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  1. We recently purchased a violin from Peter with his new bass bar and really like the clarity of sound and the projection it gives to the violin.
  2. Could someone tell me who publishes the Strictly Strings series... or a mail order company where I can order this material... much appreciated!
  3. : Any information about the bass or its maker would be appreciated. : Laird Allshouse : The label inside: : Ottomar Hausmann : Geigen und Cellobauer : Mittenwald/Karwender : Made in Germany : Handarbeit Last I heard, Otto Hausman was still alive and living in Mittenwald, Germany. He is retired from instrument making (again, so I've been told). I know someone who commissioned a cello from him. He also may have a phone number or fax for Mr. Hausmann. Reply to my e mail address if you want to be put in touch. Kathleen
  4. Try the violas made by Otto Hausman. I tried a smaller one and it had a very nice, full tone. I also played on a costume built violin of his that sounded more like a viola than my 16 1/4" viola! I have been told by a professional collegue that Hausman just retired, but there should still be no problem locating his instruments. He resides in Mittenwald, Germany. Kathleen
  5. Since you are in Ann Arbor, have you tried to get SHAR music catalog to sponser you? It would make a great story for them to run in the catalog (especially some "letters home" that you could write to them for publication talking about the wonderful time you're having). Also churches, Rotary clubs, and other civic organizations often help young students. You should not be afriad of approaching them to ask! The worst that can happen is that they will politely saw no and you are no worse off. Remember, many of these organizations have money to give to worthy causes, they just need to find the "right" cause. Also, if you have a relative or friend in the Shriners, sometimes they can help a "local youth". You might even try your own school or get the local paper to run an article. Or try playing some easy "light classical" pieces (Suzuki books 2 and 3 work well) in a local nice restaurant for tips (put a sign up telling people what the tips are going towards). Good luck! Kathleen
  6. Can anyone help me determine the value of my Collin- Mezin violin? It has a two-piece back of bold flame table:even medium grain varnish:light golden amber brown markings on inside: Ch.J.B. COLLIN-MEZIN 1949 Luthier 30---- GRAND PRIX-Exposition Universelle 1900 PARIS 16'457 (made in France) any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  7. : I am a violist looking for "Weaver's House of Violins". : I know that it is in Maryland somewere near DC, but I not etzactally sure : which town or address. I've searched on the net, but came up negative. PLEASE HELP!!!! : Weaver's House of Violin is located in Bethesda, MD just outside Washington DC. Call info directory for Bethesda at Area Code 301
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