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  1. I stated a fact. I'm more than happy if you refrain from flaming in the future. Further mention of this is not necessary. Carry on.
  2. I have a violin used by my grandfather I inherited after he passed away. It's a nasty cheap German box in a state of disrepair. I've known what it is and that it hasn't been worth fixing since I got it. Happy to know it's in the closet. Emotional attachment is not dependent on quality or origin, nor do I feel it's necessary to spend a bunch of money trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear. If the OP wished to display it, that's understandable... never felt the need to do so with my grandfather's fiddle. Jacob's initial response may not have been gentle, but it was accurate. Let's move on.
  3. It was an honest question, and it's kind of my job to ask. We often get posts here concerning instruments being offered for sale from various sources, or fishing for information about an instrument in the process of being sold privately. Want to make sure we avoid featuring someone else's property without their knowledge/permission. Gloves can come off for public sales (auctions/listings/etc). As concerns a mention of origin or ownership in another post, I honestly don't retain everything I scan on the board. You all read stuff that interests you, I presume. I review a ton of posts/threads and occasionally come across something that peaks my interest or curiosity. In the case of "Worst Repairs" I just reviewed it quickly to make sure everyone was keeping their pants on. I've seen enough carnage in the last 4 decades working on instruments.
  4. Nope... I wonder though... Are these instruments being offered to you for sale by a private entity? If so, do the owners know they are being pictured on the web?
  5. There is space in the profile area if one wishes to mention their interests or experience... and a good number of us are known in the field and/or have websites... as for the rest, it really doesn't take long to figure out where a member is "at"... and a question or two might help if observation isn't fruitful. Welcome to the board!
  6. Closest thing I have handy are these pegs taken from an early Thomas Kennedy 'cello (c.1800 to 1810). You might want to do a search within the forums... I seem to remember Eric Meyer (Meyerfittings) posting pics of some early pegs at some point.
  7. Good one! I hope you took the author's advice!
  8. Might be a good first step in replacing that bar...
  9. My initial reaction (knee jerk if you like) was also Mittenwald. Might become clearer if you take Jacob's advice.
  10. Agreed... though I also use them (pretty dilute) to fine tune the color/tone of new wood when required.
  11. That corresponds to Martin's description... each shop's policies vary, but most will delay payment for modest repair and/or maintenance. I get the funny feeling you might have to add a zero to get to the level Maxwell requires...
  12. Hard to tell without reference... is that a full size bridge or a 3/4? I imagine if the size of the "pre-fitted bridge" is similar it's full, but it looked a little small to me in the photo.
  13. Welcome Maxwell; Congrats on your discovery. I think Martin summed things up pretty well, though maybe not as concisely a Jacob did... ...but I'll add a couple thoughts. Have you considered a bank loan? Risk/return on currency is what bank loans are all about. Currently, "the correct value" or "market value" is what the instruments are worth (could be sold for) in their present condition. What those values would be after restoration is only an educated guess and is in no small part dependent on the restoration itself. There are independent restorers (not dealers) who may be interested in the job, and qualified to do so... In that case, you could have the work done and flog the fiddles wherever you want. I imagine you would have to pay them when the work was done, or in installments while the work was ongoing however. When the conditions are correct, value can be enhanced well beyond the cost of a restoration if undertaken by a really good restorer... but I don't know many really good restorers who are desperate for work... so asking them to enhance the value of a your property and accept a delay in payment for labor seems like a long-shot. As George mentioned, most dealers would prefer buying in and controlling the work as well as the marketing. Personally; In general, I tend to avoid doing a major job on a "spec" instrument (one that is being restored to sell) that I don't own a controlling interest in. Asking me to finance the work (carry the cost) for one is a non-starter. I can imagine all kinds of legal/interpersonal horrors.
  14. Mr. Hunt is changing out some equipment. Your patience is appreciated, and things seem to be improving on my end.
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