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  1. Using the PM function is probably more appropriate if you wish that information...
  2. Sorry! Gender is not always easily apparent on internet boards! :-)
  3. Yes... quirky but cool. I especially liked the 'cello I had in the shop (I posted the scroll on that thread). Awwww Martin... I was hoping he'd figure that out for himself with a little help. :-)
  4. There was a thread a while ago featuring a Blanchi scroll... read if you wish. Scroll quiz
  5. Hahaha.... Yeah, I'm still getting used to the new layout...
  6. I think this is more about price range than country of origin, no? There have been wonderful fiddles and crap made across the globe for a good long while. For example: I don't think a nice Carl Becker violin would qualify as "garbage", and I can think of a number of pretty decent makers from a few generations back who worked in Boston, NY, Chicago, Philadelphia, etc that sell for pretty reasonable prices. It seems that "serviceable" is all one can really expect a 1K or below in todays money... and if it's new, labor cost where it was made is a rather important factor.
  7. Please keep buy or sell inquiries private (email or private message). We make an effort to prevent the boards from becoming a marketplace of sorts, with the exception, within limits, of the Luthier Exchange (trade and exchange for tools and materials related to the manufacturing and repairing of stringed instruments). Thank you!
  8. Doin't know. I don't use the mobile app. I sent you the following message, though you probably won't see it until the mystery is solved: "Hi Koo Young; I don't use a cell phone for MN, so haven't had that problem... I'm including Glenn Hunt in this conversation, 'cause if anyone knows, he will. Cheers! Jeff"
  9. Someone watched The Red Violin once too often...
  10. I've had good experiences on client claims with several of the specialty brokers... but probably the most experience with Heritage and Total Dollar.
  11. The first 10 posts by new members are subject to moderator approval. In almost all cases I approve posts within 24 hours or less.
  12. Certainly no apology required as far as I'm concerned. I think there may be a difference in RH retention between radiant and forced air heating... but it does not appear that it is currently universally established (ie. how much of a difference or exactly why). Unfortunately, most of the information available on the web seems HVAC contractor driven (claiming things like radiant heating makes it more comfortable at a lower temperature because of humidity retention... but a lower temperature in itself would increase RH...), which doesn't make the opinions wrong... but it doesn't show dat
  13. Had a small Landolfi with painted flames in the shop a couple years ago...