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    Shar's service has been bad lately

    I guess I fail to see what "fairness" has to do with it. I've been in the service industry enough (i.e. waiting tables!) to know that if I wanted to sell something to make a living (since restaurants generally only pay 50% - yes, that's half - of minimum wage) the responsibility is entirely mine to please the customer. If I didn'tdo a good job, I didn't make the sale. There's nothing fair or unfair about that. Moreover, I've also been told over and over again during training, that an unhappy customer will go away and tell 10 of their friends about the bad experience. This is life - people like to complain. And knowing this, restaurants wanted to make sure that I would give the customers good experiences - and I was just a disposable waitress! getting paid less than minimum wage! I'm not trying to be critical of Shar's management, I just think that anyone trying to make money off me should be subjected to the same scrutiny. Victoria
  2. lagomorphs

    Just got my Shar Super-Light SL200 Case.

    quote: Originally posted by Desert Rat: Jr. High girls routinely carry backpacks all day that weigh multiple times this. Rat Exactly. That's why people want to get lightweight cases. When you have to carry a backpack AND a the end of the day it really kills the shoulders. I know because I am small (5'2"), but my backpack/books/violin don't weight any lighter than anyone else's. Victoria
  3. lagomorphs

    What violin will Elmar Oliviera be playing?

    (sorry for polluting this thread with off topic info) Lagomorphs = hares, rabbits, pikas; members of the order Lagomorpha (originally classified as Rodentia until 1912, when it was recognized that the 2 groups have several distinct features). Vet school is keeping me very busy (I'm taking 25 units this quarter), but everything is going well (apart from not having time to practice violin). I don't think there's a luthier in town - maybe there's one in Sacramento. Ttk, do you know anyone who's taken lessons from Michael Sand? Victoria
  4. lagomorphs

    What violin will Elmar Oliviera be playing?

    Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that the violin was made locally. It was borrowed from Ifshin. I remember having asked Ifshin exactly what it was. If you are really, really, really interested, I'll have to dig it out of my email archive, from my old computer, which is presently 2 hours away. Victoria (btw, it's Lagomorphs, with an L)
  5. lagomorphs

    What violin will Elmar Oliviera be playing?

    I saw him 2 years ago. He was playing a violin from the local shop. I'm not entirely sure why he didn't use one of his own violins. He was very nice backstage. Victoria
  6. lagomorphs

    Stefano Scarampella -- Is This One Real Or A Copy??

    Jeffrey, To my untrained eye, I find the 2 sets of pictures mighty similar. Aside from some [what I would call] minor differences in the shape of the f holes, and the ebay violin having slightly thicker edges, they look just about the same to me. Could you please point out the features of the Scarampella that's exaggerated or smoothed over in the ebay violin? Victoria
  7. lagomorphs

    Handels sonatas

    Rachel Barton has CD with 10 sonatas, and would fall under the classification of a "recent recording." Victoria [This message has been edited by lagomorphs (edited 06-03-2001).]
  8. lagomorphs

    double majors/double degrees

    Just on Monday I was at a concert performed by American Bach Soloist. One of the players played a BEAUTIFUL Bach a minor. I looked at the biography: he graduated with double major from Oberlin (math and music), receiving highest honors in both, and is now at Yale, doing graduate studies in BOTH math and music (studying with Erick Friedman). Talk about overachievement! Victoria
  9. lagomorphs

    Joshua Bell on Performance Today (Feb 27)

    I heard that same program (actually I only heard the end). I know what you mean...there was a little scratchy sound throughout the parts that I heard. It was a little odd, and I wasn't sure if it was just the radio. Victoria
  10. lagomorphs

    What piece are you GOING to be playing next?

    quote: Originally posted by lwl: I'll be performing the Prokofiev #1 with an orchestra later this year, so that'll start becoming a practice priority in a few months. Congratulations on winning the competition! Victoria
  11. lagomorphs

    Problems that musicians do have

    quote: Originally posted by Elaine: Remember that how you say it is *at least* as important as what you say. Elaine Norman, OK To follow up with what Elaine said, the way the criticism is phrased is a "you statement," which is usually perceived as a personal attack. For a "constructive" criticism, try something like "I think it might sound better if we do blah blah. How about we try that and see if anyone else agrees with me." Ok, I know it sounds a little wimpy, but it doesn't usually affend anyone, but you get your point across. Victoria
  12. I don't know if you've checked this already: do you use the plastic tubing that comes with the E string? sometimes that buzzes if it sticks out from the bridge. Also, I've been told that if the violin becomes unglued somewhere, it will buzz at the seam. Victoria
  13. lagomorphs

    Perlman at Stanford University

    I have tickets to his Sacramento recital, but not the Stanford. I have no spares though Victoria
  14. lagomorphs

    praeludium and allegro

    quote: I love that recording! P Me too! Victoria
  15. lagomorphs

    "Possessed Violin" Follow-Up

    I admit that I enjoyed reading it Victoria