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  1. It is "Palladio." My youth orchestra played it several years ago.....we called it "The Diamond Song." It was actually pretty fun to play. Christy
  2. I had a problem sending the message to your email account, so I just posted this here. [Hi Jesse. I have been out of town, so I am sorry for the delayed reply. My case (the customized Aeternum) was around $700. But that was only because I had it customized. I highly suggest that you contact Dimitri Musafia. He would be able to give you a better estimate. He is a wonderfully nice man. Tell him that you saw my case through a link of Maestronet....just to let him know that he is getting some free advertising! If you have any questions, let me know. Christy Deneke ----- Original Message ----- From: Jesse Irons To: cdeneke@iocc.com Sent: Friday, March 08, 2002 9:45 PM Subject: musafia case Your case is georgeous! If you don't mind, I'd love to know how much they charged for the customized Aeternum. I want to figure out how many weddings I will need to play to afford it! -Jesse Irons (violinflu)]
  3. Where would I find an inexpensive (CHEAP) unfinished viola? I am looking to start playing (I play violin), and was thinking about having my beginner customized, just for fun. Thought I would start out with a white one. Christy
  4. quote: Originally posted by little bit country: I saw someone above had recommended musafia. Don't let the price list be a deterent. If you are somewhat patient you can watch the sight for demo or reconditioned cases. They have an excellant warranty. I saved up and bought my very first case from them--a demo, never used and less expensive than most of the cheap ones I'd seen elsewhere. It is beautiful (but too heavy for some who have replied). I don't have to do all of the walking that many do so I went for looks and protection. I'm very happy with the case, as well as the customer service. Granted, mine is a custom case....but I LOVE IT!!!!! I can't say enough good things about Mr. Musafia and his staff. Not only is it a FANTASTIC case, Dimitri is so nice and polite. If I ever need another case again, (Not to replace this one of course...) It will definately be a Musafia. The best investment for my instrument that I have ever made. Christy Here is a link to my case, btw....it is the second one down. http://www.musafia.com/custom.html
  5. Mozart Arioso and "I Don't Care Much" from Cabaret. Christy
  6. quote: Originally posted by Berger1867: I do know that gold is non-reactive (I am sensitive to some metals and cannot wear watchbands with nickel or many other metals without getting a rash. Gold has NEVER caused a problem. Good luck~! Unfortunately, this is not true for everyone. I am glad that gold does not give you a reaction, but my fiancee and my future-father-in-law are both severely allergic to all kinds of metals, save titanium. My father-in-law even has to use titanium frames for his eyewear. All this to say, everyone reacts differently to stimuli. Gold in rosin may well cause a reaction in some people. Be careful, especially if you already exhibit allergic symptoms to metals. Christy
  7. Today, it was Sinatra's "Can't take that Away" alternated with the Hymn "For the Beauty of the Earth." At one given point, I was humming one or the other. Christy
  8. They are ALL my favorite! I just love the #2 Finale. It really moves me. Christy
  9. quote: Originally posted by Paganini: AP US History multiple choice isn't bad at all. However, the 2 essays and DBQ take quite a bit of stamina to accomplish successfully. Make sure you know the time period of the DBQ before you take the AP test. LOL you're NUTS! The History Multiple Choice from 4 years ago was excruciating (sp?). One of those "what is the best answer, not the totally correct answer" type of deals. The DBQ I was very prepared for, however. I miss those DBQ days.....I had to write 5 of them my junior year. Christy
  10. I'm just bumping this back to the top....thought it was a worthwhile topic. Christy
  11. I am *still* looking for a good Processional and Unity candle song for our Highland Wedding. Any Suggestions? Christy (who is getting married 12.21.01 and starting to panic.)
  12. All-Region 1996. We played my favorite work...the Sibelius #5 Finale. It was the last time that I was able to look out and see a dear friend of mine. I will never forget that. This piece can make me squall to this day! Christy
  13. I am in dire need of a US based stationer that produces Wedding Invitations with a Celts/Scots motif. Any Suggestions are greatly appreciated. Christy
  14. Hmm...I responded to this post earlier....but it is not here now. Interesting. CML
  15. Interesting. I know a Polcek that pronounces it Pol-chek. (Who am I to talk....my last name has about 4 or 5 different pronunciations!) Christy quote: Originally posted by ecology: I pronounce it Sev-sik Simply becuase my last name is Polcek pronounced Pol-sek
  16. Supposedly, the Musafia with Tropicalization is the best. That may be debatable, however. Christy
  17. quote: Originally posted by deb: And for something truly unique, have you consider Satie? hehe...I don't even know who/what that is! I am actually looking for all scots/celts music for the ceremony. I am just leaving the reception up to the band. Christy
  18. quote: Originally posted by Yankee Fiddler: Christy, a friends daughter had a Scottish wedding, kilts and the works. Do you think that she would mind if I contacted her about wedding customs? You can email me privately at CelticBride2002@aol.com (originally we were getting married in 2002 )
  19. Thanks for the pictures! Christy
  20. Just gonna bump this back up.....
  21. Those of us that didn't get to go are dying to find out! Christy
  22. quote: Originally posted by ~Katie~: Oh, you HAVE to get Pachabel's canon in D SOMEWHERE in there! That is my all-time favorite wedding piece. ~Katie~ NEVER!!!!!!!!!! I know it is a "traditional" wedding piece, but when you have played, been in, and gone to enough weddings where they have all used that, you get SICK of it! I would be alright if I never ever hear that at a wedding again! Christy! (I am verrrrrry passionate aboout that!)
  23. Well, the time has come to start planning the ceremony for my wedding. Initially, it was slated for June 2002, but due to fortunate circumstances, we are wedding this December! I am now on a quest for the perfect wedding music. Here is a list of what I am thinking of, feel free to add or subtract from it....I am open to ANY suggestion. Bridesmaids/Groomsmen Processional: ??? (Something on the pipe organ) Bride's Processional: ??? (Something for a lone bagpiper) Unity Candle: "Red Red Rose" (on either strings or organ) Recessional: "Scotland the Brave" (On pipes of Course!) Please help!!!!!! I am also looking for something appropriate to inscribe on my future hubby's wedding band....something lovey in Gaelic, hopefully. Christy
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