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  1. I can't find much information on a maker Natale Novelli who supposedly studied with Pedrazzini. I'm considering an instrument that is made by him and wanted to find out more information as I'm unable to come up with much.
  2. I've seen other reputable companies on there too, like Kolstein and some of those who frequent this board. I guess there are a lot of horror stories, but typically the more reputable companies could probably be trusted, especially if they have some kind of guarantee. : I have noticed, like most of you, that eBay is notorious for trashy instruments, but I recently noticed a StringWorks crescendo viola for sale there, and I was wondering what quality instrument a crescendo viola is ? On a scale of one to ten, if you have dealt with this type of instrument or played it, what would you give it? Thanks, Diane
  3. The notches also fix the acceptable bridge position, which determines the exact intonation. Changes in the bridge or string type seem to have some impact on this from different string response or from string height changes. Fun instruments! : The fret thread reminds me, how do viola da gamba people deal with frets? Don't they have to tie and position their own gut frets on the neck and fingerboard of their gamba? Isn't this a lot of hassle?
  4. : I wonder if there would be any revelaions on the acoustics of bows if someone tried a small pick-up on the frog and recorded the vibrations?
  5. I'm looking to find Sergio Assad's classical guitar transcription of Oblivion Soave (by Monteverde) which he performs on Dawn Upshaw's "White Moon" cd. Supposedly not in print. Any leads? Any talented transcribers out there?
  6. As a novice fiddle player of four years, who has gone through three fiddle teachers, I have learned the difference between fiddles and violins in the South. Violins have strings; fiddles have "straangs."
  7. : : I NeeD SomE AltO SaX SheeT MusiC!! : : -PleasE HelP : : -Johnathan D'Gangi If you can i would really like happy birthday
  8. Looking for any info on Skynard dates in the Va. Beach or Richmond Va. area. Thanks in advance.
  9. If you are a violinist in the Dallas area and would consider playing violin/cello duets or piano trios (a friend of mine is an awesome pianist!) please answer with email, or email me. Depending on how it works out, we could gig also. Great Page by the way. Sure beats the cello board, although that should be fixed soon. Thanks! Steve
  10. An old sailor once told me. "son no matter how much you paint and primp on an old worn out boat, gold plated dogcrap is still dogcrap."
  11. : : I want to learn piano notes for k-ci and jojo and other modern songs that us teens like
  12. : : : : Kid, can you send me the sheet music to All My Life? steve_veloz@hotmail.com
  13. : : : : Kid, can you send me the sheet music to All My Life?
  14. Thanks very much. Al & Mick. My violins seem to be lower than 27mm, maybe 25mm. Does it mean that I have to reset the neck angle? How about 3/4 size? Thanks again. : : Hi Steve: Normal extension of the fingerboard is 27 mm. It can be higher for stronger sound, lower for sweeter sound, a range from 25 to 31 mm. The string height from the fingerboard is 3 mm. for "E", 4 mm. for "G" in most cases. Professionals like the strings higher, say 4 for the "E" and 5.5 for the "G." Personal taste and needs determines string height. : Regards, : Al
  15. I wish someone could advise me the height of the fingerboard with and without string. I mean from the angle of fingerboard to the ff's notch. Thanks very much.
  16. I wish someone could enlighten me on this maker. What's it worth?. Thanks very much
  17. : : Kid, can you send me the sheet music to All My Life?
  18. My 16 year old son is wanting to take violin or viola lessons. What are the differences between a violin and a viola other than size and sound? And if he begins playing one instrument how difficult is it to switch? Is fingering and bow techniques, etc. the same in both instruments? Thanks for your time.
  19. : : : : : : Sorry to bother you. this must be weird, but I'm : : : looking for fiona apple sheet music too. I was : : : wondering if you ever found any, and if so, where. : : : Thanks, : : : Andrew Simpson : : To Anyone who could tell me where to find fiona apple sheet music- i would be ever so grateful!!!!!!! It's really important! Thanks for your time!!! PLEASE e-mail me to let if know if or where you found some!!!! : : love & peace, : : lindsey-nicole : Desperately need Fiona Apple sheet music!! Is there any out there. Please let me know ASAP!! Thanks! - Jessy O.
  20. Go to ebay, item # 47140846. Hopfully the picture is still there, you will laugh your ass off. steve
  21. I would like to hear from anyone whom has a Thomas Hesketh violin.
  22. if ya find the chords to rod stewart 'the killing of george' then i would really appreciate the site you got it from. thanx - steve
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