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  1. Any book that is recommendable for an absolute beginner to re-hair a violin bow? And what are all the tools needed to re-hair a bow? I live in a place that is very far from anybody that can re-bow hair. I have posted inquiries on re-bowing hair before, and the consensus is that it is a lot of trouble, and better leave it to the luthier. But I realize that in the long run, it might be better for me to learn the art, instead of having this everlasting trouble of going by plane just to get my bows for re-hairing, and also at an expensive price of US$60. That is besides the trouble of excusing myself from work just to get my appointment for re-hairing. I also have to consider whether my luthier is free when I go to his place. So, maybe, the best solution is to learn the trade myself, and starting re-hairing some inexpensive bows. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. What is the price of an oblong Winter case (from Germany), with a hygrometer a humidifier, and a tube for string. Also, with a plastic cover. Sorry, I do not know what model this is, so I just describe it. Thank you.
  3. So, they even stepped on it to assure that they get their money's worth!! Goodness, what a waste, and an insult for the owner. Maybe they did it with a grin too.
  4. I acquired a Korg tuner recently, and tried using it while I play, and was very surprise that most of my notes are not exactly right, which will show a green light. I tried to hit the green light, but the same, I cannot always have the exact tune to make the green light always light up. And also, when I play higher up the finger board on the E string, I noted that even when I am hitting the right note, it seems that the note indicated is not the note I am playing, unless I play it louder and several times before it gives me the right note. Anybody with experience on these tuners, and how to use them correctly? Thank you in advance
  5. I have been comparing the first movement of Brahms violin concerto as played by David Oistrakh, Anne-Sophie Mutter and Nathan Milstein. I find Oistrakh's playing very different, with very clear phrasing, and grand entry; Anne-Sophie Mutter entry was somewhat timid, and playing makes one feel a bit tense, although notes were very clear but slightly 'mixed up', and the vibrato seemingly tense; Nathan Milstein's entry is not as grand as Oistrakh, but seems more strongly than Mutter; the phrasing seems to be clear too but not as clear as Oistrakh's, but notes are definitely very clear, but not much trembling as that of Mutter. I wonder if anybody had heard other recordings of Oistrakh, is Oistrakh's playing uniformly markedly different from other violinist? Could he be better than Heifetz?
  6. There are no bow re-hairing service in my place. But a place where I will be going a couple of months from now have a store. I tried to email them to ask for the price of their bow re-hairing but I received no response. Could you please tell me what is the usual price range of bow re-hairing using premium horse hair. And when you use the premium horse hair, is it a standardized thing in reputable stores, or there are still different grades of it, with different prices? Then what is the price range of re-hairing using the best horse hair? And also, is the cost of re-hairing the same for cheap violin bows and expensive ones? Thank you.
  7. Anybody knows where I can get the Spiccato and Coda bow at its lowest price? I know that the official quote of Coda bow is $775, but I know people who got it at $675. Thanks in advance for any response.
  8. Hello Frank. I do not think that one necessary have to have one or the other == continue playing and getting hearing problem, or quitting to save the ears. For one thing, I cannot understand why many can play on and on without having this problem that your are encountering like me. Some definitely, like you and me, are more susceptible. I play with earplugs, and still enjoy playing. Although I enjoy less the full tone of my violin, others who can hear me are amazed at the sound I produce. Sometimes, I enjoy the sound by removing my right ear plug. I think it very important to protect ones ear. For those who do not got this problem despite playing loudly, they have one question to care for, and that is how sure are they that it will not affect them latter on? I prefer to be on the safe side. Hope there is someone from the hearing lab that will help us clarify this issue. I am definitely very thankful to many people at Maestronet who had opened my eyes on this problem when they initially discussed this some time ago.
  9. Yes, Michael, tinnitus has various causes, is not necessarily a precursor of hearing loss. But if it is persistent, and frequent (and I do not consider the small ringing sound when there is absolute silence a tinnitus), but a real ringing, a high sounding ring inside your head, there is definitely something wrong, can even mean a tumor inside your brain, or a aneurysm inside your ear. For mine, this frequent ringing completely stopped after using ear plugs, that is why I am quite sure myself that the big sound from my violin is the cause. Together with this also is the disappearance of my constant impacted ear wax problem, especially on my left ear.
  10. Hello Jefferson, thank you for mentioning this concern again. Sometime ago, there was a discussion of this on using ear plugs. Some use an earplugs just on the left ear, but I always use 2 ear plugs, and does not like to use mute because I think it is bad for the technique. Use of earplugs had saved me from the chronic problem of frequent ear wax accumulation, and ear ringing (tinnitus) that I experienced before. And before I got the idea of using earplugs (which I got from this board from a post by Andrew Victor), I feel battered just after an hour of playing. But after using earplugs, I can play for hours and hours, without feeling beaten all over, and without fear of having hearing loss, which I think will inevitably happen because I have started to experience tinnitus, a precursor of hearing loss. Like you, I have always wonder whether violinists have hearing loss after years of playing. I am not knowledgeable though of any studies that have been conducted to test this. A good study will be to test these orchestral players yearly on their hearing threshold, and see for any disability that may develop through the years. So far, I am the only one who use earplugs here, and sometimes, they mistake it as hearing aid. It is now a routine for me to use earplugs whenever I play. My ears had become more sensitive, that I cannot play without them.
  11. I have several sets of Zyex. I like Dominant better. Anyone who wants to trade his Dominant with mine, please email me. Thank you.
  12. If anyone could help me learn to play the flute I would be greatfull. I do not play any wind instruments so- I'm out in the blue. I currently play the piano. Please e-mail me with a reply.
  13. I have 9 versions of Cannon in D....... email me at NYankee98@hotmail.com If you have sheet music..... it would be GREATLY APPRRECIATED!!!!!
  14. : Feast people Feast! : http://www.amismusicalcircle.com/BR-032p1.htm : Buh Bye
  15. : : : : Für Elise is included in our Piano Level 6 book which is available for purchase and download. Unfortunatly our software is not setup to allow for the purchase of individual pieces but we are working on it. : : : : John
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