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  1. Jascha, May I ask what sort of violin you upgraded from when you decided to get that Sofia? Or is this Sofia your first? Thanks, Greta
  2. I have to say that people should get over the notion of any 3rd party stealing votes from the leading dueling dingbats. The only vote that is truly thrown away is the one not cast. So many complain of choosing between two evils - the only way to change that is to have more than two to choose from! The only way to have more than two to choose from is to not vote for the lesser OR greater of the two evils. Vote for someone else, for a change, for an alternative to the same old thing. There's much wrong in both of the leading political parties and the leaders of those parties are committed to keeping the status quo, their respective powers, despite some archiac, intolerable, unprogressive, 21st century realities. Unfortunately, a viable third party is not yet ready to take on the big bullies. This country was founded on a big experimental risky government, but it's still a living organism and should still be given room to evolve, as the world around it evolves. Happily, I heard one person comment on the situation: how wonderful it is that despite the unknowing, despite the differences of opinions, there are no armies in our streets telling us how we should be handling it. Peace to you all, Greta
  3. There will be good practice sessions and sessions that seem like your fingers are drunk! I had a day like that yesterday but persisted, perhaps a little too much because now the finger tip of my left index finger is sore (but getting better). It will seem like you may not be making progress and then it may seem like you can play anything. While I was teaching myself "Dixie", I did really well in the beginning part. Then, I began to concentrate more on the middle and end - but to my disbelief, I began to stumble through the beginning again, with my fingers, with reading the sheet music, the bow - everything! I still kept playing it through as part of my daily routine and ignored how bad it was sounding. But while "Dixie" was sounding bad, other songs were sounding good. After awhile, I could play "Dixie" flawlessly, beginning to end. I guess some of it has to sink into our subconscious before we can know it well enough. We'll stumble on familiar things and breeze through others and then reverse when we think we should be better. The goal would be to shrink that time between stumble and recovery and maintain our gait consistently. Keep at it! - Greta
  4. Crystal, I was thinking about a Sofia, trying it out for a week as Shar allows, but I don't yet have enough money set aside, even for the lowest priced one. I'm afraid to try any other fiddle because I couldn't stand confirmation of what I suspect is an instrumental deficiency as well. If you do try the Sofia, please let us know which one you try and what you think! - Greta
  5. Irish, The one I found on this site needed a little redirection in the last part. It seems like it was missing a bar (is that the right term? I'm having a memory lapse). Anyway, I just wrote it in myself. I've played it through and sounds much better. -Greta
  6. Would you call me a chicken if I didn't peck out some words to match your feathers and fluff? I just wander around, scratching these posts -where do y'all get this stuff? My momma was a pretty hen My daddy liked to strut I can play a mean ole fiddle and not sound like a duck. - Greta
  7. Thanks ~morten~, I thought it may have been required to spell out "b&n". Crystal, I don't believe there is any video involved, but you might need to have an audio player to hear pieces - something like RealPlayer. There is a companion book too, but that I understand to be optional. (It's a $12.95 paperback, not too pricey!). There is a message board but I don't yet know if there will be any synchronous (sp.?) discussions. I guess I don't know a whole lot about it, do I? - Greta
  8. Hi all, Starting Monday, I'm enrolled in a free online course through Barnes & Noble University on Classical Music. Basically it's a historical look at composers and music. I don't know what kind of quality this course will be, but I'm bound to learn something - at least get a perspective on the composers whose names are flung around here quite confidently. Anyway, just wanted to mention it to folks who might be interested. (Certainly a way to use the computer for more productive pursuits than can be seen by recent cryptic postings here.) This is the link: http://www.bn.com/university - Greta
  9. Hi Callie, Thanks for the site! I printed out a better version of "Danny Boy" than the one I've been playing. The one I was playing was keyed for the piano and sounded OK on the violin, but too low. Also printed out "The Butterfly". I don't know it, but always like to have some new stuff to try out. - Greta
  10. Fubbi, Wouldn't it be nice! I used to wonder years ago why a Classical video channel wasn't started. It would make this genre so much more accessible. I'd even get to know what channel it was (this is a difficult thing for me). - Greta
  11. My TV watching is so limited, I only know what channel the Weather Channel is on! My husband talks about that Direct TV stuff, but I absolutely REFUSE to have it! I can think of better things to do with that additional $60 a month - like put it towards the Violin Upgrade Fund. On the other hand, it's a nice thing to have for those educational shows, like A&E or Discovery. If it wasn't posted last weekend on the Fingerboard, I wouldn't have known to watch Breakfast With the Arts and would have missed the Perlman/DuPre/Mehta, etc. program that was on. Certainly if it was a choice between TV and playing violin - no contest. And most other things too. And when I go on solo vacations, the TV in the motel never goes on - what a pleasure that is! TV content is a whole other issue, but others have spoken to my feelings on the matter. - Greta
  12. Donuel, Glad to hear you and the family are OK, though unnerved by the accident. Best wishes to you and hope to see you back on the Board soon! - Greta
  13. Hi Pole, No, I didn't make it back to that wonderful state! I got layed off from my corporate job in early October and my husband's schedule changed, so between those two things I have been stuck in New Jersey. The only compensation has been that October was a beautiful month here, with glorious changing leaves and brilliant blue skies, although that made me think of NM anyway! Do you go out there often? Hard to get by without seeing it for too long. Ugh! Smiles, Greta
  14. Gotta love that pinkish varnish - must be due to its antiqueness. - Greta
  15. Ann, I've seen several different sides to this issue. Some have postulated that it's not necessary to have finetuners on all the strings, usually just the E, at least as far as the violin. I have 4 fine tuners and have recently had to "unwind" the E. My violin is not heavy at all, which I think someone had mentioned as being a detractor. I must admit that now that I have immersed myself into the stringed instrument genre and seen so many different set up styles, I think visually I prefer the tailpieces with just the E finertuner, and the lighter wood color as opposed to ebony. That's just aesthetics for me. Sometimes it's like my violin is wearing braces with all that little hardware. Someone will no doubt say the sound is what matters most and perhaps that is the ultimate guide. I hope someone of knowledge responds to this post! - Greta
  16. Sebastian, I noticed you hadn't posted recently, especially in the wake of the recent incendiary things on here lately. I too caution you about letting your new job sweep you too far away. Understandably this will be demanding on you, so I suppose leaving the orchestra makes sense, but please don't stop playing, even if only scales. As Yankee Fiddler found, sometimes out of sight is out of mind and how the time flies. You may even find yourself feeling spiritually ill from not playing. I experienced this when I didn't paint for two and half years. May I ask what sort of work you'll be doing and will it fill the need that music demands? - Greta
  17. Iceman, I use Helicores and have been happy with the E, especially after having Dominants. However, I don't play in public so I have no idea how far they, or my violin for that matter, carry. They are nice for fingerwork and sometimes the E is the clearest of all the strings. I only get a screech if I'm not paying attention and snag my bow on the upper corner! - Greta
  18. Well, I did it. I've been thinking about this bow for two months since having tried it and checked Coda's website again - it's actually on sale for $239. I know I'll upgrade the violin later next year, but I just can't stand my cheapo brazilwood anymore! By the way, Coda is knocking about $25-30 dollars off the others too, the Conservatory, etc. (And free 2nd day FedEx shipping!) Cheers all, Greta
  19. Good heavens - I'm glad somebody replied to say this shouldn't be a concern if one plays all the time. It's bad enough of a challenge to play the violin. I can't imagine worrying about worms (yuckyuckyucky) too! Although finding a spider anywhere near my instrument would send me packing! Creeped out, Greta
  20. Thanks for your help Flamenco (love that kind of music too!). Just to be certain I'm understanding, loosen the fine tuner while the string is still wound at the peg? Thanks again, Greta
  21. Ann, Yes I can agree then from that perspective. It goes to show just how many shades of meaning there are in words and the way they're used. But SV is correct in remarking on how many offshoots this has spawned. Let's see if I can locate something relevant to violins... Greta
  22. Crystal, I'd like to tag on to your question, based on the replies thus far: why would a violin not be "set up" properly in the first place? I have a student Meisel, put together in a U.S. workshop, set up according to... what? I too experience a sense of something lacking and it was suggested that I have a luthier look at it and maybe put on a higher bridge. Why would that need to be changed? Does the violin change that much from "birth"? - Greta
  23. With all due respect to those that wear masks, I don't have the need or desire to create another personality to communicate on the Board here. I have enjoyed the various ones displayed, laughed out loud at the wit and wimsy and also have been totally confused by what sometimes seem like contrary responses. I disagree about the realness or lack-of on this Board. In real life, friends and acquaintences can either be upfront about their personalities or hide behind masks and false identities, even to our faces. How we respond is entirely an individual matter. For the thread-that-should-not-be-named, I would not participate in such a thing if it was someone I could see/hear in the flesh and I will certainly not give it credence here. There is music to be played and genuineness to be shared...life is too short to do otherwise. - Greta
  24. I have a "what happens when..." kind of question here. Since the E string needs fine-tuning every time I pull the violin out of the case, the tuner is wound in pretty far, I can't see the threads of the tuner screw. Looking at the top end of the string in the peg box, the string is already wound past the colored portion and it seems like turning the peg any further would cause a break. Should I completely remove the string and start all over, loosening the fine tuner as well? Should I get a new string? I am using Helicores, by the way. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the sound once it's in tune, in fact, it's the only string I consistently play well on! Thanks for any guidance FB folks! - Greta
  25. My thoughts to you echo all of the above. How unfortunate that it takes tragedy to makes things clear. Peace be to you and your family. - Greta
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