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  1. Wouldn't it have been more genteel to use "derriere", rather than "but"? As in, "I'd agree, derriere there are many things...."
  2. "And just like that, Reguz applies his quadruple arm-bar double submission hold. Whatever will Dennis and Dave do? Beg for mercy? They are in quite a pickle indeed!"
  3. Food grade linseed oil can also contain contaminants from other non-drying oil products (also considered food grade), either artifacts of crop rotation, or from processing in the same facilities.
  4. Looking at their membership list just now, I know some of these people to be really really good!
  5. I know very little about Schmidt, other than he has made some danged good knives. My favorite so far. Used his "bridge knife" earlier today to cut some purfling groove corners.
  6. Subcrust, can we start out with you explaining why you want to do this? As Jackson has already explained, being a self-sustaining full-time violin maker is a pretty hard row to hoe.
  7. Unlike methanol, short-term excessive exposure to ethanol probably isn't going to screw you up permanently. Don't college students do this all the time, and still graduate? Living in a college town, here's what I consider to be the most common signs of overexposure to Ethanol: Getting either vastly more "teddybear like", or vastly meaner and confrontational. Kinda depends on the underlying personality revealed when inhibitions are reduced. One would seem to be less harmful than the other.
  8. Completely agreed. Until an oil varnish has reached the "plateau" stage in the drying process, it can undergo changes, sometimes for many years. And even after reaching the plateau stage, it can still undergo slower changes. I am currently using an oil varnish, but with full awareness of all the hazards.
  9. Yup, some linseed oils intended for food consumption have additives to prevent them from drying.
  10. Hah! I'll bet I've spent more time talking with Gough than you have. Same with most of the other scientists involved in violin research. "A man's got to know his limitations." Let's see, was it Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Churchill, or Johnny Appleseed who said that?
  11. Not if the premise is incorrect. That is also incorrect.
  12. Horrors, has the discussion now morphed to sphincters? Do they have STL lines?
  13. It ain't been easy. Had to make a special effort.
  14. While there has been lots of peripheral discussion, people seem to have done a pretty good job this time of denying him a "bully pulpit" for his beliefs, based on past experience.
  15. Really? Somehow, I'd been thinkin' that both aural assessments and measured sound levels had shown otherwise.
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