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  1. Just to add a bit more support to the gray market theory.... I bought some Vision Titanium Solos on ebay from a "small-time" seller (7 feedbacks) at less than half the normal retail price. The strings arrived quickly, in original packing, and look ok from the string color charts. Ebay indicated the seller was in the LA region, but the invoice and USPS return address were for Shar Music in Ann Arbor.
  2. Back has interesting "squared" arching and two pieces. Does that arching ever produce a good sound? (Not a rhetorical question, just curious.) FWIW I read the label as "Georg Kloz," which seems to be a French spelling. ??
  3. So, walnut is darker than willow linings, and it's cut to show longitudinal striations?
  4. Also, although some folks here have doubted the value of Ehrhardt's "Violin Identification and Price Guide," his Volume 3, page 41 lists a 1721 Maussiell with the Lyon & Healy catalogue number 5247, for sale in 1919 for $125. Bingo?
  5. I like it, despite the condition issues. Even the label -- with the correct spelling, unlike this discussion title -- is consistent with the real thing. From the change in flaming from the neck to the head, can we assume the head is grafted onto a new neck? Hopefully one of our German experts will weigh in and relieve me of my delusions.
  6. This is an example offered last year here on MN: . Your scroll side view photo looks good. Can you try to match these front/back photos?
  7. Richf

    Biggest cello????

    Welcome back, Jacob! You have been missed. Richard
  8. You can tell if it’s a Master Art” model when the label says “Master Art” — assuming the label is not bogus.
  9. Actually, I can make out three dots. The two you are probably referencing on the button (part of a repair). And one just below the button along side the center seam, which is probably matched by a 4th, at the bottom of the back. Those last two may indicate something about origins, but you will need the experts here to weigh in. Also, maybe I'm just seeing spots, but are there also dots in the corners of the backside? That might suggest some time in the tropics. ??? It's a very pretty cello.
  10. Richf

    Violin query
  11. According to NPR this morning, the Kennedy Center has walked back its decision to end all pay to its orchestra members and pocket all the federal relief money. In negotiations, orchestra has agreed to a 50% cut in salaries. Seems to be a much more sensible solution in this environment.
  12. Before you give up, invest in a $5 blue-light led flashlight. It's amazing what those things can pick up on old labels and such.
  13. I believe the orchestra has a good case against the management of the Kennedy Center. The Congress appropriated that $25 million to go to employees to help them through this crisis. Period. There is a Congressional panel to be convened to oversee this type of management cheating. From our 2008 experience, it was widely anticipated that the management of big corporations would try to grab this worker relief for themselves. Very sad to see a non-profit that has benefited so much from public and government support for its existence and operations acting the same way.
  14. Richf

    ebay violin

    Nice one-piece top. I wonder, is that the preferred orientation of ring pattern: widest rings on the bass side going to smallest on the treble side?
  15. Just to be clear, the "If it's been relisted" comment refers to the "Pfretz" bow, not the "Sartory," right? The seller of the Sartory did cancel his/her auction within hours of the initial listing, but he/she quickly reposted it with more photos in response to all questions coming in.