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  1. Some of the teachers here in small town Ohio charge $10 a half hour. I think it is $12 a half hour in the larger town not far from here. I have a bachelors degree and some work towards a masters and I get $8 a half hour. I pay all my taxes and so as you can see I make ... not.....much. But I do reap great rewards in my students acomplishments. I would have to go back to teaching in the public schools, if teaching violin was my only income. Oberlin is not far and a very fine music school and they do charge a lot. I sent a student of mine there for some lessons. SHEILA'S CORNER
  2. I have a violin from the Bernadel and the Brothers Gand at Paris shop. The Frenchman http://www.bright.net/~hhelser/violins.html SHEILA'S CORNER
  3. I hope you will find some help on this page. It is about auditioning. http://www.bright.net/~hhelser/audition.html SHEILA'S CORNER
  4. I do not endorse using cleaners or polish however, I too have used the Shar polish and it has never hurt an instrument, yet. it is the only one I have found to be possibly safe. Be very careful about using cleaners or polish, do not use unless absolutely necessary. The best thing to do is to take it to your luthier and let him clean it. SHEILA'S CORNER
  5. I am planning on buying a bow case for my extra bows to rest in, so I do not have to carry all of them with me, or let them sit out on a table, when I take my violin places. I have looked at a few bow cases in catalogs, but it is difficult to tell if there are any special features to look for. I plan to get one that holds 6 bows. Do any of you have any suggestions of features I should look for? SHEILA'S CORNER
  6. One of my young students came to her lesson today and she has a dampit down inside her violin. Another violin student at school had offered to help put it in and the two of them, ages 10 years old, put it in alright.. all the way ( I tried to use some surgical forceps I have here at the house, but the violin is a 3/4 and the f holes are just too small. Even if I get hold of it I cannot drag it through. It will have to come out from the end. Do any of you have any ideas as to what I can use to get it out? I hope we do not have to have the top taken off. SHEILA'S CORNER
  7. There is life in the wood, and resonance in the wood, and soul in the wood of a fine bow. That cannot be duplicated. SHEILA'S CORNER
  8. I am unsure why you are cleaning your strings with alcohol so much. I only do that when I have a youngster who has gotten too carried away with the idea of putting on rosin. The strings should not be collecting so much rosin, just use a soft cloth after you play to wipe the strings with. SHEILA'S CORNER
  9. I have had students use the approval service and to buy bows from Shar, and we have had excellent service. They also have a helpful booklet on buying a bow you can ask for when you call. SHEILA'S CORNER
  10. Do NOT tap your good bow against a violin stand. SHEILA'S CORNER
  11. I am just wondering. The Ebay sites posted are adds. Yet the other auction was taken off because it was considered an add. Personally I got a whole lot more out of viewing and reading about the violins and bows at this auction http://www.Tarisio.com/ than I ever have on the Ebay sites that are constantly posted. I view other luthiers sites and such and view and study their violins and bows, not because they are an add and I want to buy something but because it is nice to see what is being made. I frequently visit the Weber case site, and the Alden Lee Company just to see what new ideas are being created. It keeps me up on the latest string instrument inventions.. I even copy off on paper sometimes, some of the really fine bows or violins listed in pictures and discription on an auction, NOT Ebay, and I keep them in a notebook. It has become a wealth of pages to study the fine instruments that I would otherwise not get to view. And my students enjoy looking through the pages of instruments that they would not otherwise get to view. I am glad that someone posts some of these sites that I would not find or have looked for in a search engine. I am not activly looking for an instrument or bow, I already have several nice ones ;o) But viewing good instruments and bows is an education in itself. A board is for sharing. An add is for buying. And a site is used as the person wants.... as they say "In the eye of the beholder" Well, those are my wonderings........... SHEILA'S CORNER
  12. I am glad it was put on. I had a great time looking at the pictures and reading the discriptions. I even saw a real LeFleur, of which my own Rodney Mohr bow I use is a copy. There are many who post here and ask how to tell this and that violin from this and that and the same with bows. Studying these pictures and discriptions is not a course in violin identification but study the details of the scrolls, f holes, shapes, varnish color ranges, might be a start in the right direction. SHEILA'S CORNER
  13. Be sure to check out the bows. If the metal parts are now black it is silver that has tarnished. Also take them to a good bowman and see if they are straight and how much they weight and what type of wood they are. SHEILA'S CORNER
  14. I have seen them listed at Montagnana. http://www.montagnanabooks.com/ I have all three books. If you only want to read them you can get them through interlibrary loan at a public library. I bought 2 of mine at a flea market. SHEILA'S CORNER
  15. Stop by an enjoy it with graphics ) http://www.bright.net/~hhelser/masterstouch.html Sheila SHEILA'S CORNER
  16. Since my page has been mentioned. There is some information on the violins there and some links within the story. http://www.bright.net/~hhelser/midori.html Midori is one of my favorite violinists. SHEILA'S CORNER
  17. I like your comment. >>I suppose that a fiddle is one's partner in music as another dancer is one's partner in dancing. It's a two way thing. SHEILA'S CORNER
  18. : I want Billy Joel's Piano Man, I will see what i can get you
  19. The mice at Sheila's Corner do get into everything ;o) They even read the Fingerboard! http://www.bright.net/~hhelser/sheila.html Sheila's Corner
  20. Does anyone know if the Weber Case Company is online? Or if they have an email address? Or who sells their cases? SHEILA'S CORNER
  21. CIM David Russell? Stephen Majeske? Oberlin Marilyn McDonald - may not be teaching actively now. Not sure? Sheila Helser
  22. Try listening to some other violin music with her, not the Suzuki tapes, and see if she likes the lovely sounds a violin makes.
  23. http://www.bright.net/~hhelser/bow.html Go take a look look at the thumb cushion I have on my Albert Nurnberger bow at the above address. It is a foam pencil grip cut in 1/2. It had to be cut in 1/2 because it was too long to go on easily. You can buy regular ones for the bow that are probably better than my homemade one. I should have used black but at the time I did not have a black one. It is not my invention, I know a very fine professional player who uses one and I asked her about it. Just an idea that might help. Sheila's Corner
  24. I need a lighter weight violin case. I want a nice one. I have a Weber, I keep my violin in at home on a shelf at all times. The Weber is NOT light weight. I bought a Heritage lightweight to carry to school. The weight is ok and the case is nice, but my bow will not fit into it. I am also very picky about the type of bow holders in a case. I really dislike those that have the cover over the tip, I have seen a great deal of bow tip damage done to bows down inside those covers. I like the English style holders. The BIG problem is I cannot take the bow I normally use in the light weight case because it does not fit. It is a LaFleur copy by Rodney Mohr, http://www.bright.net/~hhelser/bow.html It is a wonderful bow but as you will see the swan head makes it just a pinch longer. It fits in my Weber case. But I cannot stand to carry the Weber case around to all the activites I do with the students and my own playing. It is just too heavy for long term carrying. I have been looking through all the catalogs but I cannot decide what to get. I really like the Weber case, and the bow does fit, it is just too heavy. Do any of you have any experience with violin cases, that you can recommend one that my bow will fit in? Any suggestions as to where to get the case? I cannot give up the bow, it plays extremely well, and is lovely. Sheila SHEILA'S CORNER
  25. Try practicing them uneven! Short -long... long -short After you try this for a few days then go back and try to play them even, usually you will get amazing results. Also do them with a metronome and be sure you are in the right part of the bow. Watch your string crossings. You need to be on your way over to the next string mentally before you move there. Remember your arm levels on the different string. Sheila's Corner
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