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  1. : : Feast people Feast! : : http://www.amismusicalcircle.com/BR-032p1.htm : : Buh Bye
  2. : : Me too. If you find any let me know too. I'll do likewise. I'm also interested in free classical string quartet arrangements, especially anything at the beginner and intermediate level. : : : : : : Im looking for free string quartet arrangements of modern songs and standard numbers.. If you know of any sites please E-Mail me
  3. HELP!!!!!! If anyone has any info on the 4 seasons by Vivaldi plese could you send it to me because I need lots of useful stuff for a college assignment. THANKYOU VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!!!
  4. : Is Antonio Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" considered : challenging music for someone that's been playing : for three years? hey I don't know but I'm desperate for info on the seasons - no biographies thanx, if you have any useful stuff please email me. Thankyou
  5. I see what you are saying. But I just love the Bruch concerto. On the kol nidre ( I think that's how you spell it) you have to listen to it a few time before you can fall in love with it. Some times it's like that with a piece or composer, it takes listening to it and letting it grow on you before you can like it, and you never know it could end up being your favorite. :-)
  6. Yes I know that is is real. the whole story is true. I just love going to see it, it will make you cry. My favorite is at the end where the soloist sings "The trumpet shall sound". There is nothing like the Messiah!
  7. Could you send me a copy at: Emily Moeller 20 Marvin Street Clinton, NY 13323 I would really appreciate it (if you can send it through email, that would be even better! Thanks!
  8. does anybody know if Franz Gandner, a German violin-maker, makes good quality instruments? please e-mail me if u know something. thanx
  9. I need flute music!! desperatly!!!! solos, chamber music, anything!
  10. I have a violin with a label that reads: Francesco Ruggeri dett il per in Cremona I'anno 16. Made in Germany. Can anyone with knowlede of labels help out as of the history or date of a violin with such a label. I know that labels aren't dependable..and I know that this CAN'T be a Ruggieri, but when were there copy's made in Germany and by whom...Any help would be appreciated, even if you could just point me to a source..you may email me directly or post here..thanks!
  11. i am a high school student, and a former violinist taught by two of the most wonderful Suzuki violin teachers on the east coat, if no the world. in three years i went from twinkle, twinkle to La Folia, one of the first songs i ever heard preformed by a Suzuki student, and the song that i made to be my goal as a musician. I also became a violin tutor for young children in my school district as well as some friends, after long hours of watching my teachers. i even had aspirations of becoming a Suzuki teacher, but i gave it all up, but that is a long and stupid story. i just wish that i coul