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  1. How long have you been playing? If you have been with out a teacher I would very stongly recomend you getting one. Your technique could be off and you would not even know it, and could cause problems. When I had a bad teacher and she taught me bad technique it litteraly took me years to get my technique to where it should be. It is very hard to change when you have been doing some thing wrong all along. Good luck Ken!
  2. Hey there, Super Celeb & 2 COOL Music Homepage will be giving (1) group it's own FAN CLUB w/ newsletter, web-page etc. Go to the 2 COOL Music homepage for more info & to enter your band! 2 COOL Music Homepage
  3. : I am looking for arrangements of Jewish or Israeli music to be played as a cello solo (with or without piano accompaniment). My son is interested in learning some for a concert. He is able to play pieces of intermediate difficulty. Perhaps you should take a look at Prayer "From Jewish Life" No.1 by Ernest Bloch. Prayer is the first of three sketches for cello and piano. A student performed this piece at a concert at my high school and she won rave reviews. I personally loved it and was entranced by the soaring melody. Good luck with your search!
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