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  1. Brushes for retouching

    I wasn't going to tell them that! Re Addie: Escodas are sable. In my opinion, worth every penny. Agree on various sizes.
  2. Workshop space Chicago - moving

    If you're looking for community, you'll find a bunch of violin industry folks clustered in the Fine Arts Building on Michigan Avenue (John K. Becker, William Harris Lee, Ryan McLaughlin, Bein & Fushi, Eric Swanson, etc.). It has many small and medium size studios. Unsure of the present rent.
  3. Brushes for retouching

  4. string grooves position at nut

    I can confirm.
  5. Integral bassbars

    We've experimented with the frame and sandbag method in Oberlin... soaking is going a bit far. Selected application of moisture is more like it.
  6. Integral bassbars

    I'm not even going to mention that there are certain (old, dead) makers who's instruments I make efforts not to spring the bar much if at all... like fitting the bar while the top is in a cast. OOPPPS... I guess I mentioned it. Other's I'll spring just a bit. Three things (among others) having little to do with the bar itself that I watch carefully for stability when restoring an instrument is the the arch (shape/grads), the integrity of the plane (of the glue surface) of the ribs, and how well the end block surfaces contact the top plate's glue surfaces. All have a significant effect on stability and resistance to (further) distortion. If you squint a little, Koo Young's drawing illustrates why I tend to pay attention to these areas.
  7. Viola d'Amore check in, please?

    Glad to hear that you're OK!! I echo the concern of those in the Caribbean. They got whacked.
  8. Bridge for an Amateur Cellist

    That's not old stock. Old stock has been hanging around for decades.
  9. Flood Damaged/Moldy Instruments

    Vinegar is complementary in mold removal to borax...
  10. Albert Nurnberger........not?

    I'd trust your first impression in this case.
  11. Violin restorer recommendations

    Not quite enough information to be of help answering the "how long", I'm afraid. Depends what sort of "significant damage", depends on how the restoration was accomplished, who did the work, etc. I'd highly suggest the owner herself talk to the restorer if she's not yet satisfied with the sound... and if they can't "solve" it, and she's going to visit another restorer, maybe she should talk to a few herself to find out who she communicates with well. The vast majority of those who regularly work on 18th century Italian fiddles pretty much all know each other. Most of us are not dying for more work, and there may be some resistance to re-restoring something that's recently been worked on by another.
  12. Antiquing techniques

    Not yet, but he did come back a couple years later for an encore presentation.
  13. Cleaning rosin & gunk for violins with acetone

    Care, patience, time and q tips, Mat.
  14. Use meat tenderizer to dissolve hide glue

    They weren't (aren't) the only ones who "teach" that procedure, unfortunately.
  15. Use meat tenderizer to dissolve hide glue

    Stick to controlled application of water... and a surfactant or gel when you really need one.