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  1. Violin Making Schools

    In addition to the advice you have been, and wii be, be offered by other members on the board: The network obtained from attending one of the established schools can be a valuable asset... and one that can be expanded over one's career.
  2. ID bow swan head

    Swan head.
  3. MN poll: What's not to like?

    I like that part too!
  4. If the bow has a maker's mark, it's most usually under the hair on the tip. Based on your photos, I think you're fixating on the pin.
  5. Happy New Year!!

    All my best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018!
  6. Id needed Czech bow

    Matt; Listings for sale and commercial posts are not allowed on these forums. Illustrating an item you are selling on Ebay and asking for values and information is essentially drawing attention to your item, therefore making these posts commercial, no matter what your motives were at the start. I am locking both threads and moving them to the auction scroll.
  7. Engraved James Tubbs bow

    I've been told repeatedly, by those I'd expect to know, that he used one or more outside engravers... The work does vary a bit.
  8. Engraved James Tubbs bow

    I don't, but it sounds pretty Masonic.
  9. What would you charge to repair this violin top?

    Gotta move into the 21st century... I'm still using the gold standard.
  10. ID, Celebrated Crown

    I seem to recall Hermann Kroeplin and Gustav Fassauer Ferron (Ferron & Kroeplin of Chicago) used a sticker or label on the interior of the violins they offered that had a crown emblem on it... and a mention of Cremona. Don't recall if it included other verbiage as well. They did import a good number of German fiddles. Don't have a lock on that brand stamp. Anyone check Wenburg? Here's a cute little article:
  11. W.E. Hill bow??? And a restoration and value Question.

    Unless the photos are ultimately deceiving (and the angles are difficult), I don't see a Hill bow in them. That it doesn't look like a Hill aside, the notch on Yeoman bows is in the silver tip at bottom of the tip mortice. I've never seen the mark in the stick mortice.... and I've seen a good many Hill bows over the years. With Bill Watson's help, I assembled a collection that included every known maker who worked for the Hills prior to 1950 for the firm I once worked for. In any case, if you like the way it plays, enjoy it.
  12. buying a violin upgrade for a teenager

    Said as a statement in fact, not an opinion? Sorry Sospiri. I ran the sales and restoration department of a rather large firm for many, many, years. Maybe it's high for a fingerboard and bridge, but that does not appear to pertain to the subject of the third paragraph. It's pretty standard practice for shops to rework these commercial instruments in order to bring them up to standard. This might include a fingerboard, neck set, new bar, etc. Please note that the luthier was quoted as saying "I normally buy them for around two to four hundred pounds and completely rebuild them to make them into good playing instruments".
  13. Laser Burning Bridge Name

    Any of these cool gadgets run on a Mac format?

    Actually, I'm a bit confused as well. I believe the perfection comment was a response to the photo I linked to in the previous post. In any case. Time to stop this silliness. I am finding little innocence on behalf of either party.