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  1. Super-blunt rib corners plus no pins on the back suggests external mould. That as well as the wear pattern on the back makes me think French. But that might be too easy. How about French-trained, maybe somewhere like Turin or someone like Pressenda? That could be consistent with age (I would think not much earlier than mid 1800s).
  2. Ah, the "professional" catch. That explains it. One more advantage to maintaining my amateur (aka limited talent) status. Thanks all.
  3. Perhaps a naive question, but what's wrong with my basic home owners insurance? I once made a claim on Travelors/Geico for a valuable bow broken in shipment w/ USPS, and they paid me with no problem (minus the USPS insurance payout and my deductible, of course). I just had to produce a professional valuation (or a sales invoice). Also, they wanted to have the broken bow. I also once mailed a valuable violin ($10K) to a buyer in China -- checking with my insurer before mailing, they told me it would be covered for full value if lost or damaged in route. My premiums don't reflect a higher cost for the few instruments I have listed on the policy. So, is there some threshold value for instruments where home owner premiums would start to grow with instrument coverage? Perhaps for PhilipKT's cello? I don't know. For me, I think the question would be how high would that incremental premium have to go to exceed the cost of coverage by insurers specializing in musical instruments? Richard
  4. Richf

    Scroll Origin?

    Ha! I have one with an eye even smaller. I wonder what the record is?
  5. Thanks to all for the very helpful comments. Richard
  6. Here are a few additional pics. I find bows especially difficult to photograph -- the nice flaming in the wood doesn't show here at all. Not sure if it's anything more than a "normal" bow, but I'm a sucker for pretty wood. Just now, I'm really only interested in what kind of wrapping to get.
  7. This looks potentially like a nice bow. Once it gets hair, the weight should come out about 60 grams with the current leather lapping. (No maker stamps, but I'm assuming Saxon circa 1900.) Could this leather be original, in which case should I try to keep it? I've never seen leather on a better bow before. My inclination is to go with silk thread, to improve the looks and to keep the balance right. Thanks for any suggestions. Richard
  8. Interesting that the spam programmers could post (even if only the title) without going thru the "I'm not a robot" filter, but then only for the home page listing, not the boards. I'm not the best programmer on the planet. I've given it some thought but still can't figure it out. For any first time visitors this morning, all the cyrillic script and mandarin characters in the discussion listing would have been pretty scary. Glad to know there was no content behind them.
  9. It's strange that the list of current discussions on the Homepage is almost all spam, but the individual boards don't show any. That is, if you only go directly to Pegbox or Fingerboard or Auction Scroll, you would never see the problem.
  10. I'm curious. What's the story with Freemans Auction in Philadelphia? Have they been big on musical instrument sales for long? Is that vast collection in their May sale something associated with Fred Oster? (Hard to imagine that many interesting items coming randomly from individual consignors in the absence of a major marketing effort.) How good are their attributions? Thanks. Richard
  11. (Sorry, got off track)
  12. In addition to Wenberg, Ron Midgett compiled about 20 years ago a long list of Massachusetts makers, including about 20 makers from Springfield. Alas, no Danks there. But if that is just his repair label, that was pretty nice work for someone who hadn't trained as a maker. You might try to reach Ron, in case he has added to his list since then. Sorry, but I have no address info for him.
  13. Richf

    f hole mystery

    Just about all the designs painted on this instrument are cataloged very nicely in Olga Adelmann's book "Die Alemannische Schulz" (see pics). If you take a look at her work you will see there is no question that that's what this is. Some the flower decorations indeed look like the lilies of the french kings. On many of the f holes documented there the extreme top and bottom of the wings connect to the top plate (see pic). So, if your f holes looked like they were messed with, it may have been to "free" the wings. As for the original scroll, if you could find a good American church bass, many of those have scrolls that look much like those on the Alemannische heads.
  14. Richf

    The Strad

    Cancel your credit card payment to them. That will usually get the attention of a human being. Good luck.