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  1. : : if u have sheet music or if u know of a site i can get it free e-mail me
  2. : There is a site called COWPIE song archives for country music : Another is Kroner's World Tab Central : Guitar tab
  3. You will have to determine how much to insure it for obviously. I have seen bows shipped in sturdy plastic pipe, just be sure the diameter is large enough to accommodate the bow, and pack well around it so the bow doesn't rattle around. Alternately, you can build a simple bow case from plywood...just 3 simple pieces tacked together and you can use duct tape to secure the top. Hope this helps.
  4. I just bought a 1/2 size Chinese 'cello for my son. It arrived with the bridge and soundpost packed separately. The bridge I can deal with, but I sure can't figure out how to set the soundpost. I haven't the proper tool nor do I know precisely where to position it. Does anyone have a suggestion? We are far from any repair shop. Thanks a million. Alex
  5. : : i am looking for the sheet music to kci and jojo's all my life...i really need this song!!! if you know of any links....PLEASE E-MAIL ME!! : : thanx at the address above
  6. : I play the Alto Saxaphone and I want to learn how to play some of the Star Wars' Theme songs. If anyone can send me music that i can play on my sax, i would love : it. Thank you. : ~Tommy Olson
  7. I want a rest that "locks" into a certain configuration, and pops onto the violin in one second, with no adjustments needed. I also want it to fold down into nothing the size of a lump of rosin in that same one second. I want it to be *secure* on the violin, and never *ever* pop off. I want big squish comfortable padding. I have a long neck, so I want it to be *tall*. Right now I'm using a height maxed Kun standard and a tall chinrest. Wish I had something better....
  8. I've been on the net for over 12 years. It wasn't that long ago that there was *no such thing as spam*, and then someone came up with a program to just suck down everyone's email addresses off of usenet. It's just a matter of time before a similar program sweeps this web page and all the others and snags your address. Once your email address gets on a spam mailing list, it *never* comes off. You have to start all over with a new address, which is a major pain in the *ss.
  9. I would like to know how many Stradivarius violins are there in the world nowadays, & what would be the price for one? Thankx, Alex
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