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  1. Oh so that's what the thing about rattlesnake rattles was for? I thought they were to make the fiddle sound sweeter or something like that?
  2. Like I said, I dunno. I didn't mean to scare you! Small world, dude. I'd be really freaked if you said you went to Clarendon Elementary! Mr. Frank is a better teacher now, I'm sure, now that he has some experience. I'm sure you've found out by now that he was supposed to be a band teacher and that his principal instrument is the DRUMS. Say, since my teacher has done violin coaching at Aptos and Hoover, have you met Deday yet? Does she still coach? I don't recall telling her that I'm in a Celtic/classical band now... perhaps 'tis better I don't...
  3. And wouldn't the cold dry air of the Alps been bad for the poor cello? And wasn't the dubbing pretty bad?
  4. Andre Rieu-- and that's not a compliment to either him or me!!!
  5. Ooh, someone's been doing some cyber-sleuthing...
  6. The Declaration of Independence is 1/4 noble ideology and 3/4 dissing the King of England. And I think you generalize the circumstances that led to the formation of the US. There was fault on both sides for not settling things diplomatically. By the time England decided that it might be a good idea to try and settle things diplomatically instead of treating the colonies like a disobedient child in need of a whipping, the radical revolutionaries had already gained too strong a foothold and the majority of the population just kept quiet and hoped the whole thing would blow over. Why not name yourself after chocolate? I am Almond Joy, Celtic fusion fiddler!
  7. 1773??? Dude, wasn't good ol' Antonio dead by then???
  8. Wasn't there a similar thread running on Usenet a while back? Anyhoo, I would disagree. My hometown's local radio station started playing mostly baroque and classical pieces in order to appeal to a broader audience. And I didn't mind too much since I like baroque and classical, but even I like a little variety for crying out loud... My mom, however, can't stand Bach because she says counterpoint and fugue give her a headache. Maybe kids like romantic stuff because it sounds the most like pop?
  9. On the issue of profanity: it's not the profanity I have a real beef with but the fact that it has to make up every fourth word in the lyrics, which not only lessens the impact of the words where they are really needed but also make the rapper look like he/she is trying too hard, IMO. And sometimes non-swear words are more powerful.
  10. Hi Sophia!!! Okay, I guess I do get intimidated sometimes. Well, maybe not intimidated but quite self-conscious in front of people whose playing I admire. It wears off after a while, like if that person has to be in the same room while I'm playing, but initially I do feel like running and hiding.
  11. Earle: it's not true, but it is true that Josh used to play hookie on Gingold sometimes to hit the video game arcade. Maybe that somehow got misinterpreted as him quitting lessons.
  12. I didn't discover violin until age 12, and I didn't discover that I loved violin until age 15. Before that, I played piano, because I was envious of my freinds who could play all those cheesy pop piano tunes. I listened to classical music until about age 5 or so, when my parents got sick of it and decided that it had done all the brain improving on me it could do, and they started listening to oldies rock again. I didn't rediscover classical until I was 11, when I accidentally discovered the classical radio station again. Up until then I had tried just about everything else--R&B, rock, country, pop, oldies, etc.-- but nothing really felt like anything I could identify with. I had thought about classical as a possiblity but up until then I had never considered it something to listen to on a regular basis. At that moment, though, classical music felt like "home"-- this was my music, somehow. And so that's how I rediscovered classical. I loved it so much that I wanted to be able to play it, and one instrument that seemed to be best suited for that job was... the violin.
  13. The name Roby Lakatos rings a bell, I just don't know where I've heard him... Oh wait, I think I saw a music video with him on Classical Arts Showcase! He was playing some folk/jazz fusion piece. Very cool. Kinda weird, but cool.
  14. The Devil's Instrument, of course... I'd disagree, however-- the devil plays the accordion, we all know that. I'm kidding! [This message has been edited by MarvyMei (edited 05-05-2000).]
  15. I just thought this was such a cool thread that it ought to be revived. I'm working on a poem right now...
  16. Well yeah there was that too. But I know she said she wanted to look into Hollywood as well. I just don't understand them. I just don't. I never will.
  17. I think there certainly exists the possiblilty for good rap music but I haven't heard a lot of it. Mediocre, maybe, at best. I'd like to see someone try for some good rap, though. I think rap is like folk music-- it does require skill, but not as much as is required of the classical musician. And also, like folk, comparing it to classical music is unfair. I could probably come to like the genre, if more people would do something without glorification of crime, fornication, profuse profanity, crass materialism, racism, or self-pity. And if for Pete's sake they could throw in a few modulations for the background music here and there... I often wonder about the future of pop/rap/R&B, especially pop. From what I am forced to hear in my dorm every day, it seems to me like very few artists are willing to take original and creative risks. It's all about the tried-and-true formula, and that, to me, is sooooo boring, more boring than my peers often claim classical is. The industry can't stay in a rut like this forever... can they? I remember that my music theory teacher mentioned the possiblity of pop music moving into modes instead of the usual major/minor scale, but that seems like a development in the far future, if at all.
  18. Wait, so this can't also be referring to non-physical pain too? I took it to mean both physical and emotional, and for me it was more of the latter than the former...
  19. Isn't that what Linda Brava wanted to do too-- make an eventual jump into acting? Two words: oy vey. I don't watch television anymore, for a lot of reasons.
  20. Yeah, I think that's how it was for me. Yeah auditions suck, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I think someone told me that them making you sightread part of Beethoven's Third is an indication that they've already decided whether or not you're going to get in based solely on your prepared pieces. I don't know about that. Anyhoo, good luck at LowHell then. I hope you take orchestra there because Mrs. Winter is the best orch teacher in the district-- seriously. She's gotta be the best teacher I've ever had, in any subject. It's amazing what she can do with a school orchestra, provided they're willing. You didn't go to Hoover Middle school did you? I did... I had Mr. Frank for orchestra, back when he didn't know how to teach an orchestra class.
  21. It had better be, or else I really was a loser in high school.
  22. 1. Yes, especially if you had to learn to sighread in whatever clef(s) you read for your string instrument. 2. Only if you were planning on becoming a child prodigy.
  23. Good luck! I never made it in but at one point I know that my school contributed a good portion of the double bass section in SFSYO. Any current or ex-Lowellites out there?
  24. "Reasonably well" can't be defined in terms of the pieces you can or can't play. It has to be defined in terms of how you feel when you play. Do you feel that you can say some of what you're trying to say through the violin? If you play a piece, does it sound like you think it's generally supposed to? If you're pessimistic, you could argue that there is no point when you can play reasonably well. As for me, I started getting halfway decent after about three years of private instruction. I had three years of only orchestra class before that, but I didn't learn jack in that class and when I started with private lessons I had to start from square one. So it's possible to carry a tune in an okay manner after about two or three years.
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