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  1. : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : please if there is any smashing pumkins, beatles, pink floyd, or guitar sheet music free on the internet PLeAsE let me know (Email)
  2. : I play the piano, and I don't have Beetoven's Fur Elise. I realy would like to learn it.
  3. : I'm ALSO looking for some free clarinet music on the internet. But I can't find any. I'm really trying to find music that challanges me. if any one finds a web page email me.thanks
  4. The tapes are a useful tool for teaching very young students -- and especially for helping the parents know where to help them place their fingers. If you train the ear of the student while you are getting everything set up and in place, the tapes aren't needed for too long -- with Suzuki, perhaps through the end of book 1. If the ear training is done carefully, I think that the tapes are really more useful for the parents. I think, too, that they can be used to advantage with school music programs when the children start late -- in our system, they don't start until 6th
  5. You can always try putting up posters in music stores. I've seen this done alot, so I would assume it works. Try also phoning some really good private teachers and asking if they have waiting lists for students. It's possible you could teach one of those- at least then you'd have a chance of getting more advanced students.