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  1. Did anybody know anything about the Westminster E-string? What are the best E-string? Michael
  2. What kind of strings are better now? Pirastro Oliv or Pirastro Obligato. Michael
  3. : Do anyone know who is regarded as the best : luthier in the world at this time? There is no contemorary maker around the world, we can call "the best" or the "great one". But I think I can give you a short list, wich are in my opinion first-class violinmakers Italy: Giancarlo Guicciardi, Luca Sbernini, Primo Pistoni, the members of the Morassi-family and Bisolotti-family. a.s.o. The other countrys: Premysl Otakar Spidlen, Prague; Josef Kantuscher, Germany; David Burgess, USA; Curtin & Alf, USA; Samuel Zygmuntovich, USA. And more and more. This are some from a large list, and I am sorry if anybody miss anybody. And also do not forgot the gold- and silvermedal winners from the violinmaking competitions. Michael
  4. : Recently, my wife's grandmother died and we found a : violin that belong to her great, great grandfather. It is : 23 1/2" long and has the inscription in the inside that : reads Joseph Stainer in Absam, prope Oenjponhum 1665 : We do not know anything about it and wonder if anyone : has information regarding this brand. I think you have found one of much fake violins. The real name on the label is "Jacobus Stainer" not Joseph. The name of the town in Austria is right (Absam) But he wrote allways "Absom" (history-spelling) Michael http://www.fineinstruments.com
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