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  1. : my violin keeps bouncing out of tune every time I tune it?
  2. : It may sound stupid questions, but I like to ask about : how one *generally* defines the terms for the violin tone. : Namely, when one says the violin sounds dark, bright, : mellow (or has mellowed out), has edge, flat, etc., : what generally does that mean?
  3. OKay, first of all, this is me, the usual Katie that posts. I've just gotten a new email address. And my question is: What are your favorite Christmas Carols to play on your favorite instrument? I'll get the ball rolling: Hark the Herald Anglels Sing on cello is my favorite, with Silent Night on violin a close second. Looking foreward to your replays, Katie
  4. : There are only "general rules" that apply and your son needs to go to a violin shop or teacher with several violins in the 1/4 to 3/4 size range. Generally 4-7 year olds need 1/4 size, 6-10 year olds need 1/2 size, 9-11 need 3/4 size. Most shops offer full value on trade ups to the next size. : Enjoy! : : : My son is eight years old and wants to play the violin. What size should he start with? 1/2 or 3/4? I've seen people at violin shops measure children's arms to determine the right size of violin to use. How is that done? Thanks from father and son.
  5. : After reading everyone's heart-felt tributes to our dear friend, I sat back and thought. : Only in death do we see what was great that we took for granted in life. : Al's advise will be missed by all. Just his presence on this board will be missed, and already is. : We'll miss you. : Ben
  6. We've got preps, jocks, druggies, just a little bit of everyone in our orchestra. And, miraculously, we all pretty much get along. Except for me and my stand partner. I don't even want to start discussing him, except to say that he's my ex boyfriend and you can cut the tension with a knife. ~Katie
  7. I hear ya, bro! Especailly that thing about people in the back trying to move to the front. When I move from my seat as concertmistress over to 2nd chair cello for a couple of pieces, it's like the whole first violin section is moving!! My stand partner moves over to my seat, and there is a stampede in other people's rush to sit in his seat!! Then, when I return 15 minutes later, everyone has to get all sorted out again!!! I will admit, however, that I used to do the ole' universal "really hard music falling on the floor" trick. Except I really DID know the music. And I know one girl who would sit in all the rest of her classes scratching her neck so that it would leave a mark that looked like she spent HOURS diligently practicing her violin. I'm sure you've never tried any of those tricks, have you? (he, he). Well, those are my thoughts. ~Katie
  8. : I just did a quick search on the geneology site at the Church of Latter Day Saints web site. There was a Greenberry Christmas who was married June 1, 1871 in Carroll MO to a Mary A. Keith. There was also a Greenbary Christmas married 30 Nov 1871 to Martha E Meader, also in Carroll MO. Don't know about violin makers though! : : Has anyone heard of an UNfamous violin maker by the name of Greenberry Christmas? He is my great-great-grandfather and all I know about him is his name and I once got to play one of his violins (It sounded GREAT!!!) Thanks for any info! : : Katie : : P.S. I think he lived in Missouri, or maybe Indiana. Sorry, no more info!!!
  9. Has anyone heard of an UNfamous violin maker by the name of Greenberry Christmas? He is my great-great-grandfather and all I know about him is his name and I once got to play one of his violins (It sounded GREAT!!!) Thanks for any info! Katie P.S. I think he lived in Missouri, or maybe Indiana. Sorry, no more info!!!
  10. : I know that most people that have switch intruments in the orchestra switch from violin to viola. Well instead of switching to Viola I have switched form Violin to Cello. I picked it up very quick and now I take private violin lessons every week and am the first chair cello in my orchestra. To me this proves that anything is possible, don't you think?
  11. : You're also very young and should take the opportunity to explore the world. While it is important that you focus on music if you know it is something you want to do and want to get better at, do not limit your horizons by having tunnel vision and think only "violin violin violin" all the time (although 4 hours a day of thinking that ain't such a bad thing!). Some of the best musicians are those who can draw on their life experience outside of music and relate it to music making. And commiting oneself to a life of music is not such a light decision; I was told that only those who cannot stand a life in another field should go into music. It takes that kind of desire and confidence in one's own ability to make it in the tough world of a professional musician. You have plenty of time to make that decision. Use your dream as a motivating factor but make sure it does not come at the exclusion of growing in other parts of your life, intellectually and emotionally. : I have a quesiton for you: have you gone to any intense summer music camps like Encore or Meadowmount? Going to places like that will really give you a sense of what people your age who are preparing to go to conservatory are like. Best of luck!
  12. I don't hold my bow like that because that's the first thing the books and my teacher said NOT to do when i learned how to play. It's the way small children hold a bow and i don't think you should because it is just plain lazy.
  13. OK. here this is, and I know it sounds stupid, but here goes: Ever since I started playing violin when I was 10, I've wanted to make a career out of it. It's my dream to go to Julliard and hopefully becoe concertmistress of the New York Philharmonic. I know it probably won't happen and I won't get rich that way, but IF it did, I would be thrilled (naturally). Yeah, this is probably the stupid fantasy of a 14 year old average violinist, but my teachers say I have lots of potential. My question is, if I really concentrated HARD on my violin study, is there any chance I could at least be concertmistress of a professional orchestra? (maybe not the Philharmonic). Please comment, thank you. Katie
  14. I just practiced for half an hour using the fist bow hold, and let me tell you, it wasn't pretty!!! Grin. I kept hitting the entirely wrong string, and the bow would go literally 1/2 way out onto the fingerboard. I don't really care how you guys old your bows, but I don't think I'll be doing it that way. P.S> I'm sure this is wrong, but I kind of press my thumb against the silver part of the frog. I've been doing it for years, is that right? It hasn't given me any trouble. Thank you for any comments!!
  15. Wow!! Last year i tried out for the district honors orchestra. Since i wan't as "into" my music as I am now, I didn't even bother to LOOK at the audition music before I stepped into the room for my audition (BADDDDD Idea, kiddos!) but I still got a seat as a second violin. This year, however, I've been working on it with my teacher since I got the music. It's really easy (just a E scale and a C scale and one short little etude), so I'm confidant that I will get a MUCH higher chair this year!!! Grin. I don't think I'll be concertmaster (mistress) of that, since the chair's as good as promised to a friend of mine, but I'm sure i'll at least be first or second stand. Thanks Kreisler13 and everyone else for your wonderful answers to my questions, and wish me luck on my upcoming audition!!!! Katie :-)
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