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  1. Thanks for all the photos, Jacob. You mentioned that the current neck (a replacement} had some structural deficiencies. Upon a superficial look, it seems like your candidate for the next replacement neck might have the same deficiencies. Would you be willing to expand on that a little more, including what you thing the best design for such a neck/scroll would be?
  2. Oh, another thing that helped me a lot was fish oil. This can come from eating oily fish like salmon, or in capsules. A pharmacist who'd had major arthritic problems turned me on to it. He had improved to the point of being almost asymptomatic. It's well studied, and has many health benefits, including being an anti-inflammatory and a psychological health booster.
  3. Mostly milk products and grains, in my case. I eat sort of a "paleolithic" diet. Throughout most of human evolutionary history, milk products and grains were not available in abundance, so we may not have evolved to tolerate them well in the quantities we use them today. There was quite a change in diet, between the time humans were mostly hunter-gatherers, and the time of agriculture and domestic livestock.
  4. Creative use of a Sawzall can make any job go faster and better.
  5. I'm not sure whether that is an insult or a compliment. I will ask my mental health therapist, and report back.
  6. There are some pretty accurate thermometers available these days, really cheap. As much as I like to rely on my senses, a difference between 220 and 270 is something that is pretty hard to sort out, using the ol' weenie-immersion test, or a goose feather.
  7. John, I didn't intend to make a case against CNC. There is another thread for that. Rather, my intent was to forward evidence on how to keep the body functioning well.
  8. Wow, if you know the terms "doobies" and "joints", you must be almost as ancient as I am. I am from a family with a strong history of autoimmune disease, which could be roughly described as the immune system failing to adequately differentiate between attacking harmful invaders. and attacking ones own body. I was diagnosed with arthritis at the age of 19. There are triggers that put the immune system in overdrive, and some of them are related to diet. An experimental diet of certain kinds of food elimination is a very hard row to hoe, but I think I've derived major benefits from that. My mother was kind of health freak, for her day, and advocated a diet high in milk and grains. That was the best strategy available at the time. She died at an early age from lupus, and that diet turned out to be exactly the wrong strategy for me. At this point, I'm still trying to make my body work better, and focusing less on workarounds, and that has worked out OK. I will still be willing to take on a speed challenge with anyone who favors CNC type machines. But I will probably sweat a lot more than the machine does.
  9. Thanks everyone. Looks like my website was hacked, with forwarding code written in. I subscribe to a service which takes care of things like this, and it is supposed to be cleaned up in about 12 hours. Or by paying extra, I could get it cleaned up sooner. The way it was explained to me, the hacking is typically done by robots which use various hacking algorithms to try to get access to websites, and if they get in, they automatically insert the forwarding code. Thanks again for letting me know. Televet, maybe your server or your country has a list of "blacklisted" sites, and won't allow forwarding codes to work for those sites. Just a guess....
  10. OK, thanks, I see it now. The search will pull up real titles of my pages, real addresses, and hovering over the link shows the correct address, but actually clicking on it brings up something completely different. Now I have to figure out what to do about it. Televet, it's happening for me on Bing and Yahoo too.
  11. It doesn't on any of my computers or browsers. Anyone else experiencing that? http://www.burgessviolins.com Thanks for the help.
  12. You and the hubby are more than welcome to drop by and try it sometime, before investing in making one yourself. Loose shot in the handle might work better than solid lead though, along the principle of the "dead blow hammer". Haven't tried that one yet either. So little time, and so many wacko ideas yet to test.
  13. The shaft is off-the-shelf brass tubing, with molten lead poured inside. More mass helps with cruising on through the occasional hard spots which one encounters in wood..
  14. Agreed. When human intention and presence stop being priorities, we might just as well marry inflatable sex dolls, or more advanced robotic correlative equivalents. Want your partner to be dominant, recessive, or any of 1000 grades in between? Just drag the slider on your screen.
  15. SharWars. A number of people in the shop exited over a rather short time frame.