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  1. Try Vitali Imports in California ...Really nice and pretty much ready to varnish. Go with the better grade violin. george
  2. : where in australia can I buy finger planes? These just went up for bid on Ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?V...&item=217625225 finger planes
  3. There seems to be a lot of concern about the wood being used in modern Chinese instruments and how long it has been aged before use. I also have this concern. The question I have is about the practices of the European makers of the 19th and early 20th century. I have had the opportunity to see and own a lot of these great and not so great old instruments. I have had Roths, Juzeks, Fischers, Siedls and a bunch of other "good" quality instruments. I have had decent instruments from Germany , France , the US and Czechoslovakia. A lot of these instruments are loaded with old repairs. Top and back cracks and plates that have shrunken to the point of barely overlaping the ribs. A lot of the repairs to these violins were done years ago (according to the repair labels in some of the instruments) which made them fairly new instruments when they cracked. I have also seen instruments from Italy, France, Germany and Eastern Europe made in the last 30 years with cracked and shrunken tops. I'm not trying to defend any one countries instruments, but I would like to hear the experts views on this subject. george
  4. A very good book is available from International Violin Co. It is by H.S.wake and covers bow rehair and repair. All the tooling is covered, including plans for a bow rehair jig. http://www.internationalviolin.com george
  5. My friend still uses them and places them under the purfling. george
  6. Maybe I just didn't let them break in ...But I don't know if I could have taken the sound any more. As for the Obligatos, they were the best sounding string that I have ever used. But to have the "a" string let go after a couple days is unacceptable for strings that are that expensive. thanks for your response...george
  7. After having Corelli Crystals on my violin for two days I just couldn't stand the sound any more. Maybe I took them off prematurely, but they just didn't seem like they were improving at all. My bow seemed as if it had hardly any rosin on it, but it did. Scratchy weak sounding. Well I put a set of John Pearse Artistes on and the sound immediately improved. I had a set of Obligatos on it, but the "a" string broke after a few days. And I really liked the sound of the Obligatos. Anybody else have any experience with the Corelli Crystals??? george
  8. I have bought the e strings from Music City Strings, so they may sell the complete line. george
  9. Thanks for all the information..that always puzzled me. The violin is awesome and it seems like a violin of this quality had to be built in perfect enviroment. george
  10. Al, I have a 1942, Juzek Master Art Copy of a Joseph Guanerius, made in Prague. Were they producing these violins in the midst of WWII? Was Prague occupied at this time by the Germans? Just wondering. george
  11. Maybe you can contact Lewis and Sons..I am sure that they are still in business and could tell you. I think Al is right on the mark though. Most of the Lewis instruments that I have seen have been factory made. I had a beautiful (1911) Lewis instrument that needed a little work. When we took off the top we found out that it didn't have blocks in the top and the bottom blocks were fake. The Lewis label was overtop of another German label, which was a pretty common practice. I am sure that the Lewis Company has sold some very high quality instruments also. george
  12. The gap between the drill tip and the end of the dow should be the amount of wood that you want remaining. You can make a step wedge out of a piece of wood or aluminum. It is a gauge that looks like steps. starting at the smallest measurement increasing by steps to the largest. Such as 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm etc...Use it like a feelers gauge between the drill bit and dowel. Then drill the desired depth according to your pattern. This will act as as a guide as to how much wood to remove. george
  13. If it is only warped under tension, it may be caused by the hair not being even in the tip mortice. This causes the hair to be shorter on one side of the bow, resulting in a sideway torque on the stick. Take it back and have it corrected. george
  14. I have seen an ebony inlay separating the ribs on the bottom by as much as two inches. I think that this was done when the instrument was made. I also have seen this done to violins.
  15. I like Strings, Strad and Fiddler Magazines. The Strad posters are great! The music in Strings and Strad is usually a little on the difficult side and is for the seasoned player. The articles are great though. Fiddler's magazine covers all styles of fiddling and always have some great tunes to play. geo.
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