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  1. I have neighbors too and I use a mute. I agree with adante, dont get an electric violin, get a good acoustic violin and good mute.
  2. I saw a book for sale once about Ysaye by Lev Ginsburg. I think he wrote books about tartini and several other great composer violinists, it may be worth checking out Cheers _/ Scott
  3. get the jazz piano book and the real book vol 1 every real book has a chord dictionary at the beginning
  4. Im a big fan of Jamie Laredo - was he a concertmaster? I saw a Perlman video once with him as a concertmaster if I remember correctly.
  5. Most people know that Milstein transcribed Memphisto Waltz which is horrendously difficult on violin Other than that, I have Rachael Barton's CD Hope that helps Cheers _/ Scott
  6. thanks - im a really big fan I have always wondered how he can play like that as messed up as his hand is - I always wanted to see those three fingers play at that speed
  7. these may not be appropriate for your level of cello playing but... the duos by kodaly ravel and gliere come to mind as personal favorites
  8. If I remeber correctly I think he was in the move "the cliburn" a file about the renouned piano competition, I saw it a long time ago so Im not sure, am getting old
  9. Most of you already know this probably but... I read in the guaneri hill book that people originally thought the cannon was marked as 1745 (which was after his death) then they thought the 5 was a 3 and now they think its a 2 so the cannon they now believe was made in 1742 - the same year as the ex heifetz and ex dushkin (zukerman's violin)
  10. Thanks for the prompt response Mr Darnton sir It is true that putting the bridge in a bad place could damage the instrument?
  11. A few questions for you luthier people When I change my strings, the bridge comes loose and I have to slide it back into place... 1)How do I know where to put the bridge? 2)The placement of the bridge affects the tone right? 3)It is true that putting the bridge in a bad place could damage the instrument? 4)Any advice about how to know where to put the bridge? 5)How do you know if the sound post needs to be moved or checked? 6)Does low action affect the tone? 7)Does low action make a violin easier to play?
  12. shocking I learned so much from him over they years, and have been listening every day for years now, my friends and I used to mimic him, always saying hellooooo there he will be missed
  13. Did anyone see that skit on saturday night live about the dollar?
  14. anything from op 91 especially the 13 min long reger a min chaconne
  15. I'd play hindemith after i can play alot of bach with finesse which is likely to be never in my case kudos on the appreciation for the music of reger, other than bach reger wrote my favorite sonatas for solo violin
  16. What is your favorite recording of the Bach preludes and fugues? Im considering buying more Scott
  17. ...and dont forget the scherzo from the fae sonata, i love the part in the middle where the time and the whole mood seems to completely change somehow, the kogan video "interpretations" is the most convincing performance i have seen or hard so far, you can get it at kultur.com Quote: The Brahms violin sonatas are different from the violin concerto. Brahms wrote three sonatas and one concerto. The concerto is quite difficult, and if you are struggling with Mozart 5, you are likely not ready for the Brahms concerto.
  18. Brahms sonata 3 is easly in my top 3 sonatas ever. There are many good recordings, I like Kaler's recording also, very eloquent and expressive I also like Chung/Frankl Szeryng/Rubenstein Oistrakh/Richter - sadly hard to find Mullova/Anderszewski I like Vengerov's recording also paired with the concerto, I hear pam frank's recording is good, havent heard it yet There used to be a perlman video of all 3 sonatas, someone at violinist.com said a long time ago they have it but Ive never foud it for sale on ebay or anywhere else. There is also a video clip of stern in the art of violin, maybe the complete stern video will come out later?
  19. Id like to hear the isabelle faust recording but thats out of print too
  20. It took me about 8 months to get my copy of basics from peters
  21. Albinoni's adagio i love it! A real classic!
  22. The Zukerman recording is awesome, very expressive and I love his tone, one of his best recordings. The Accardo is awful although I like many other Accardo recordings fairly well Josh Bell says in an interview that Zukerman plays the ex-dushkin delgesu of 1722, I love the tone of that violin!!! cheers scott - muggle violinist
  23. I saw zukerman play the c maj about 2 yrs ago ...pure heaven cheers scott (muggle violinist)
  24. lol aj I can relate to that cheers scott (muggle violinist) Quote: ... Paid $700 for it. Everybody loves its sound....even when I'm playing it ...
  25. most people already know this but fyi paganini must have loved rossini, he performed with him frequently and wrote several variations on themes of some of rossini's operas Ive also heard many soloists say a good concerto should be opera-like in the sence of vocal oriented melodic content
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