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  1. Thanks again guys, I knew someone here would be able to help me out. I know Curtis' requirements, and I have started on some of it just recently. I am from Manitoba, Vieuxtemps, are you still living in canada? I'm doing alright here, but i haven't been exposed to really huge competition yet. I am sure auditions will be an eye opener for me. Hey, I have another question if you all don't mind. Would Lalo's Symphonie Espagnole be considered a concerto? (for audition purposes) It seems to just be a concerto, under a different name...
  2. Thanks guys, that helps a lot. It's hard for me to just pop into Juilliard to meet the teachers, because I live in Canada, but this summer I will be attending the morningside music bridge in calgary, and hopefully i'll get a chance to play for and meet sally thomas. thanks again.
  3. I don't know if anyone can help me, but Juilliard's website has not been working since summer for me, and I would really like to know what their audition requirements are. I'm in gr 11 right now, and I hope to audition next year, so I'm starting to plan my repertoire ahead. thanks a ton
  4. Keep in mind that 3 months of practicing improper bowing and developing bad habits won't help you much. Since you can't get a teacher right now, try to get as many books with pictures and videos of great violinists playing, to make sure that what you're putting all this effort into isn't something that you'll have to change completely later. A lot of libraries carry them. Good luck
  5. Hi Elissa, I'm with the suck-it-up-and-play-every-chance-you-get crowd. But what helps me perform is to shut out everyone and just focus on the music, on the phrasing, and what it is that i want express by playing each note. I don't think the nerves will go away, but you'll learn to deal with them. I'm 16 too, and I'm still on my way to giving a comfortable performance. and if all else fails, eat a banana
  6. Thanks, Toscha! Yes, I have 2 recordings of Legende with orchestra: Perlman and Mutter. If you have any other suggestions, I would appreciate it.
  7. This fall I'll be playing Wieniawski's Legende with an orchestra. I'm really excited, but nervous too, it's my first time playing with a professional orchestra! wish me luck
  8. As a "young" student, when I see an adult giving a performance at a student concert, I don't think of it as silly or inapropriate. I have respect for anyone who is brave enough to get up on stage, so go for it, everyone!
  9. Fiddlefaddle, I totally understand how you feel and I have to agree with MuOn, just practice open strings in front of a mirror, and get used to how it FEELS to play really straight. Then start applying it to things like Kreutzer#2, just playing long bows and then it'll just become natural over time. Just don't give up!
  10. Hi, I haven't heard the recording, but I saw Pinchas Zuckerman perform the Four Seasons with the National Arts Orchestra of Canada, and he was great, it was a really good performance. So maybe you could try the recording. -Natalia
  11. If it's the beef commercial that I'm thinking of then 454's right, that is Copland. -Natalia
  12. i don't think that HKV is saying that all non-asians play with a lot of personality either, though..
  13. HKV, what you said makes a lot of sense, because when I think about it, of all the violinists that I really love listening to, most are non-asian, like Itzhak Perlman. But then I can't neglect someone who I heard play at a summer festival this year, who played with so much character and love and oomph, that had me holding my breath every time i watched and heard him play.
  14. I attended a music festival where I met violinists from all over Canada and someone I met really helped me out with starting to reconstruct my bow arm, which i felt wasn't anywhere near perfect. I progressed more in that week with his, and other's, help than I have in the past year with my teacher. Plus, being around a lot of advanced musicians really improved my own practice habits.
  15. I agree that a lot of asian violinists' playing may lack personality, but there are many whose playing i admire, like sarah chang. but i agree with what you wrote. ps-how's the finger?