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    I have been playing the christmas song, o little town of bethlehem, my mom says when I get to " Beth-Le-Hem part (in the first part of the song) that it gets flat. I am playing from a piano book. are the notes of the song different for the violin? or can I adapt the piano book for my violin? Is there any online free music for this song do you know?
  2. I have been teaching myself. My favorite book is "String tunes" A very beginning solo songbook for violin, came with a cd, so it helped me with the timing. The co. that puts it out is Belwin. I also got the video Mel Bay's Anyone can play violin.
  3. I wear hearing aids, I am profoundly deaf without them. See if you can try non digital hearing aids for a day or so to see if it is better. The sounds are artificial, everytime I pick up my violin it sounds out of tune to me so I adjust the fine tuners them my mom complains it sounds aweful, so with her help I have to re tune it, but the next time I pick it up I mess with the tuners because to ME ONLY it sounds out of tune. I hear background noises above everything else. I was 12 when I got my first hearing aid after years of being hard of hearing without anyone knowing I couldn't hear. I had taught myself to read lips. When I got my hearing aids I heard things I had never really heard before like music. Before then I would turn the radio full blast and press my ear up to the speaker and try to listen, words were mumbled in songs and I never knew instruments sounded different from each other. It was not until I saw the movie Music of the Heart that I heard a violin. So thats when I decided I wanted to try it since it sounded good to me. I am doing good with the violin, bad with the tuning and how it sounds when I play when it is out of sound. Hearing aids are good,but it will take time to adjust to them.
  4. I have 2 kinds of shoulder rests, the 1st is a padded one that was fitted especially for my violin, the 2nd is a piece of foam. I like both. I tried not using one but it was too painful for me. So now I always use one. My violin does sound better without one but I can't play for more than a minute or 2, so I have to use it.
  5. I got the bridge back on and tuned the violin an it sound better than it did before the bridge fell off.
  6. My new G string only today in the last half hour is popping the bridge off, it was working fine just until a few minutes ago. Help!!!! I have another new bridge should I change it? This one is fairly new and unused.
  7. I am 4 foot 11 almost 5 feet. My hands are small and my left hand even though I am left handed is weaker than my right, but I seem to be learning to play the violin anyway. If anyone told me I couldn't play then I would just prove them wrong.
  8. I saw some really cute mini violins on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?V...&item=466270038. Does anyone collect minitures? Where would they be displayed in a curio cabinet, with dolls, bears? Does anyone know if there is a place that sells kitchen decor with a violin theme? How about bedroom theme?
  9. out here in calif, any musician can go out to venice beach or any board walk or pier, get out their instrument, open the case and start playing. You wouldn't famous that way but I think it would be a fun way to get some pocket change. Kinda like getting paid to practice.
  10. Does anyone depend on the vibrations of the violin to tell if you are playing right? I am deaf and sometimes practice with out my hearing aids, when I have no hearing aids on I can only hear the violin a tiny bit and depend on vibrations. When I wear my hearing aids I am just hard of hearing and can hear the violin. After I learn a song, I try it without my hearing aids. my mother claims I have a much richer sound and play better when I play just by vibrations with out the hearing aids. Does anyone else play by vibration? Also how ofter does strings need changing? does it help to change them before they break or should I wait? How can you tell when they are close to braking. My D string seems to vibrate more than it used to. All the others seem normal.
  11. I live in a house, I stop around 11:30 because My mom and brother go to bed. Plus my neighbors go to bed. There are new babies in the neighborhood like 2-3 weeks old so I don't want to disturb them, but they live accross the street.
  12. how late does anyone practice? The latest for me is ending at 11:30 pm, but I am not sure if it is too late because of the noise and not disturb neighbors. I also like to practice outside during the day. since I do not work right now I spend most of the day the past 2 days practicing. Does anyone know the noise level of violins and how far they can be heard either inside thru the walls to the neighbors houses or outside down the street and into the neighbors walls?
  13. I got my first violin on july 30th and started playing august 5th of this year, around august 20 something 2 of my strings broke and I was without a way of getting new strings 2 days ago. I got better strings, and now am playing again after almost 2 months without playing. What is weird is that I am so much better and am playing as if I had been playing for a much longer time and practicing for a long time. I am looking for free downloadable music, either midi or quick time, and gifs so I can see it and pring it out. I really would like to know if there is Bach Menuet 1 for download both gif and midi files anyone know?? Has anyone here picked up the violin fast? without practicing? This is totally strange. I have never heard of this before.
  14. my soulder rest keeps falling off, is there any special way to keep it on? Also where on the shoulder is the houlder rest actually supposed to lay? because sometimes I cannot play long due to my chin/jaw being so uncomfortable. I figured that maybe the shoulder rest is in the wrong place. I am not sure.
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