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  1. Hmmm....don't know about enlightened, but...... Parts of the Bach double certainly crank, as well as parts of Sibelius' 2nd Symphony. 2 of my favorites to turn up REAAALLLLL loud!!!!! William
  2. It does, although I've actually been to see this collection. Thanks though. His journal is quite interesting. I know of 3 violins he made, none of which are in his journal. Mine is the oldest (#34) and is left out, while the other 2 are numbered after the ending vioolin he listed. And to really make me sick.....the gentleman who I just found out about traded a few books to a guy who got the violin and a BOX of stuff from his workshop 30 years ago!!!!! Oddly enough, his violin was in the white. Heres pictures of his violin http://www.mugwumps.com/Pictures/FoulkeFiddle.jpg Thanks again. William
  3. It's a composite image. I think it's a really pretty photo, but as an amateur astronomer I cringe at the amount of light overflow. Hard to find really dark skies these days, especially on the East coast. William
  4. Haven't posted in a year or so, so I'll try again. I have a violin made by William DeVeaux Foulke. He was in Philadelphia in the early 1900's. I've located a couple of his violins and would like to find out more about him. If you have a shop, or you wouldn't mind passing this along to your favorite shop I'd appreciate any help anyone can give me. Thanks. William
  5. HKV is almost spot on, although I pictured him with longer hair. Dunno why. William
  6. Sorry all...changes at work kinda limited the amount of computer play time I've had lately. Bringing this back up, Samira did you ever hear anything back from the Building museum??? I've not had the time to do much lately, but hopefully this or next weekend will allow me to start thinking about it. Are we still interested? My personal preference at this point (primarily so I can start taking lessons again & improve my rusty skills) is end Sept/beg Oct. This also gives me time to find a place. August is going to be WAY busy for me. Plus it's already here!!!!!! Any thoughts? William
  7. Mu0n: Start saving now. You have a couple months. You've been warned. Samira: I've thought about checking any of the local colleges, the Kennedy Center, or possibly the LOC (especially to tie in with their Strad collection). We;ve got a few months, so I'll start brainstorming. My e-mail is in my file if you want to talk directly. Celloontheside: OK, you're signed up! We'll let ya know what heavy lifting has to be done!!! Paganiniboy: get Leafs tickets and I'm there!!! Violagirl: How long will you be here??? Truebeginner: I've only had 6 months of lessons, and barely practice for those. You'll be fine. William
  8. I was taking lessons through the Community College, and as part of the class requirement I had to participate in the recital. It went OK, stage fright being low on my list of anxiety producers. I fumbled a little, but the head of the music department said I sounded pretty good. The one piece of advice I was given that struck home was to remember that the people who are there to see you WANT you to succeed. THey are there to hear you play, not to judge you. William
  9. Samira: OK, let me know what she says. I'm hoping to do some bike riding around the District sometime soon, so I figured I'd scope out a few places. I figured somewhere in the Smithsonian land holdings should be available. MuOn: Shall we look forward to the pleasure of your company??? William
  10. We'll be following the New York rules:everyone plays. I haven't been taking lessons the last 6 months, so I'm still stuck back in Suzuki 1. I'll start feeling out a location soon. William
  11. OK, blatantly stealing the whole idea..... Since I couldn't make the one in NY AND there were a number of us in the Washington area, would any of you like to get together and try it again, perhaps in the Fall?? William
  12. Details??????? Maybe this one I can make!!! William quote: Originally posted by HuangKaiVun: Of course, what's the sense of having a "1st" Annual Maestronet Reunion if there isn't going to be a "2nd?" I have talked with Longhair about this (who was stuck in Michigan fixing his car and thus could not attend) and we would like to extend the offer to everyone here to come stay with us at our new violin school in Ballston Spa, NY!
  13. SOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't make it. Sorry guys, there was another there in spirit if not in person. Too much on my plate right now. Thanks Rainy for the pictures. HKV looks about like I expected, except I guessed longer hair. I'm so bummed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any chance we can try this again in the Fall????????????????????????????? William
  14. I'm assuming this is still going on????? Nobody's mentioned it in a LOOONNGG time!!!! OK, so I got the book of second violin parts to Suzuki Books 1-3. Anybody else interested in learning the second violin part? Maybe a couple of us could try it? ***EDIT**** Book 1 Lightly Row Song of The Wind Go Tell Aunt Rhody O Come, Little Children May Song Long, Long Ago Allegro Perpetual Motion Allegretto Andantino Etude Minuet 1, 2 & 3 (Bach) Book 2 Chorus from "Judas Maccabaeus" Musette Bourree Book 3 Gavotte (Martini) Minuet (Bach) Minuet in G (Beethoven) William [This message has been edited by GuinnessHunter (edited 04-06-2001).]
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