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  1. I just started working on vibrato in my last violin lesson (late, I know). My teacher says that arm vibrato comes more naturally to me and that's what I'll mostly use. She mainly uses wrist vibrato, as does the entire violin section in my orchestra except me and one other person. Is there anyone else out there who uses arm vibrato on violin? Is one kind better than the other kind? Thanks! Micaela
  2. It gets worse. To have an orchestra full of academics who miss every third rehearsal because of AP Chemistry lab session during orchestra! I'm too young to be in AP yet so I man the 1st clarinet section alone. We usually have 40 or so people but sometimes as little as 20.
  3. I'm a switcher myself, but between clarinet and violin. It can be confusing but I think learning a second instrument is a lot easier than the first, even when they're totally different. But it can be aggravating (spelling) to be playing the Mozart Clarinet Concerto on clarinet but still be stuck on fairly basic to intermediate violin music! I'm the principal clarinetist in my (high school) symphony orchestra this year and I was the principal violinist in the orchestra last year (when I was in Middle School). It's possible.
  4. I use Dominants and the metallic sound wore off in a few days- I just got new strings recently. But I can't stand the Dominant E string! It sounds so thin, but the rest usually sound good.
  5. : By "solo", do you mean music written for solo violin? or just non-orchestral-type music? I must say I enjoyed the Vivaldi A minor concerto, and later G minor; I don't know if that's the kind of solo you're looking for. For solo violin, maybe try Bach's partitas for solo violin? I don't know what Suzuki book they would correspond to. I mean non-orchestra. Like a concerto or sonata.
  6. I am looking for a good solo that's about level 3 or 4 (New York). Does anyone know of anything? I'm in Suzuki book 4. I'm an older (14) beginner. Something fun, I'm getting kinda tired of endless Gavottes and Minuets. I like minor key pieces generally. Thanks a lot! Micaela Ithaca, NY
  7. I got an incredible deal on my clarinet (I play violin too) on ebay. I got it for 1,000 bucks and it's worth a good 3,000. Love it. I'm not risking it with a violin, though. It's hard- you gotta be careful.