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  1. : OKay, first of all, this is me, the usual Katie that posts. I've just gotten a new email address. And my question is: What are your favorite Christmas Carols to play on your favorite instrument? I'll get the ball rolling: Hark the Herald Anglels Sing on cello is my favorite, with Silent Night on violin a close second. : Looking foreward to your replays, : Katie
  2. Hi. It could be a number of things. The weather could cause a change in the wood (the maple of the pegbox and the ebony of the pegs expand and contract differently). The pegbox may need work, the direction of the pegs may be off, or it could be something a bit worse like needing the pegbox bushed and re-drilled. There may be a slim chance that the bridge could be the problem (not likely), if it's too high, there is more pressure pulling back on the strings. Or you could just need some peg dope. Ben
  3. Hi. I've seen the number as high as about 720. Ben
  4. Hi. Where are the "chips" missing? My violin has little chips in the C bout on the E side from bows hitting it. And like Iggie said, violin's will have minor damage over time. If you use it, it's gonna have some wear. My violin has several battle scars from fights with music stands it appears. It also has a nice little spot at the lower edge on the back where someone had a chinrest for probably 50 or so years with no cork on it. But what's important is the sound. Ben
  5. Hi. I think your problem with wanting to play the wrong finger may be because you think finger numbers other than note names. All right, example: Third position and the A string. 4th finger will play what the 2nd finger would play on the E string. So you see than note and think 2, bad. Maybe if you think G, or whatever note you're playing, you won't have the same problem. Think note names not finger numbers, that's one of the basic faults with Suzuki. Ben
  6. Hi. What a wonderful way to share with his family our feelings for such a wonderful person. Ben
  7. After reading everyone's heart-felt tributes to our dear friend, I sat back and thought. Only in death do we see what was great that we took for granted in life. Al's advise will be missed by all. Just his presence on this board will be missed, and already is. We'll miss you. Ben
  8. Hi. G: Eudoxa silver on gut D: Eudoxa aluminum on gut A: Eudoxa aluminum on gut E: Olive goldsthal They sound nice on my violin. It's hard to judge a string set without knowing the violin. Ben
  9. Hi. There is usually a flatter, or actually thicker, spot in the top for the sound post and bass bar, and to take a little of the pressure of the bridge. Ben
  10. I hadn't been on the board for a little over a week, and I was greeted with terrible news. I am greatly saddened by the death of Al Stancel. I never knew him personally but I felt like I did. When I read the news I couldn't really feel anything, everything was numb. I almost felt sick. I just sat there. I posted farther down, and then couldn't do anything else. I stated thinking, and I thought that maybe I should just let my thoughts out. The first time I posted on this board was about two years ago, the first person to respond was Al, with his always cheerful greetings. Everytime since that first post, I've always came to read what Al had to say. I always love reading his expertise on the subject which I love so much. When I first began violin making I got a great deal of advise from Al, he was always happy to help. Like I said below, I once told him that I'd send him a picture of the violin I'm working on if I ever finish it. and I think I will send that picture when I finish. It's going to be strange to come to the board and not read Al's responses. It feels strange already. We've lost a great person. And I give my deepest sympathy to his family. We'll miss you Al. Ben
  11. I haven't been on the board in about a week and almost felt sick when I saw this. I wasn't lucky enough to have met him personally, but over the last two years of communicating with him here I felt like I knew him, like he was a friend. I know that's how we all feel. I've never been in contact with a person who was so willing to help. When I started violin making I knew that he would be there to give me advise whenever I needed it. I told him that I'd send a picture of the violin I'm working on now when I finished, I think I'll still send it (if I ever finish). I have deepest sympathy for his widow and family. I know they've lost more than we'll ever know. We've lost a great man, but maybe we've gained something too, all of us who have been helped in anyway by Al gained a friend. Al sold me the bow that I use, I will forever think of him when I play. Al isn't gone, as long as we remember him and his presence on this board and in this world. Again, my deepest sympathy to his family. Ben
  12. Hi. Yeah the Oliv will give you more brilliance, it's a tighter wound string. Ben
  13. Hi. I'm not really sure about a certain level, but the humidity does need to be kept constant. Any drastic change either way will effect the instrument. Ben
  14. : I also have a violin which has a Nicolaus Amatus fecit Cremona 16 label inside the violin. I sent several pictures of this violin to Christie's Auction house. A representative stated that the violin was one made in Germany around the 1800's and its estimated value was $1000. jean were you able to sell your violin?
  15. Hi all. What are nice dark sounding mandolin strings? I'm gonna play classical and celtic so I want the nice sound that I'm used to with the violin. Thanks, Ben
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