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  1. Hi all! I have just ordered and received a copy of the Theme from Schindler's List - have started reading through and practising this today but have found that there are no suggested fingerings! Is there a website or someone out there who has played this piece before that can help me with some nice fingering that gives me the romantic slides? Thanks for your help! Yana.
  2. Oh wow she is so gorgeous, especially at four. I wish my mother had allowed me to learn violin at that age - I was allowed to start lessons at 7 after BEGGING her for years. And I too would have much rathered play violin than with toys. Playing violin is fun!
  3. Hmm I dont think Milstine is that good. There are far many better than he is. But still - he has some good recordings. $2.99's a bargain by the way. Good buy. : Just bought a CD of Milstine playing the Brhams and the : Tchaikovsky that was recorded in the late 50s and early 60s. : The CD is only $2.99. The question is what violin did he play? : His tone can only be described as "huge". Also I have always : been impressed with his playing. Is he one of the 10 best of all : time?
  4. My favourites: Mendelssohn, Sibelius and Tchaikovsky Violin Concertos. Dvorak New World Symphony Elgar Introduction and Allegro for String Orchestra Vivaldi's Winter. Verdi Requiem.
  5. You need to play your violin STRONGLY. This is the most important point. The more strong and confident you play, the better your chances are. A player that plays a slow passionate piece strongly and confidently has more chance than someone that plays a quick piece weakly. Hope this helps Yana.
  6. In that case. There is no need to re-hair the bow. But if you feel the need too, then there is no harm in doing so! : I have used my bow a little over one year, but not : much hairs are lost and hairs seem to be still clean. : It seems to be the time for reharing but I wasn't sure. : With hairs still clean and without much hair loss due : to good care of bow, it seems to be hard to determine : the right time for reharing, since the symptoms of : old hairs develope too slowly to be detected.
  7. The best time to rehair the bow is when there seems to be alot of hair missing from the bow. Also the hair may be at a state where the bow hairs are consistently falling out. OR. You may wish to rehair the bow when the hair seems quite dirty and you feel that its needs much more than a clean. Yana.
  8. Caren.. I remember when I was young I once played this piece. It is certainly quite hard, but I'm sure that soon enough you will have the knack of it. I'll give you a good piece of advice, Purchase a recording of it and listen to the piece at LEAST once a day. Soon enough you will have the piece stuck in your head and it should just flow when you play it. Hope this helps. Yana.
  9. Aaahahaha! A misscarriage from playing a viola concerto! Now that I would be careful of!! Aaahaha....hmmm...Ok... (Dont think I'm weird, I just thought that was pretty funny!) Yana.
  10. If you're after composition programs/sheet music writing I'll have to say that Encore and Finale are probably the best music programs I have seen. Cubase isnt bad either, but it is a little different to the first to. It involves recording, not actually putting the notes on the screen by hand. Anyway, I hope this helps. Yana.
  11. Why would they bother tuning there violin down when they could just use a real baroque violin? It's just common sense. I doubt that anyone would have made any recordings using this method. But then again, the ideas people have these days! Yana.
  12. I've found Roy Goodman's REAL email address. And trust me it is him. And the good thing about is that he does reply to you, and he is quite friendly. Does anybody have any other famous musicians email addresses? Yana
  13. Does anyone know of any other worthy musical bulletin boards? I know of one other, but the people on there are just dull....and dumb. I have to admit that maestronet is the best I have seen so far. Anyway, Anyone with any others, leave a message. Thanks. Yana.
  14. If you are just starting the violin, and you cant afford an expensive one, I do suggest that you just buy a cheapo to start with. They are easier to learn off, and when you become more experienced with playing, you should consider upgrading a better one. But of course, everyone has there opinion. Yana.
  15. It's because you haven't fully developed your vibrato technique yet. You will have to be more patient with the development of your vibrato as sometimes it may even take years to perfect it. Hope this Helps. Yana Wells.
  16. : I have a violin in which the A and E sounds great. The D and the G, however, sound like I have the mute on. I have had several adjustments that did not really solve the problem. Can anyone recommend a string make that could provide a bright sound? : Thanks, : Sal I would recommend "dominant" strings. These are are extrememly bright, but on some violins they may appear to be too loud. Hope this helps. Yana Wells
  17. I have to agree...Learning the Bach double by this method is extremely easy. I was amazed also at how quick I learnt this when I was smaller. It's fairly difficult, but yet so easy to learn. Yana Wells. : I agree with Janieb that you want to be cautious : about imitating the style of the Suzuki recordings : too much. However, I found that just listening to : the recordings and then working on my own practice : was just not good enough, as even when I knew the : difficult passages really well, I failed to play : them at tempo. So I have found that once I think : I know a piece, I begin playing with the recording. : At first, I have a difficult time keeping up, but : I'd note where I was having trouble, stop the CD, : work on that section, then try again. I tried : this the first time with the second violin part : of the Bach Double (first movement). My instructor : was amazed at how quickly I was able to play this, : and at tempo. It is now one of my favorite pieces : to play with her. I'm almost through Book 5, and : have found my playing skill to have increased : greatly. : Incidently, if you can find the recordings by David : Nadien (through book 4) or Koji Toyoda (book 5 and : above), these include tracks with just the piano : or orchestral accompaniment only. These are great : fun to play with (if a little awkward at first). : Tina
  18. Elaine, I posted that message a while ago. You can order it from Music Boulevard. The address is:- www.musicblvd.com I'm sure you'll love it. Yana.
  19. I think that period instruments are wonderful. I don't understand why they just went out. They sound so much nicer than our modern instruments. Doesn't everyone agree that when listening to Bach recordings, you always seem to like that period performance better?? Yana Wells.
  20. Scott... They are just programs that you can download... They let you see who are online, and you can chat and a whole heap of other stuff. I suggest that you download the program from www.icq.com and then I will tell you what to do from there. Yana.
  21. This site I'm sure would sell you the bridge you are after. There is also The SouthWest Strings web site which sells a vareity of things... I would suggest you go to your local violin shop to pick up one. Yana Wells.
  22. Dear "DAVID IRVING" I'm sure that I have met you before.... Actually you know what?? If I remember correctly, you were the one that bought me the CD...Yeah well...Enough of that. I agree totally with David... Baroque instruments played in this way is far more exciting and interesting then the modern romantic interpretations of the seasons. Yana. : So you haven't heard of violin bands? In renaissance : & baroque England almost every group was known as : a band. Have you heard the Hanover Band directed : by Roy Goodman? They're great. : PS where are you from?
  23. I am interested in chatting with you. I have playing violin and cello for many years now. And there is nothing better to chatting to other musicians. If you have ICQ, I suggest that you leave me a message with your UIN...And we can chat and leave messages that way. Thanks. Yana
  24. I think that Il Giardino Armonica were actually trying to have harsh, scratchy performance, so that it would be unique and different to all the other recordings of the 4 seasons. I like to hear something a little different sometimes, don't you?
  25. Umm, thank-you Johnny...Who ever you are... I don't know anything really. I am just the average musician. Thanks anyway! Yana Wells : TO YANA/ELLE : I think yana knows exactally what she is doing, she has goten everything right and been SO helpful!!!! : heheheheeheheh : CYA!! : from JohnnY
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