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  1. Thanks Violadamore! I scanned through the pages. Some nice answers, some feuding, and an excessive amount of pontificating. Let's all move on, shall we?
  2. Can someone please explain to me exactly how we got here in ten pages (so I don't have to read them all)? I believe we stated with: "So what would you say is the bottom value for an old factory instrument in good shape that is fully carved, fully lined, fully blocked, made with good wood, and varnished with good varnish?" I wouldn't attempt an answer.... but I just don't see how this all landed where it did...
  3. Jeffrey Holmes

    Drilling string holes in pegs

    Might be handy in the pit!
  4. Jeffrey Holmes

    Drilling string holes in pegs

    At the firm we used a needle file to create a shallow groove through the hole as shown and described by a few earlier posters. We called it a "courtesy groove" and it had nothing to do with the preventing strings from breaking. The idea was similar to the groove at the eye of a sewing needle (guides the thread towards the hole even if the threader is not quite on the money). It makes things easier for me, so I've continued to employ it. I've not found that the strings are more likely to slip.
  5. Jeffrey Holmes

    Quiz for Addie

    Hmmm... Rapid fire posts on an old thread of 2012... what's up? What's the point? Let it sleep. New question? Try starting a new thread. Thank you.
  6. Jeffrey Holmes

    Authentic Alessandro D'Espine Violin?

    I vacuum regularly, Jacob. :-) There is another work area that tends to collect ore wood chips, but I do have a tendency to keep things clean.
  7. Jeffrey Holmes

    Arch protector... how necessary is it?

    There is certainly disagreement concerning the wisdom of these gadgets. I think of them as a remedy for the problem rather than a cure, but in my experience they do have some use in prevention... and can buy some time before a player is faced with a reset or a graft... but (only) for some instruments. Lately, when I do make one, I use a cork center and a layer of card stock (covered with a slick plastic skin). I still have some the old leather ones made by one of the larger violin houses in Chicago during the '60s... I keep thinking I'll have more made, but I don't have need for them often enough to bother.
  8. Authenticity issues aside, this depends on the definition of the appraisal. There are a good many. Insurance appraisals usually carry a definition of "retail replacement value", which is meant to protect the owner from loss (allow them to purchase a similar instrument on the retail market should a loss occur). Fair Market Value is all together another definition, as is it's variant: Fair Market Value for Donation Purposes. There are also variants of Forced Liquidation Value, Auction Value, etc., etc., etc. In the states, a USPAP appraisal document must use specific value definitions and also define the market from which the comparative sales data was drawn from and the cost approach. The appraiser is also obligated to keep a record of the specific comparative sales used for analysis whether they appear in the document or not.
  9. Jeffrey Holmes

    ID bow swan head

  10. Jeffrey Holmes

    ID bow swan head

    Swan head is the term I see used most often in English, but I suppose you can start a new trend. Which term do you like best?
  11. Jeffrey Holmes

    Authentic Alessandro D'Espine Violin?

    Yes it is... and yes it is! My wife bought the piece as a shop warming gift when she was visiting her parents in Maine. Love it!
  12. Jeffrey Holmes

    Authentic Alessandro D'Espine Violin?

    It's a woodblock print of Paul Hindemith by an east coast artist named Dan Miller.
  13. Jeffrey Holmes

    Authentic Alessandro D'Espine Violin?

  14. Jeffrey Holmes

    Authentic Alessandro D'Espine Violin?

    No worries. Elevator is to the right, across the deck, about 25 feet. Handy for getting benches cabinets and pianos up as well.
  15. Jeffrey Holmes

    Authentic Alessandro D'Espine Violin?

    Luckily, my mother isn't around to remind me.