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  1. Jeffrey Holmes

    Buy New or Fix Old

    Without intervention (as long as a member doesn't prove to be a PITA ), new member's posts no longer require approval once 10 are approved. Thank the spammers for the policy. It's an unfortunate necessity. There is sometimes a small delay, usually no more than 24 hours (but there are exceptions). This is due to the fact I'm the only moderator, do so on a volunteer basis (and have for a couple decades, because I believe the site is valuable) and at the same time, don't live on my computer (I run my own firm, travel for business and have a family). I read and approved about 20 posts this morning alone. I believe this was the last post before freedom for you.
  2. Jeffrey Holmes

    Help with identification

    I approve posts as I see them. I usually review posts once a day.
  3. Jeffrey Holmes

    Best contemporary luthiers

    My experience is that many medalists in the VSA competition see a significant boost in orders... and I can think of a good many fine players (soloists, quartet, orchestral) who bought gold medal instruments right off the floor, so to speak. Still, as I mentioned earlier, there are a good many fine makers who don't compete, for a variety of reasons.
  4. Jeffrey Holmes

    Vuillaume Authenticity

    Thanks Fiddlecollector. Hadn't had the chance to recheck the photos or blow up the new ones...
  5. Jeffrey Holmes

    Best contemporary luthiers

    I believe you've had several reasonable answers. I'd be interested to see what that measuring stick you mention would look like. I suppose it would resemble the one used to determine the "best" painter, or sculptor, or illustrator. Taste is subjective. I suppose it might be possible to make an assumption of the most popular makers based on demand and market position, but even that would be subject to debate as the market itself is multi-faceted and demand can be controlled, somewhat, by output. So, would that indicate what you consider "best"? Tone/performance tests aren't infallible either... Paul Kaul has already been mentioned in this thread. Paying attention to those who consistently place well in competitions is a good yardstick concerning peers views on workmanship, but many makers don't compete as their careers develop for a variety of (reasonable) reasons... and criteria for judging changes over time. So.... in the end, I guess you're just stuck with letting history sort this out for you... but beware... even dead makers occasionally swap places as time marches on. Maybe just be satisfied that there are so many fine makers alive that players can choose from.
  6. Jeffrey Holmes

    Vuillaume Authenticity

    Didn't have time to check the photos this morning before I had to run... so relying on memory (dangerous in the AM), but isn't there only one pin (below the button) showing in the OP's photos?
  7. Jeffrey Holmes

    Vuillaume Authenticity

    I believe you are correct.
  8. Jeffrey Holmes

    Interesting violin

    Thanks Violadamore. Unfortunate when eBay pokes into pegbox discussions... and this all reinforces my belief that discussing instruments for sale on a public forum has it's dangers I'll give the OP the benefit of the doubt as I didn't find their post overly flattering concerning the violin... but I'll also lock the thread.
  9. Jeffrey Holmes

    Vuillaume Authenticity

    The book was originally published by Tom Florence. The auction section was updated yearly by subscription. When he passed away, it was continued for a while by Samuel Eden. Recent sales data is now available on line (Tarisio). The info pages of the red book have some interesting and sometimes useful, though rudimentary/general, information Tom collected from various experts and previous books. As with most all silver bullet violin ID texts, some caution is recommended. When Tom was alive, he didn't like it too much when I said that out loud. Hope he is more tolerant of my opinion now.
  10. Jeffrey Holmes

    Interesting violin

    I'm not connecting to the same violin when I click the ebay link. Missing something?
  11. Jeffrey Holmes

    Old Violin and Vuillaume Bow

    Wait until I get to it. :-)
  12. Jeffrey Holmes

    1916 Carlo Oddone violin??

    ^I very much agree^ in general, but I do find that certain periods and various models employed by some makers seem more/less successful than others, in general. Good to keep an open mind, though.
  13. Jeffrey Holmes

    The ground ( sealing) of the great masters - which was it ?

    Hi Todd!!
  14. Jeffrey Holmes

    1916 Carlo Oddone violin??

    Had an early Oddone I bought at Phillips Auctions that wish I never sold. Great fiddle all around. Fantastic player. I do agree many of them excite makers more than players, however. Fagnola depends... I don't love them in general, but he was able to produce several "Pressendas" for the Hills before they caught on. That says something. Pedrazzini earlier on was more successful, IMHO. They seemed to be all the rage in England at a certain point. Some Antoniazzis are quite Ceruti-ish, especially Riccardo's work. Great fiddles. Love some Fiorinis. Have heard some rather fine sounding ones. The really good ones rarely make it to an auction house and don't last long on the hook. My 2 cents. With most Modern Italians, I think it's imperative you know the period/phases of the maker in question.
  15. Jeffrey Holmes

    The ground ( sealing) of the great masters - which was it ?

    For a fellow that seems to like to argue points against conventional wisdom fervently and often, you're pretty bold about stating an opinion about a "reason" as fact. If you restore, you have an opportunity to learn by observation... Raw linseed, applied in various ways and varied amounts, was used by some makers long before 1960 of course, so we have a little history concerning the results over time. If you believe it works for you, or if you believe you've discovered "the secret", great... but maybe you should consider waiting several decades before claiming victory.