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  1. Hi Jon, I used a shoulder rest during the 'learning' years, then didn't use one for about 10 years. I do have a long neck. Now I suffer from a shoulder/neck problem for which I have to see an osteopath. he says I did it to myself(meaning playing music). It won't get better, he can just offer a little relief. So I always recommend a shoulder rest!! VV
  2. Hi, we are 2 violists who would also like more viola discussion. If we hadn't missed the bidding on ebay recently, we would have matching violas. The rosin should go on enough to cover the hairs but not so much as to choke you (a common mistake for beginners). We like a dark rosin. Don't forget to loosen the bow!! VV : I am a beginning violist, and am wondering how much rosin, and type, is appropriate? Also, I have been reading posts on this board for a few days, and am disappointed to not find many posts regarding the viola. Is there somewhere recommended that can give more information for the viola? : Thanks for your help.
  3. Daisy, A lot of people teach for the money!! I teach a full load, have for years, but I consider teaching AND technique an ongoing quest. You have to fight and push to improve, improve, and not get stale. I recently lost a student (after 1 lesson, which was supposed to be enough to prepare her for an audition!!) because the mother wanted her to take from a high school kid; they're more flexible, she says. The child NEEDS lessons. This drives me crazy, I could go on & on (have, haven't I?) V.V. : I have a friend who has decided to start teaching violin lessons to some young students. I've hinted that she shouldn't try it for several reasons. : 1. She has quit taking lessons herself and doesn't practice regularly : 2. She is only 17 and has no experience teaching. : 3. She doesn't play very well and has poor technique (she played Meditation from Thais last year and I must say did a bad job of it - bad rythm, terrible tone.) : 4. The things she does do right, she has no idea how she does them- it just 'works'. : She's doing it because she needs the money (and I can understand that!) but I'm worried for her students. My first teachers were very bad, and were it not for an excellent teacher I stumbled upon, I probably wouldn't be playing. As it was, it took me years to fix all my bad habits. Is the same thing going to happen with my friend's students, or am I overparanoid?
  4. My student has a 14" violin labeled Oskar Hermann Seidel, it is a Stradivarius copy with a 2-piece back. Does anyone know an approximate value for this instrument?? Thanks for your help!
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