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  1. Anybody aware of any cd recording of Mendelsohn Violin Concerto in E minor accompanied by piano? Thanks.
  2. The oldest player a 92 year old!!! Did you ask her what is her secret? Since I think practicing the violin is more likely to shorten than prolong one's life, maybe, this reason is ruled out.
  3. Years ago, I found somewhere in the net a picture of a type of chin rest that can be adjusted not only in height but also in angle, accommodating all sorts of chin and neck length. It is quite unfortunate though that it does not say where to buy it. Someone here offered to give his rest free to me, but later told me that one is on sale at Ebay, (I believe its his), but found none.
  4. I believe that you do not see any fence around the pool is because the pool is inside a bigger enclosed area.
  5. If I am going to view that with an electron microscope, then that crack will look like a cave. The point is I wonder if such microscopic crack does really matter.
  6. That is very clever idea you did here. I have always tried to understand their differences, but never comprehend enough to visualize really what the differences are. Now, I am glad someone is clever enough to make me visualize, but the problem is that, still, I cannot really know the difference.
  7. "I've noticed this particularly with native Asians, many of whom, I think, spent their formative years listening to the very different tonality of Asian traditional instruments, evaluate the violin in terms of that sound, and find it "lacking". - Michael Darnton Theoretically, this is very logical indeed. But maybe, this could not be the explanation why I like the muted sound. Because although a native Chinese, I have not spent my formative years listening to the different tonality of Chinese instruments. Besides, I started to learn the violin because I like its sounds, at least when I hear others play it as a child. The real explanation at least for my case, needs some self-examination. But what Michael pointed out is something worth examining. If it is true, could this be the explantion why different violin-maker with different nationality will try to produce different tone for his violin, according to his concept of "good tone"? Maybe then, the fine Stradivarius we have nowadays are "good tone" of an Italian tastes. Besides different nationalities associated with their different tonal experiences in their formative years, we may also add auditory uniqueness for each individual, as a factor in "good tone" experience. It proves that tone is really a very subjective thing. But something I notice, maybe why I like this muted sound, is the fact, as mentioned by Andew Victor earlier, is the ability to play more in tune because of less overtone. Another thing is the volume. The reduced volume, I noticed is less demanding for my auditory apparatus in long practices, making me more concentrated, and more at ease to enjoy the sound. Just listen to music turned at high for hours and you will understand.
  8. I have been thinking over what you said that it dampens the overtones, and was about to post another question when I saw your new post. I have noted that using the mute makes my tone more accurate, as you have said in your post, and I think it has a lot to do with the dampening of overtones. Now, if it helps in my intonation, do you think it is a good crutch for intonation practice for new materials?
  9. I tried practicing with a mute last time, and like the sound better than without it. There are actually less extraneous noise than playing without it, making the sounds purer. Anybody with such experience?
  10. I saw a case similar to what you described. It is a rectangular case, with a adaptor included where you plug it at one end of the case. Inside the case, there is a knob where you can control the humidity. There is even an insurance of some kind (I forgot the exact amount) if it does any damage to your violin. I once ask a luthier whether such a case is necessary, especially since the humidity here in Taiwan is very high especially during the summer. He told me that for a well-made violin, with properly aged wood, you actually do not need such case. But I think there is still some use for such, especially for the maintenance of bow hairs, strings, and wooden bow. If you said that it is $89, then it is quite cheap. Because the case I saw cost around $150+
  11. Can you please tell me what is that software you are using that you can strip off the soloist from a CD? I would like to strip several soloists out of their performance and replace myself as the star! Right now, I am using Dowani, that is also a kind of play along, with 3 speeds - 1 slow, 1 intermediate, and another at concert performance speed. It is a great help, and enjoyable in practice.
  12. I will never buy CD of artists humming louder than they play.
  13. http://www.fortune.com/fortune/technology/articles/0,15114,450899,00.html
  14. I thought I saw that ex-Kubelik for sale years ago at Strad Magazines. So, Stern bought it ha? Maybe we'll also have a Strad called ex-Stern; the owner of violins also make the violin great, even if the violin itself is not that great.
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