from some other cause, such as "chalk-fitting" a soundpost.
  12. I suspect so too. I'll add that wood which has been buried in dirt or crushed rock will also contain substances, other than metal, which will trash saw blades and milling blades in a hurry.