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  1. : : : : please tell me if anyone knows a free site for piano sheet music - Alfred's Level 5. Thanks!
  2. I recently started teaching violin. I have one adult and one child student. I did this as a "favor" to these people, never thinking I could actually do it. To my amazement, I am enjoying this very much but would like to know if there are any "helps" for teachers. I'm sure I will come across a problem that I want to be able to know how to correct. Also, would like to know what books you recommend for the students.
  3. : It is a bit expensive, but a tightly rolled hundred dollar bill is excellent, just weave it under the g string and over the d a and back under the e. Some people say using a one dollar bill works just as well, but I find that there is a huge difference in the quality of tone. : Adean Mr. Adean, Were you smiling when you wrote that? Now, is that with or without the little metal strips? I don't know about the tone, but it sure opens my eyes more. I think I'll try the one dollar bill first since they are much more plentiful. I like it, Deb
  4. : I have a 1922 Neuner and Hornsteiner violin. The length is The over all length is about a 1/4"shorter than a standard violin. The body is ~13 3/4". It is much larger than the 3/4 size violins that I own. This is an extremely well made violin in the class of a Roth Violin and it is in excelent condition. What would be the classification of this violin. 7/8 or I sometimes here the phrase "ladies violin". What is the value of this violin and is there any body out there playing on one of these instruments. A picture of this violin is on my homepage. George, Check out Maestronet's Price History. Neuner and Hornsteiner has a listing. That violin is 35.5mm long. Is that comparable? Deb
  5. I, too, am a fan and love Pachebel's Frolics. I can offer you no help on where to find, I also would like to know. Holler if you find anything. Deb
  6. Mr. Victor, Do you use always? Or just when you practice, or also during performances, solo or orchestra? Deb
  7. : Patti here again... : studies make my contact lenses dry out. Any suggestions? Patti, I had the same problem with my contacts because I didn't blink enough while practicing or performing to keep them moist. So I asked for a pair of glasses I could use just for that. Fellow fiddler wannabe- Deb
  8. : We could call ourselves C-cubed!
  9. : I am looking for someone who can make a custom chin rest. : Thank you. : Fred Fred, I made myself one and have never run into anyone else that has ever had one. You might could find a good craftsman or carver to make one. Here is how I did mine: 1) I took my son's modeling clay and laid a layer on my storebought chinrest. Then holding my violin in playing position I pressed my chin in real good. 2) I then made an opposite mold (in reverse) into the one I just pressed my chin into. Now I have a positive and a negative mold. 3) I then took my trusty Dremel carving tool and carved a chinrest out, installed the hardware and attached it to my violin. 4) After having it installed I than made minor adjustments here and there. I Love It! Wouldn't go back to storebought for anything. Deb Good luck!
  10. OK...here goes. I changed everything I could possibly change. I bought a new tailpiece, changed strings twice, changed bridges twice, and went to have my soundpost adjusted. My repairman said the soundpost was terribly tight and he dare not move it anymore. But I had already run out of time to have one cut and was to play in church on Palm Sunday. At that point all I could do was to borrow a violin. A friend offered her 200 yr. old violin (with a beautiful tone). I believe it is worth more than the vehicle I drive. Very excited, I took it home and started to play. Guess what. It honked, too. What discouragement! It was me. ME! I had developed some kind of sloppy bowing technique. Now nothing could help me for the following morning except added concentration and prayer. Added concentration is very difficult when your already hyperventilating, but prayer was quite easy. My husband said I had never played better. The honking didn't happen once. I just want to thank everyone for all your suggestions which were such an education. I had never heard of all those things like the 1/6th rule, soundpost moving and the like. Now I have only myself to blame, but I will become a better player because of it. This tale could perhaps be added to the Old Dogs' "Tales". :-} Deb
  11. Much thanks. You've answered many questions for me. Deb
  12. Thank you, Doug. I will re-evaluate the positions and lengths. Paul had a question about reference material for these things. Is there a good book? Deb
  13. Is the 1/6th rule more important than the perfect 330/55? My bridge would be 1/8" behind the f-hole notch if I placed it at 330. Please advise. I have to play Palm Sunday and am having those "honking" noises. Everyone is being so kind to help with these problems. Old dog--Deb
  14. Thanks. I'll ask. By the way, I'm one of those old dogs, too. And loving it!
  15. : Thanks to all, Deb Ok-everything sounds feasible. But what about moving the bridge away from the notch? To get the 330 length the bridge would be about 1/8" behind the notch. Is that OK to do that?
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