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  1. : One of the best ways to prepare auditions is to tape yourself. Or even better to record on a VCR.
  2. Quick question: is there a way to repair a twisted bow? It's a German brazilwood, for cca 180$
  3. Very interesting project! As far as I know there is no general theory of fingering and no optimal solution therefore it is even more challenging. Possibly interesting links are: http://n.ethz.ch/student/martense/Software.htm (I think there is no any algorithm in it) other for guitar, but more interesting: http://www.nici.kun.nl/Projects/p77/index.html
  4. Ghostview, ghostscript (the files with the .ps extensions). It is also free. http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/ PMX/MusicTeX is to write scores, that is also available at http://www.gmd.de/Misc/Music/
  5. Against most of the people on the board, I say you cant be anything if you try it hard, but frustrated. Explore your abilities and never think that revard of hard work is success in carrier. However, life can give even better chances than be the first violinist somewhere in a good orchestra. Learning music you can earn much more than carrier. And that is the ONLY important. Do you think that people choose to be a priest because they want to be the Pope? And are they disappointed because they can't make miracles and will not be saints? I wish I could play the Ciaconna at least in a closed room where nobody can hear me. That would be enough for me for my life. Although it is still ten years until I can do it - if I ever can, practicing hard.
  6. The URl is http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?V...&item=192355503
  7. : : Anyone see this and thoughts alongside????
  8. : Some friends get together with their guitars and just play songs and if I try to play along on my violin I just feel stupid! How do I learn to do this? It's a pity that nowadays imporvisation is rarely teached in music schools, although in Mozart's era it was almost compulsory. The way can be this - although there is no perfect way: try simple patterns first, but play them correctly (ie three notes only). The pentatonic scale can help you, for example decide that you will play ONLY pentatonic at the first part of the jam. Later you can play more complex patterns, but never think about notes-after-notes improvisation (anyway do not think anything although it sounds silly), players usually play patterns. Avoiding tension is important not only in your hands, but in your mind as well. If you inforce to "invent" new tunes, you will sweat only not play. Other option: try to sing instead of playing (or parallel play and sing if you can do it). Ask your friends to play simple tunes (ie blues) when you do not have to concentrate on complex harmonics. When somebody else is playing solo, try to follow it with a very simple continuo-like silent line. For further improvement there are CDs without solo (only bass, percussion, piano) you can practice with usually for guitarists but one can use them for violin too. Szilva
  9. Thanks, I am asking just because I have an old fiddle from my friend's Granddad with label Berg.., well, yes Bergmann! :-). The only thing I found strange that there are photos about most of the best violins and quite a few musicians plays on Bergonzi (now I made a better search on the net) but no Bergonzi pictures/reviews. Szilva
  10. I can read "a lot" about Ceruti, Tononi, etc, but nothing about Bergonzi. As far as I know, he was one of the best after (among) Strad and Guarnieri, but made few instruments, or only few survived. Are all Bergonzis in private collections by now, or they went out of style?
  11. Well... I think I will not by an other violin in the next ten years, it is better not to temptate myself. Imagine the worst: she recommends a nice recording with that violin and I find the sound just perfect for me! It would be a catastrophe ;-)
  12. As I see (although I am really not an expert) all of the violins by becky95 are pretty with good photos, detailed descriptions, etc. Unfortunatelly there is no way to check the sound ...
  13. At the beginning it is better to use it, especially if you do not have a very short neck. After ten years you can play without any rests (IMHO). A good compromise can be the Playonair. Hundred years ago nobody used even chinrest. But violin playing is not easy, with accessories that makes it easier you can concentrate on playing - leaving the rest later.
  14. : What are the best violin magazines? Ie "The Strad" is a nice one (http://www.orphpl.com/strad.htm).
  15. See URL below ;-) Maestronet Guide
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