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  1. It may sound stupid questions, but I like to ask about how one *generally* defines the terms for the violin tone. Namely, when one says the violin sounds dark, bright, mellow (or has mellowed out), has edge, flat, etc., what generally does that mean?
  2. Memorial services for Albert Stancel, 71, Indianapolis, co-owner of Casa Del Sol Violins, will be at 2 p.m. Dec. 2 in Castleton United Methodist Church, of which he was a member, with calling there from 1 p.m. He died Nov. 29. Casa Del Sol Violins, near 62nd Street and Allisonville Road, was formed in 1975, and made and repaired violins, violas and cellos. All instruments were made and repaired using only hand tools. Mr. Stancel's instruments are played in many symphony orchestras, including the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. He also served the string community with specialty renovations of instruments. Casa Del Sol is also actively involved with musicians participating in the International Violin Competition in Indianapolis, supplying strings and horsehair and repairing damaged instruments. Mr. Stancel was also the only nationally certified appraiser for bowed instruments in Indiana. Previously, he was an engineer for Ampex Corp. and RCA Corp., retiring from RCA in 1975. A registered professional engineer, he was the holder of seven U.S. patents. Mr. Stancel was a member of the Guild of American Luthiers and a senior member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers. He was a life member of the American Radio Relay League and the Quarter Century Wireless Club. He was a Navy veteran of World War II. He was a graduate of the University of Chattanooga and Auburn (Ala.) University. Memorial contributions may be made to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Survivors: wife Clothile Machen Stancel; stepsons F. Rodger, Dr. William D. Thompson; two stepgrandchildren. Feeney-Hornak Keystone Mortuary is handling arrangements.
  3. My violin has a crack starting a bottom and extending through the f hole, the crack is in the area of the sound post, Should I remove top and cleat crack. or will I be able to glue and place cleat using a f hole clamp using the f hole clamp, will it be stroung to suport the sound post? thanks .
  4. : I just learning to play the harmonica and i want to know were is there music sheet in tab for harmonica or the notes but I don't what to buy a book because there no good one's that I have found i want blues easy blues songs i have one in the key of C can you play blue on it? : write back to tell me
  5. I don't know how many people I have seen bid on "An Encyclopedia of the Violin" by Alberto Bachmann, but they are being cheated in most cases. Bids usually approach $25-$40 everytime this book is listed. People have only to look it up on Amazon.com to find this book retails for only $13.95 Let the buyer beware.
  6. I have a violin that has "Revere Ernesto" printed inside as the maker. Has anybody heard of this. The date is 1912. Previous owner said it was Italian made. Any info would be appreciated--Henley's doesn't have anything.
  7. I am thinking of selling my violin in the future and considering e-bay online auction as one of the options. The thing is that I currently reside in Europe. I am not sure whether I can still take advantage of e-bay. Will there be any disadvantage or obstacle due to my residency? Will I get the good price for my violin? What is the procedure for selling the violin through e-bay? I would appreciate the advice.
  8. Thanks for the discussion. You did help clarify one thing for me-building up the varnish to the original level not being considered revarnishing. I think this explains why the violins looked so good in the finish. : Hi Steve: : If memory serves me right, the customer had to buy a new case because so much varnish stuck to it. It was really a mess! : Looking back, I think I could have saved the varnish. Of course, a lot would have been added. The Bisiach violin was from the period where he sealed the wood with a yellow material that was insoluable in alcohol. At this date in my career, I know to add color layers up to the thickness of the old varnish. Once the missing areas are filled, then polishing and rubbing would meld the surfaces together. Just guessing, I suppose about 60 % of the original varnish was there. I also know now that most Bisiach violins of the same time period had soft fragile varnish, and they have not worn gracefully. Technically speaking, adding a lot of varnish as needed for its repair is not re-varnishing. Yes, semantics, I know, but the value would not have been cut so much. : Another job came in today...same thing, except left in a car trunk in 85 degree weather! Luckily, varnish stuck to the case in only one spot...a piece of cake to fix!! The fiddle did have fuzz all over the spot that was touching the velour when the varnish melted! : Regards, : Al
  9. I have mostly heard that refinishing/restoring the varnish on a collectable quality violin reduces its value about 50%. But I have recently returned from a few trips to Italy, Germany, and Spain. I viewed many old violins in each country with prices of $20,000 and up. Without exception the luthiers or shop owners felt that whether it was refinished or original varnish didn't matter much. They said what was important was the state of the finish now. I know this sounds like heresey but that is what was so suprising. Does anyone care to offer why the difference of opinion between 'common knowledge' and these experts in all three countries.
  10. : My doctor recommended the molded ear plugs called : musician ear plugs. I've never heard of these. Where did you go to get them? Always interested Jim
  11. : : I really love my Musafia case. I've seen his advertisements a few times. They look nice, but never seen a price quote. As a quasi-indigent amateur, that gives me pause. Could you give us a hint as to the price you paid? Or the price range of his cases? Peace and Grace, Jim
  12. Has anybody heard of a violin maker with last name of Bunicoh? Thanks for any help.
  13. To my surprise, from this board I read lots of criticisms on artists generally regarded as great players such as Yo-Yo Ma, Perlman, Mutter, ... I don¹t know... perhaps people on this boards are very critical. I have wondering which violinists people on this board think genuine great players. And why do you think they are great players? How do you think of Menuhin's playing who died yesterday?
  14. I seem to have somewhat less endurance than people who practice 5-6 hours a day. Just after half an hour, I feel tiredness in my arms and fingers and so I can hardly move them anymore with required precision in movement. Will I acquire strength in the end or do I have problems with posture?
  15. : The URL worked for me under Netscape. When I tried later, it worked fine. Sporatic problems are difficult to explain in the cyperworld. Sorry, Jim
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