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  1. Hahaha... Knowing you, I'd guess you're well ahead of my "Alberti fix" curve!
  2. I doubt all the facts in this situation are known, so I'd hate to jump to maker cruxifixction without them... I would guess that communication from both sides was less than perfect... It's a guess, but after observing humans for a number of decades, an educated one.
  3. Everyone I've spoken to there is neat. Just got my latest tool fix from them this morning.
  4. My pins are a little smaller than you describe... I modified a countersink bit and make the tapered pins to fit... I imagine the small reamer idea would work pretty well for 'cello.
  5. Young Jerry! I thought of you when this thread appeared...
  6. The shim would have benefited by being added to the heel in a reasonable manner... but the place for (small) screws, if used, would be countersink in the shoe into the heel. Probably shouldn't forget that what is being discussed within these four pages is a failure due to faulty workmanship.
  7. Whatever you decide, remember that in 1704 varnish the wax carried by the shellac resin plays an important role in the varnish.
  8. No... I don't use scotch tape. I use clear matte book cover (low tac) cut to size and applied to the rib. Hardly noticeable and easily removable. Pretty standard, BTW.
  9. For older fiddles: Correct in theory... not "always" correct in practice. :-) I would assume a stainless screw is much more reliable, but they were kinda rare at the end of the 19th century.
  10. Not to say that the button isn't an important component, but I wonder if Professor Baldwin has considered sweat, humidity vibration and shock... or if his analysis was static. In any case, his analysis does not make sense to me.
  11. Not sure what you mean by some kind of additional fixing?
  12. There still are... but (to put it in slightly more diplomatic moderator's language than David did... not that he's incorrect) there is more resistance to them than in the past.
  13. Yeah... that's what came to mind when this post came up for approval... Sorry Katherine. I'm sure someone will offer an answer to your question.