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  1. Journey, this is indeed the tune. You probably already know of this, but here's another site with one of those MIDI things (in the unlikely event there is a tune you don't yet know...) Simon, Ideally, I was interested in hearing this tune played by someone, and your reference lists it (although titled "Brennans") on two LP's I own. The Fiddler's Companion site is really astonishing! I had no idea something like this existed -- such a profusion of detail. Thanks to all who replied. Much appreciated!
  2. I am trying to locate a recording -- album, CD, anything -- of a reel called "the Silver Spire". Can anyone please refer me to a source? And, is this tune also known by a different name? Any help would be very gratefully received. Thank you.
  3. Mark_W Great photograph!! Thanks very much. Tom Blatz I was not able to open this successfully, receiving instead a message to the effect, "this page not available". But, thank you for replying and the reference.
  4. Thank you all for replying. 2Violet, this is exactly what I was looking for. Mark_W, your explanation makes good sense. If this is indeed the reason, makers are more hidebound than customers or players -- I'd love to have a scroll like this on my violin, and wouldn't be the least concerned with the instrument being historically correct. A photograph doesn't do it justice, but that extra turn really draws and intrigues the eye.
  5. Can anyone tell me where I could find a picture of a Maggini-type scroll (has an extra "turn")? I would be interested in a drawing, or a link to a photograph. Any help would be very gratefully received. I recall reading in an archived post that a fair number of German trade violins were made with this extra turn in the scroll, around 1900. On the one violin I actually saw with this feature, I found it a very appealing touch, and I wonder why it is seemingly so rare to see a modern violin with this type of scroll. Anyone know?
  6. Hawaiian slack-key guitar instrumentals, or the Erhu.
  7. I have a violin that I am very fond of for two characteristics -- very responsive and great projection -- but I'm not wild about the tone, which I can only describe as "sharp", or "bright". I've had a luthier make several adjustments to the placement of the sound-post, which has helped some. I'm wondering if a different type or particular brand of strings might make this instrument sound more mellow or dark. I have tried Dominant strings with a Piastro Gold E, and a set of Dogal strings, but these haven't done the trick either. Can someone please suggest or recommend a string that might improve the tone of my violin?