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  1. Richf

    Cello ID

    Amen to that, Conor. But there is a useful generalization that violin neck lengths of the baroque era were shorter than those of today, right? I was wondering if the same could be said for cellos. I'm guessing not, for the reason that early cello sizes varied so much that any generalization of baroque cello neck length would not be possible. (That's a question, not an opinion.)
  2. Richf

    Cello ID

    I understand well that it was common to lengthen the necks of early violins after 1800 and that the standard for new construction came to include the longer violin string lengths. But I've never heard that that occurred for cellos, too. I always assumed that a head graft for a cello resulted from repairs to broken necks. I'm not disputing the idea of intentional lengthening for cellos, just that I've never seen it discussed.
  3. Richf

    Cello id

    FWIW, the head looks grafted on. Someone here (can't remember who) described that type of cut (i.e., not a fully tapered splice) as a "Hill" graft. Is there a better term for that?
  4. Richf

    Anyone recognise this stamp ?

    Well, about half of that word is missing due to the repair, right? I read "......otter" So, how does well the brand on the back of this violin match:
  5. Richf

    Albert Nurnberger violin bow

    Well now I am perplexed. 55g is definitely "violin," but the whole thing sure looks "cello." What are the dimensions of the frog?
  6. Richf

    Albert Nurnberger violin bow

    Of course you know it's a cello bow.
  7. Richf

    Making my first cello fingerboard

    In contrast to my violins, the fingerboard on my cello has no scoop. I don't know if that is standard for cellos. If it is, I would think that would greatly add to the relative complexity of making a fingerboard for a violin. I've held fiddles with too much and too little scoop, and it is a problem. FWIW one feature of the fingerboard on my cello that bugs me is the how the treble side was filed to make it flush with the neck. I had always thought the neck was too narrow because my fingers would slip off the A string in the first position. The neck was actually ok, but that side, which should have flanged outward slightly, creating a bigger surface for the fingers, was filed down to end up slanting slightly inward. (The bass side is ok.) Does that make sense? One more question. Is it indeed still standard to bevel the bass side of a cello fingerboard? I have seen a couple cellos with no bevelings. (Maybe they were baroque set-ups?) And I understand that violas, where that feature once was common, now more commonly have no beveling. Good luck! Richard
  8. I think that's a nice looking violin. Looking forward to seeing the label, too.
  9. What about on the frog itself? Nothing stamped there?
  10. Richf

    Mittenwald Violin ID

    FWIW, my recollection from visiting the fascinating archaeological museum in Bolzano (where Otzi resides) is that a DNA analysis indicated his closest living relatives would be from Sardinia.
  11. Richf

    Honore Derazey

    FWIW. By coincidence, I just now saw this on Antiques Roadshow:
  12. Richf

    French Cornerblockology

  13. Richf

    French Cornerblockology

    Very nice work, Jacob, as expected. Does the last owner get right of first refusal? This is the "supposed Derazey." Since your request here for help in identification, have you been able to get a better idea of the actual age, school, or maker? Also, just to avoid confusion, there was never a suggestion that your newly restored violin was built using the "french cornerblockology" that started this discussion, right? Richard
  14. Richf

    Vuillaume Authenticity

    Actually, it has been Donald Cohen who has continued to assemble the auction results and publish the Red Book. I believe Donald also supplies the auction prices available online from Tarisio. The last edition he published was the 2012 (with prices thru 2011). I hope Donald will continue this important work!
  15. Richf

    Bow ID

    CAHM --- Carl Adolf Hoyer Markneukirchen? Trademark seen on trade bows from the Hoyer firm.