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  1. Their website says they are open for special events and programs so far...
  2. The National Music Museum is a very cool place... Worth the trip to the northern plains! (maybe wait till spring/summer though)
  3. Yup! Thanks for putting up the links! It'll same me time editing my photos! ...and no, there aren't that many conversions. :-) The head is not original (of course). I believe John Dilworth restored a similar one in London many years ago and eventually made a "copy" of it on commission for an American player... That's really the only other one that was converted to a viola I personally know of. It's a wonderful beast. Makes me smile every time it visits.
  4. Happy to have peek in person. No hurry. Give me a call when you plan to hit that little white ball around. My contact information is on my website. :-)
  5. I believe it's pretty well accepted the guitar shaped Strad started off life as a violino or viola d'amore and was modified to a violin sometime in the second half of the 19th century. The thing actually plays pretty well as I recall... not that I could ever get what Josh Bell got out of it. If I remember correctly, Bruce Carlson posted a photo of a corner-less Strad viola d'amore made into a violin with corners added and pegbox shortened a number of years ago during a thread about the Bell fiddle. A number of 16th through 18th century instruments were modified from their original state in the 19th century. I see this viola (converted Lira da Braccio by Linarol, Venice c. 1580) on a regular basis (and I put the photo of the ffs up 'cause I know Dwight Brown likes and knows the instrument).
  6. I think that was the Library of Congress, not the Smithsonian... but the key word is that David arranged to "sell" them his American collection (gave the Library time to find donors). "Donate" might certainly have a different outcome.
  7. Look... it's not wood, but being aware there's a risk out there, what it is, and ways to broadcast theft on social media websites and forums isn't a bad thing. The difficulty with all stolen property listings is, and has been, keeping them current, however. The original motivations are laudable, but the effort of updating is usually lax. MN made an attempt at one point... fail. I'd hoped VDM would have included a couple string related resources I'd provided her as well, but no harm, no foul. I'll just add them here. For bowed strings, the AFVBM has a helpful page (https://www.afvbm.org/violin-family-stolen-instrument-resources/) and Tarisio still has a registry of sorts (https://tarisio.com/cozio-archive/stolen-instrument-register/) Contacting law enforcement, shops, and news media has been effective in the past as well.
  8. Hey y'all. First, I think that the part owner of this instrument has been willing to participate in this discussion is worth some consideration. We are not entitled to any more information than he wishes to share, but he is entitled to civil treatment here. If I were to be consulted professionally concerning the instrument, I would certainly have questions for him, but I have not been (and I'm not asking to be)... and I assume I'm within 3 hours of his location. If the violin showed merit in person, I do know what I'd recommend however, and don't mind sharing it. Yes, it matters most what an expert writes, not what's "said". If I owned the instrument, there are 3 individuals who's opinion I would seek out in the US. They have all handled many Strads and their opinions have market value. One is more than capable of identifying, restoring and certifying a Strad workshop or del Gesu fiddle. He's been inside more of them than most anyone else alive. Two of these individuals are within a 5 hour drive of northern Ohio and have shops in the same city. We are all occasional visitors to each other's shops. All three have participated in contributing time and expertise to the restoration workshop we run at Oberlin College in the summer, one as a guest instructor (as Iris Carr who was mentioned earlier has been). I have no idea if TK has seen them. I do note he hasn't mentioned them... and I haven't asked my colleagues if they've been contacted. Then there are the few UK and European experts I'd recommend. Pete Biddulph has been mentioned, but other notable scholars have not. Has he seen the others I'd recommend? I have no idea. The story has elements that cause me to be rather curious about the methodology and strategy being employed, but we may only know part of it, so I'll be content with curiosity. Thank you for sharing what you have TK.
  9. Yup. Seems that we are headed for a world in which everyone is an extraordinary epidemiologist, legal expert, and an expert on historical cases... and in great part due to the fabulous education that 15 minutes with google offers (not). It's not unusual to have disagreements and strong opinion appear on MN threads, but I wonder how the behavior on this thread might compare to a face to face discussion. Frankly, I believe face to face would certainly have been more civilized and constructive... Dmitri presented information. He was not and is not obligated to do so. Others asked questions. He answered some. Some went a step too far. My opinion. Time to consider if you all desire the participation of highly experienced participants willing to share opinion and ongoing research, or you'd rather squabble and hide behind screen names when acting badly and forsake civil exchange.
  10. plastercaster; Please consider not reviving old posts unless you actually have something constructive to add. Thank you.
  11. The glossary I use for my appraisals does not contain "Circle of", nor "School of", though I understand the draw of those terms for an auction house. My glossary does contain "In the style of", and should I choose to refer to an instrument as "School of", I'd add a very clear definition of the meaning I am referring to for that term.
  12. Now those I'd look at! Sounds like good art!
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