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  1. Richf

    Violin ID #6

    Quick check in Wikipedia: Norway would have left Denmark to become part of Sweden in 1814. The capital Chistiana reverted to Oslo in 1924.
  2. Brad, these bows have been sold as "French" by Southwest Strings: But I see that a German shop associates them with GEWA: . I think GEWA is still a German company, so I give up. Given the price listed there (999Euros for a viola bow), they ain't cheap. A related question I would ask is, when did the U.S. stop requiring the country of manufacture to be stamped on bows sold here? Richard
  3. Hmmm. I'm pretty sure we had a live for-real Thomas Wenberg (aka Thomas Wilde) participating in a conversation here just a couple years ago:
  4. FWIW the bow is stamped Bruno Heinze. Not a name I am familiar with, but it looks like a potential useful silver-mounted bow. Any photos of the bow head?
  5. It looks like 3408 to me, too. That may be an inventory number stamped on the bow by the William Lewis & Son company in Chicago. I have a Nurnberger bow with a similar stamp. If you can find someone with their annual sales pamphlet "The Lewis Collection," probably from the late 1950s or early 1960s, you may be able to confirm that. (The latest pamphlet I have is for 1955, and at that time the inventory numbers only went up to about 2500. Hence the need to look at later dates.) I would be interested learn what other shops stamped on a number like that.
  6. Richf

    Bow Id

    I believe your bow is stamped "Durro Artist." The New York shop Buegeleisen & Jacobson marketed violins and bows by the fictitious maker Salvatore de Durro. From Roy Ehrhardt's collection of violin shop catalogs, Volume 1, in 1912 B&J advertised one Durro Artist bow for $8 and another with engraved frog and button for $16.23. For comparison, at the same time, they listed Nurnberger bows at between $15 and $45.
  7. When it rains, it pours?
  8. Sorry to hear about your loss, and sobering to hear about Clarion's treatment. They specialize in coverage for musical instruments, right? Did you file with your home-owners insurance, too? BTW is that Pfretzschner gold mounted? Fingers crossed for a speedy return of the instrument or a happy resolution to the insurance claim. Richard
  9. Michael, a quick look at the Thomastik website shows two variations of the Rondo A strings -- carbon steel core chrome wound (more expensive) and synthetic core aluminum wound. So far, there seems to be only a single option for the E, D, and G. Which A string are you choosing? Also, I see there are Rondos for cello. Any opinions on those that you can share? Richard
  10. Inge, given Martin's thought on the "lift," you would should probably first get an assessment of the damage from a bow specialist. If the condition is good, it would easily sell in one of the auction houses specializing in string instruments. It would fetch an even better price at violin shop, if you are willing to wait. Do you know what shops are in your area?
  11. The name stamp and both the frog and adjuster look right to me. Hopefully someone here with better eyes than will chime in. The asterisk before and after the name I think says something about the value of bow. Was the stick actually cracked behind the head? I don't see any sign of damage on the stick. If not needed, the removing that string will add quite a lot to the value.
  12. Hello Inge, and welcome. For starters, you could post photos like the first two shown at the top of the first page of this discussion. That should be enough to let folks know whether your bow is in the “Nurnberger” ball park. But you may have trouble posting pics right away — there is some rule here limiting newcomers’ability to post photos until they have contributed to some threshold number of discussions.