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  1. Sent you a message Greg. Post approval is in effect for every new member until 10 approved posts are reached. I approve them when I see them. Thank the internet spammers and trolls... the alternative isn't pleasant.
  2. You wait till I review the posts. New members are subject to having their first 10 posts reviewed before they are approved. This is an unfortunate result of spam and trolling.
  3. No need to continue on this course. Danube Fiddle is no longer with us, electronically. His choice.
  4. 1) Both in the forum and through private messages, you seem to have a belief that you're the sole victim of warnings, deletions, or edits. What gives you that idea? 2) That is your prerogative. Mine is to choose to set the server to allow me to review your posts before I approve them at this point. I believe, through all the bluster, you often have an interesting point of view... and it's certainly not a requirement to agree with everything that is written here... I certainly don't... but I have noted that the threads in which you participate are often drawn well off topic, and often decline to parry and thrust, regularly including subtle and not-so-subtle insults (denigration). While you're not the only one who participates in this behavior, it does appear you are one of the participants who is least likely to accept responsibility, or be humble enough to try and clarify your viewpoint without making the experience less enjoyable to others. While I don't feel moderating this forum is a "waste [of] time", I can think of a number of things I'd rather be doing than acting as a referee. How you proceed is up to you.
  5. I guess when I'm working extra-long days it might seem like I'm on "vacation" judging by this site. In this case, I was spared seeing the the thread's decline into the abyss (got it in a single dose) and I got some work done, so I suppose there are silver linings.
  6. There used to be... unsure if it was maintained in the updated software... unfortunately, it's a button I can't use in doing my job...
  7. If you'd like to continue here, please consider an attitude adjustment. While I don't excuse inappropriate responses by others, it seems to have a propensity to attract these types of responses. Try being less of a target please.
  8. I believe his main axe is the ex-Primrose bros. Amati... I believe Primrose prefered it to his Guarneri for recording. if he was playing that, it's a good deal smaller than 16 1/2".
  9. Because it sometimes takes me a while to see it. Your moderator usually reviews posts needing review (new members, etc) once a day. Yours was 16 hours ago. After 10 approved posts, posts by new members no longer require review.
  10. I continue to use evaporative humidifiers... been using the same model for more for 20 years (and one of my machines is the first one I bought).. I clean them and change the wicks regularly. Easy to control (controls are built in) and easy to maintain. Without staying on top of maintenance, I can imagine David's concerns are valid... but I've really had few difficulties. I believe the humidity itself has advantages for the fiddle's and the human's comfort and health.
  11. I hope there is a rule against These rag and bone Merchants Posting like this. If there isn't, we should make one! (I couldn't find a eport button, has that been done away with?

  12. I'd add that I believe the vast majority of the members of the trade on this site are participating in good faith and with a desire to be of assistance/share information/raise the bar. Commercial posts are not allowed here, and I very rarely need to remind members of that fact. It doesn't take long to figure out who has experience and offers knowledgeable and reliable advice and or/opinions within reasonable professional limits... for free. Probably not the place to rail about the stinkers out there. There are a few bad actors present in every trade and profession I can think of. Nothing new.
  13. ah-hem... Who says I haven't helped her as much as I thought appropriate without posting the information here for all to see, or sending her a bill? I think you probably "know" me better than this. Have you ever known me to comment on a public forum about the value of an instrument being offered, especially not having examined it personally. That would be as unfair to the seller as it would be to the buyer... and very unfair to me.