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  1. Thanks FiddleDoug!! I will try that... Could not one also mix a solution of sulphur liquid of some kind and use that instead of an egg yolk? Thanks to all who answered my question..
  2. Ok, I know how to tell nickel from silver on a bow if it hasn't been cleaned. Nickel is sickly green looking color and silver is black.. But how do you tell what it is if it is freshly polished?? Is there some kind of test ( such as a chemical of some kind to apply to it) or any other way to tell?? Inquiring minds want to know.. Thanks for all input..
  3. She comes to the Harrison fiddlers convention just about every year...Interesting to watch and listen to for sure...I just hope I can still pull a bow when I get that age... Lonnie..
  4. I got to jam on that fiddle a few years ago!!! One sweet fiddle, and I can say it absolutely has no problem projecting!!!!!
  5. Yes, it has a label in it...When I first aquired it, I didn't notice it for a while because it is nearly in the middle of the fiddle...Upon closer inspection; lo and behold, there it was!!! Badly faded and barely ledgeable...But as everyone knows; labels are just that, labels...I have no illusions as to what it is or isn't...To me, just a pretty good ol' fiddle soundwise...(Not great sounding just above average)...I'm not gonna make it my regular player just yet... As to what is on the label; in the spritit of Omobono, let's wait a bit and let everybody that wants to chime in do so...
  6. Hey I just noticed that I am a "senior member" now...How cool is that??? Took ten years to do it but I got 'er done....(whew)!!!!
  7. Right again Lyndon...The "little yellow label" was definitly put in at a later date..As an inventory number or such...Thanks for all your interest...
  8. You are right Lyndon, it doesn't look to my eye to have been antiqued...The wear looks to be real..And yes, it has been renecked with the scroll grafted on...
  9. I can't figure out how to make them bigger...
  10. Oh ok, sorry 'bout that...While it wasn't the intent of my original post, it might be fun to see what everyone thinks about it...Kinda like Omobono used to do; keep everybody guessin'
  11. Hey!!! How 'bout that?? It worked!!! First picture I ever posted on Maestonet...(I think).. Anyways, as you can see the lighting I have isn't all that good and doesn't show the true colors of the paper...It is a medium yellow color and slick and shiney for lack of a better description...
  12. Ok, I'll try it....Be forwarned, my picture taking skills are limited.... Seems my picture posting skills are limited also...
  13. Thanks for the replies guys...This is definately not a student instrument and it is fairly old..It has been renecked and is fully lined and blocked...It's not in real good health and has several issues...I was aware that certain violin houses used a numbering system in the fiddles that would pass thru their hands but was wondering if there is a data base of the numbers out there some where...I've tried my google-fu and I've come up empty handed ....Anymore takers??? Thanks..
  14. I've aquired a fiddle that has an added label with a five digit number on it...It is in the treble side of the instrument...It's much smaller than the label with the makers name on it...It is plain to see that it is of modern origin being as how it is a shiny label with type written numbers..My question is; does any one know which violin companys in the past used these labels to identify their instruments??? Also, if anyone does, is there a way to find out what exactly what these numbers refer to??? All help appreciated..
  15. Thanks guys for all the pictures and tips (pun intended)... I'll be trying the vinegar suggestion and I'm gonna make a jig or two...Regards, Lonnie..
  16. So how does one "bend" the tip liner to the curve of the tip??? Is there some way to soften the bone (or ivory) so that it takes the shape of the tip???Is it done by heat??? Steam maybe??? I understand that one would need a jig to do this but how do you go about retaining the curve after the clamp pressure is released??? Regards, Lonnie..
  17. quote: Originally posted by: sreizes Nancy, I only heard of the John Pearse strings recently - what kind of tonal response do they have? ie - dark, bright; warm, clear etc? I tried the John Pearse in the past and thought they were a great sounding string (the Artise)... The only gripe I had with them was that the wrapping would start to seperate where the string broke over the bridge angle...It's not a bridge problem either because any other wrapped string would not do this...I mostly use D'Addario now and I'm itching to try the new Zyex strings...As for the Artise strings, I too thought they had a warm, clear sound...Lonnie...
  18. I thought it was rather humorous.......Come to think of it; I think it's just downright hilarious!!!! Ok, what ever, different strokes for different folks.....
  19. Kelvin, haven't seen you around these parts in quite awhile...Good to see you back...
  20. Wasn't Michael gonna publish a "how to" book on bridge cutting a while back?? Has anybody heard anymore about that from Michael?? If I remember correctly, it was going to cover all the ins and outs of the process concerning tuning and such...I for one would gladly welcome something like that...Regards, Lonnie..
  21. Joe, it's on there, 'cause I just read it an hour or so ago!!! Seems that the main link isn't up yet but I got to it through another link some way some how....Great read by the way..Regards, Lonnie.. quote: Originally posted by: joerobson Oops. Sorry this is not yet available! I'll let you know when it is. My apologies. On we go. Joe
  22. Anybody got anything about this maker???Just aquired a few of his fiddles...Some of them looks ok and some looks so-so...Would appreciate any info on him or his violins...Thanks, Lonnie...
  23. quote: Originally posted by: NewNewbieI don't see why everyone is complaining, at least she is wearing a G-String ..... or is that a D-String?
  24. quote: Originally posted by: matzstudio i don´t believe this bid to be serious. it´s fake i guess, likely put up by a seller´s second account just to draw attention and such. Exactly my thoughts too!!!!!
  25. Nah....That's not David, he's too busy looking for his sheep!!!
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