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  1. Richf

    Mittenwald Violin ID

    FWIW, my recollection from visiting the fascinating archaeological museum in Bolzano (where Otzi resides) is that a DNA analysis indicated his closest living relatives would be from Sardinia.
  2. Richf

    Honore Derazey

    FWIW. By coincidence, I just now saw this on Antiques Roadshow:
  3. Richf

    French Cornerblockology

  4. Richf

    French Cornerblockology

    Very nice work, Jacob, as expected. Does the last owner get right of first refusal? This is the "supposed Derazey." Since your request here for help in identification, have you been able to get a better idea of the actual age, school, or maker? Also, just to avoid confusion, there was never a suggestion that your newly restored violin was built using the "french cornerblockology" that started this discussion, right? Richard
  5. Richf

    Vuillaume Authenticity

    Actually, it has been Donald Cohen who has continued to assemble the auction results and publish the Red Book. I believe Donald also supplies the auction prices available online from Tarisio. The last edition he published was the 2012 (with prices thru 2011). I hope Donald will continue this important work!
  6. Richf

    Bow ID

    CAHM --- Carl Adolf Hoyer Markneukirchen? Trademark seen on trade bows from the Hoyer firm.
  7. Richf

    Martin Mathias Fichtl Vienna, Large Cello

    My old cello has a pencil note inside from a 1900 restoration stating something like "I did not cut down this cello." I had never really been able to see any indication that it had indeed been altered. But this thread got me thinking again about how one might accomplish that, covering up evidence of the change at least to the untrained eye. Looking more closely now, I think I see signs of half-edging on the upper bout, front and back. (After a couple hundred years of dinged edges, it's hard to be super sure.) I don't see any similar evidence of half-edging on the middle or lower bouts.) In cutting down the upper bout, is that something you would do to get enough thickness to a recreate the purfling channel and purfling? Maybe as further evidence of that change in contour, I don't think the upper and lower bout purflings match. I'm sure there could be lots of other reasons for what I think I'm seeing. But, could I be on the right track???????
  8. Richf

    Upper Nut hangs over pegbox

    Actually, I think I misunderstood the problem. I was thinking that the nut extended back, over the open space of the pegbox. But with your comment, Jackson, and looking again at the photos, I now see that the complaint is that the nut is too wide -- wider than the fingerboard. My questions about the string angle over the nut are not relevant here. Richard
  9. Richf

    Upper Nut hangs over pegbox

    Should there be any concerns about this nut overlap other than just not looking very tidy? In particular, could there be any consequences for sound due to the strings (especially G and E) crossing the nut at a sharper angle, or maybe due the strings being dampened by a thicker nut? Richard
  10. Richf

    Strad Identification

    At your leisure, Glenn, could you elaborate a bit more on the double case 3D14? Eg, where you found it? nationality? provenance? It' a beauty! Richard
  11. Richf

    Stradivarius violin
  12. Richf


    Just for the record, that eagle/flag "painting" is actually just a decal.
  13. Richf

    What is this?

    Nope, no tapered hole in the thick end, Conner. As for adding dimensions, Edi, can do, I'll get back to this this evening. I had been thinking the top was a little rough, reflecting a cutoff from a longer piece. But it does look more as if it had been tapped repeatedly with a small hammer. Thanks to all for helping to solve my little mystery. Richard
  14. Richf

    What is this?

    Might it be a combination of burring tool and end pin? I forgot to note that the sharp end is metal and would be excellent for reaming a hole. And looking at it on top end, I could easily believe it was originally a longer piece of ebony such as I've seen on old cello endpins. It arrived in an eBay purchase of miscellaneous violin and cello parts, being sold by a family member who had no clue what this piece is. Richard
  15. Richf

    What is this?

    Looks like a plumb line, except that it's made of ebony. About 4 inches long. It came with a box of miscellaneous violin and cello parts. Does anyone have an idea what it could be ??? Richard