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  1. American Federation of Violin and Bow makers

    On this board, it's probably not a good idea to irritate me, however. How about the word innuendo?
  2. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

  3. French violin mislabeled

    Slightly different business models reflected within these two statements. That was, as Martin suggested, my point.
  4. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    I'm surprised we're still on this. While there are requirements for membership in the Federation, there is not a requirement to join it. Those who do, I assume, agree to it's by-laws and rules. It's not a governing body, it's a professional organization. It's goals are laudable, but ultimately I imagine the members themselves are responsible for their own standards once they meet the criteria for membership as long as they abide by the rules. Members participating on this board are obviously more qualified to comment on the internal workings of the organization. As I mentioned, I did not join... though I know a great many of the members in it. I am not aware of any member dissuading a client, or potential client, from seeing me professionally. Quite the opposite. Many recommend me. I have, and do, work with members of the Federation regularly (almost daily). I've done work for, or with, many of it's members. I assume, again, that my reputation is recognized by those members I interact with. I'm not alone in this. Other colleagues that are not members have similar experiences. Should, for some reason, I have difficulty with a member in the future, I would most likely contact the organization concerning the details. I am aware they have intervened in some cases. I would not air it here in some vague accusatory manner. Why not talk about your own experiences, or ask questions, if you have concerns.
  5. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    I would guess the luthiers are worse.
  6. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    Ummm... how did we get to targeting the AFVBM? (That's a rhetorical question) This has little to do with Indiana University's program. While I have not joined, many of my trusted colleagues are members. I've attended a few of the meetings (by invitation) and felt more than welcome. It's a professional organization with requirements (education, experience, reputation) much like organizations in various other fields. As I understand it, a portion of it's mission strives to strengthen ethics, competency and professionalism within the industry. It provides opportunity for study, networking and hanging out with colleagues, as well as the sharing of information and techniques. In the years it's existed, there may have been the odd problem child, but that occurs in the Bar Association, the AMA, etc., etc. Criticizing the organization due to isolated difficulties makes about as much sense as criticizing the entire industry because of Machold's behavior. Joining is not a requirement for opening a shop, and most of those who I regularly interface with didn't join for status. There are members here, on this board, who have held positions on the board or offices (like President) within the organization. As far as I am aware, these are not paid positions. Let's show a little respect for those who believe in their profession enough to offer their time to attempt to better it... on this continent and on any other. Now back to the subject, OK?
  7. French violin mislabeled

    Please explain your understanding of the Vuillaume business model.
  8. Linings over corner blocks

    I've run into these a number of times... and used similar curse words while I reground my opening knife for the handyman who thought it a good idea.
  9. Effects of Playing In

    As I mentioned above, I don't know... and I don't know if any other type of testing was done at that time that would help draw a reliable conclusion... it was simply data (and we're probably all guessing).
  10. Effects of Playing In

    I honestly don't know, Bill. Is it? I did find the changes in temperature and humidity resulting from proximity interesting... and when playing a number of instruments in the shop for an extended period of time, I "think" I sense some difference (even though I'm as "warmed up" as I get by the second or third fiddle). As I recall, Bruce simply reported results.
  11. Effects of Playing In

    A few years ago, I believe Bruce Carlson mentioned some sensor measurements taken on/in the Cannon while it was being "warmed up" by a player, or players. I haven't searched for it on MN (I think it was posted here), but I recall there were distinct changes in humidity and temperature caused (I assume) by the proximity of the player's body and breath, to the instrument. I also recall that when these changes stabilized over some minutes (I recall it was less than an hour, it coincided with the player pronouncing the instrument was, to use my own words, "warmed up and ready to go". Maybe Bruce will see this and comment... I think David an I discussed it at the time, so possibly his memory is keener than my own.
  12. French violin mislabeled

    The Paul Bailly instruments I've seen (those I would call Paul Bailly instruments) have held together in terms of design workmanship and style... not that he was the lone author, but I suspect if other hands were involved the work was directed by the maker (in a workshop setting). I know a number of colleagues that feel Jenny was a maker... but I've seen so few examples I haven't jumped on board yet.
  13. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    Oh gawd... I don't think I'm the one... but I have been contacted for possible referrals.
  14. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    Still, if the budget and procedure for maintenance and restoration could be streamlined for the "right" person (connected, skilled, energetic, good with people), the position and the opportunity to teach some classes, could be a very attractive one. Maybe too much to ask?
  15. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    "there is a Byzantine web of internal accounting procedures that come into effect..... Such is the nature of bureaucracy at such a massive school." Thus, the problem. It's a university, not a trade school... just my opinion.