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  1. Lisa, although you might practice scales and classical etudes, i would advise to follow your teacher's instructions. If you do not feel well about the suzuki method, you had better find another teacher who will teach a classical method. At the level you describe my guess is that you would be playing Kayser, some Sevcik and scales. -sm
  2. Which Sevcik are you playing? Op.8 or Op. 1 book 3? The excercises in Op. 8 are much easier... If you are playing the 3rd book of Op1. you might want to start with Op. 8. One thing to keep in mind when shifting is to make sure that you play the "target" note (the note you play right after shifting) correctly in tune. Use the whole bow in those notes to become very concious of what you are hearing. -sm : I am working on a Sevcik shifting exercise. : It is written in C major, but it says that I have : to repeat it in 11 different keys. It doesn't mean to : transpose, it means that F (for instance) in G major : wouldn't become a note of an entirely different name, : it would just become F#. I'm fine in G major and the : obviously easier ones, but when it gets into all those : sharps and flats, I get totally lost and don't even : know how to approach it! I thought practicing scales : in these keys would help me, but it doesn't. I can : play a scale as perfectly as any teacher could ask : because with a scale I know how it's supposed to sound. : I know the sound of major, minor, melodic etc, as long : as I start the scale on the note of the name of the : scale. When it comes to this exercise starting on : either A, Ab, or A# no matter what strange sounding : key it's in, I just get a headache. Please help, : I don't even know how to approach this. : Thanks, if anyone can help me I'll be so grateful! : -Chu
  3. It is so obvious that your teacher's attitude bothers you... you cannot live like that. Drop that teacher and find another person who will teach you the way you need. -sm
  4. Actually, martial arts may be a better way to get fit and muscular without hindering playing. : Adean Unless you break your hands bones... ;-) Sergio
  5. Hi Andy!, have you really used the dollar bill in real, live, public performance? regards, sergio
  6. : : : : so we are all looking for sheet music. If you know where to find it e-mail me too thanks
  7. : Maybe violists know how to have a LIFE! And perharps violinists know how to have FUN!
  8. : I recently received a luthier's catalog in the mail Hi mimi, could you please post directions to order such catalog? thanks, sergio
  9. By the way of Einstein... does anyone know the whereabout of his violin (or viiolins)? Sergio
  10. You are right Daniel... it is much easier to remember 11.5 mm than fool around with those x/32 and y/16... although 15/32 is about 11.9 mm regards sergio
  11. You say one is taller, probably the distance from each string to the fingerboard was not correct. For gut a G string, it should be 5.5 mm from the fingerboard and the E shuld be 3.5 hope it helps... sm
  12. If you have a teacher, ask your teacher... otherwise get a teacher sm
  13. You may be looking for The Dancla String School. I have included the URL below. cheers, sergio The Dancla String School
  14. Do you mean like the ricochet bowing in Paganinis music? (eg, n°1 concert rondo?) I mean more like the bowing in Monti's czardas, third theme, the fast part. Thanks for your answer, sergio
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