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  1. I have taken my violin into a dealer and been told that it is a nice violin styled after an Amati (Nicolas) and is worth aprox $600. I was very happy to hear this because I purchased this violin for much less. It has a sweet sound and easy fingering neck. The wood is very pretty but not fresh looking. I have no idea of the age of this violin but I would assume it is from the early early 1900's. Let me know anything that you find out about these violins. I am associated with antique estate sales and have occasion to run across some unusual finds...lutes for instance...something I know nothing about but would like to know more.
  2. : I have a lady who played the violin and was apparently very good. Then she quit for 42 years. She wants to start up again. I am not quite sure what to do with her. First thing she is getting her bow rehaired and I advised her to get some new Aricore strings. Then I will have her read John Holt's book "Never Too Late" (I have all my adult beginners read this, even though she is not really a beginner I think she will find it inspiring. Then I guess we should talk goals, see what music she has, what music she studied in the past. Any advice will be appreciated. I came back to the violin after nearly the same length of time as your adult pupil(although I was not very good ever!). I'd be inclined to feel that you could let her take quite a lot of the responsibility for telling you what you should be doing with her. What I wanted was someone to help me relearn the techniques of playing (some of which have changed since I first learned) and then to provide constructive criticism and suggestions for music additional to that I had which it would be appropriate for me to get and play. I've been having lessons from students at the local university and they have been great - very patient and encouraging. I sometimes wonder though how they view me - since I'm probably older than their mothers it must feel quite odd to them teaching me. However I hope the fact that I am very keen to progress and practice hard is a positive aspect of teaching me. I only wish I had worked as hard as a child! Good luck to you and your pupil and I hope she will be as glad as I have been to have taken up the violin again.
  3. Can anyone any good shops in the L.A san diego area where they sell violins and teach classes~?And or any web sites! Thanks Anne!
  4. Does anyone know any websites were I can learn more about violins.Thanks~!
  5. I need to know how long it takes to learn the violin. Does it take a year half a year?I need to know so that I know how much it will cost me.Im 12 years old and I have a budget of about 700 dollars. Thanks!
  6. Are there any violinsts in the san diego area that can recomend a good violin shop and teacher for kids my age;12 Thanks!
  7. I play the piano and now I want to play the violin. Can learning the violin help me play the piano better or any other instrument and vise versa?
  8. Are self teaching books on any instrument reliable?
  9. Im new at the violin and I want to learn to play it. Im planning on renting,what's the difference between a fiddle and a violin? Also how much will an instructor cost?? Thanks
  10. Do you know how much it costs to rent a violin because i would like to play it.but right now i think that i should rent because i hear its the best thing for begginers.but what do you think? Thanks!
  11. Im a 12 year old girl and i need to know what size violin is best,plus any links you may know of where I can find out how much it costs to rent a violin. Thanks!
  12. Hi I want to learn how to play a violin.I have been playing the piano for a while now and now i want to learn how to play the violin.I want to spend all day playing the violin and master it.I know that the best thing is to rent a violin before i buy one.but how much is it to rent and what's the best type of violin a half size one or a full size?
  13. Granted, you are right, but there are quite a lot of new faces on the board since that discussion. Interesting that the same "bests" come up though....
  14. Is this true? So he's the new director for he NAC orchestra? I hope he will still have time to tour - we love him in Tokyo. He played an extremely beautiful Bruch last December. a
  15. I am 36 and interested in learning to play the violin. I have been looking for some self instructional books - haven't found any yet. I also still have to purchase an instrument and am hoping to find a used one. What are some things I should look for when purchasing a violin and is it important to start out with an instructor or can you learn some of the basics through a book. I'm anxious to get started so please respond soon.
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