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  1. i guess it means when you need to play D,A,E,A,D,A,E,A,D.... or G,D,A,D,G,D,A,D,G the fig-8 bowing is thus applied. it means simply think of drawing a 8 character when playing the above strings and it will be much easier for you. It think one movement in Felix Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in E minor requires this bowing technique
  2. i guess you're trying to say you're talented. thats gd to hear that however its indeed strange
  3. i'm one of those who don't know who he is. pardon but i'm gald that he is not forgotten... that is one of the very best things a musician can hope to receive before they departs to heaven
  4. i've found this interesting and decided to name my violin "Still Young". its just like a kid and i still can't decide whether its a male/female. but most probably its a male. as for my bow, i've havn't given it a name.(just bought it). wondered if anyone will think thats a nice name =<
  5. i didn't read all the replys but i guess someone will still choose their current teacher. even if there isn't anyone, then i'll throw the first vote. cos it seems to me that without my present teacher, i'll be nothing.
  6. i guess this kind of matter depends pretty much on you. if you think you are skilled enough to rehair a bow and such things..., and willing to do all those stuffs for free, then just do it. my previous teacher used to help me mend my broken bow once without charging me a cent.i think he also did a gd job in the mending process.
  7. guess its pretty silly to try to identity a real one. get it appriased or something. but its pretty easy to know whether the violin is a fake.the date it was made, the model maker, thats all i can think off. ya also the varnish, but i guess you don't have a microscopic eye, so i guess its of not much help
  8. I respected everyone's instruments,esp the more expensive ones than mine. As for my teacher's instrument, i don't even wanna dream about asking to play with it. I think its rather an awkward situation if the teacher doesn't really wanted to lend it and the student kept begging for it. However my teacher does allow me to play her bow for a while without me even asking for it. yupie =P
  9. anyone heard of ornati violins? read it off the Aug Strad magz that its also considered a gd violin model. but they didn't included the price of it
  10. if i'm not wrong, brazilwood are much lower in quality compared to pernumbuco wood.and often used to subsitute pernumbuco bows
  11. **** i've forgotten how i got attracted. just joking, mine is simple.i was given a choice to sign up whether to play the violin or learnt arts.well the answer is obvious....
  12. be aware of the amount of pressure applied when playing on the strings. different pressure for different strings. try playing 3 octave scales slurred and you know what i'm talking about
  13. quote: Originally posted by Ludwig: Why do we care if he "beats" on his instrument? I find I ENJOY listening to him more than anyone else. Mippi..... which CD did you listen to? Are you talking about his baroque violin? i've long forgotten the name of the CD as its not mine. yes i would consider a 200 year old violin a barouqe violin. but the violin his playing in that CD is supposed to be a collector instead of using his own.as said ealier its either a strad or guarneri
  14. definitely it has broaden my knowledge. although on many occassions i've posted crap => just wanna crack jokes for a moment so if i've offended anyone in the past, forgive me
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