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  1. Mark O'Connor is todays Paganini, he is the most tallented violinist on the face of this earth, he played duets with Pinchas Zuckerman, Yo-Yo Ma, Grappelli, L. Sankarr, you name it. Check him out at www.markoconnor.com Any questions, fiddul@usa.net Take care! David
  2. Hi there, My name is David from Ottawa, Canada. You should try the knew Barcus Barry bridge Piezo. It's the nicest sound I have had yet for my fiddle. It is very close to the original sound of the instrument. I used to use the Fishman bridge piezo but since I tried the Barcus Barry, I`ll never go back. David Pichette Fiddul@hotmail.com
  3. Hey Scott this is David Pichette from Ottawa, Canada. You bought your Zeta!! Good for you. If you read the specs on your ZETA you'll see that the reason why this pickup sounds so fuckin good good is because each of the 4 pins contain 2 piezo pickups, that makes 8 different piezos in all. That`s why tey are so expensive!! Which preamp do you use man? Dave fiddul@hotmail.com
  4. Hi there, If your from Ottawa, Canada, or near by, I'd like to know what you think about Pinchas Zukerman being the new conductor for the NAC Orchestra. I think that it's the greatest thing that happened to Ottawa in classical music ever!!! What do you think? Thanks for your time!! David Fiddul@hotmail.com
  5. The best violinist of all times is without doubt, Mark O'Connor. Anything by him is just amazing. There`s also Pinchas Zukerman, Stephane Grappelli, Leila Josephowicz and Itzahk Perlman. From Itzhak and Pinchas, you hear the technic involved in the music and with Grappelli and Mark O`Connor, you learn the way a musical piece should be played. Take care! David Pichette P.S. Any kind of questions, you can email me if you want! fiddul@hotmail.com
  6. Hi, My name is David Pichette, violinist from Montreal, Canada. I don't know about u guys but I think there should be a way to share everybody's knowledge about their electric instrument. It could help out and answer questions I'm sure we all have like. How does Vanessa Mae get that electric sound or any thing about L. Shankars Violin. Anybody got a 10 string electric violin like L. Shankarr? Or whenever there's a concert including electric instruments, people who know about em, could tell us when and where!!! Just a thought! Dave fiddul@hotmail.com
  7. Hey Scott, My name is David Pichette, violin player from Montreal, Canada. I have myself one Zeta Hard body 5 string and another fiddle which I bought the 4 string Zeta strados for. Like you, I always run my signal into a tube Crate pre-amp and processed in a Kawai RV-4 and sent direct to the board. I tried many amps for my fiddles, even the Peavy Nashville 400. They all sounded shitty to me. To much MIDs and HIs I you see what I mean. I Usually use the direct sound from the board to my monitor mix (always get a clean sound that way). I used to work with the Art elite processors until I discoverd Kawai. The best effect for clean Zeta sound would be a very short hall reverb like 0.3 ms and 0.0 ms of pre-delay. Another whicked one to do weird sound effects is to play in a Twin Delay set up like 500ms for the first echo and 750ms for second one. Set the whole effect at 50%. If you want to talk more about live Zeta of fiddle playing, email me man! Take care and good luck! David Pichette Fiddul@hotmail.com
  8. Hi there, My name is Dave and I'm a violin player from Ottawa, Canada. Any of u guys ever played Death and the Maiden by Schubert in string Quartet? Tell me your impression of that piece! I know that the first time we read thatpiece, my partners and I were thrown in another world during the interpretation. It's the weirdest feeling. If you have encountered that kind of musicality, tell me about it!!!! Take care guys, Dave
  9. Hey Herman, My name is Dave, violin player from Montreal, Canada. There are a couple of possibilities for that problem with your e string. 1- Is it a good quality string like Thomastik Dominante? 2- If it's not the first E string you have had that problem with, there is a thing called a "wolf" which is a frequency in the instrument itself that has trouble vibrating. Every instrument has one, They are usually in frequencies that don't matter because usually luck makes them in 1/8 of a tone. My "wolf" on my violin was when I played F# on e string. My Luthier fixed it by sanding just a bit off inside my violin and now the "wolf" is gone. Maybe you should try to see your Luthier. If you don't have one, Don't trust anybody with your instrument, Get names from your local Phylharmony. That's the best way to do it. I hope I was some kind of help to your problem, If you have other questions you can email me! Good luck! David Pichette Fiddul@hotmail.com
  10. Hi Ana, I'm Dave, violin player from Montreal, Canada, I'm french so please, bare with my English! :-) I would recommend to you to look for an old violin. As old as you can find and go German. From what I have heard, they have very nice tones. The toughest thing for a violin is to have nice low frequencies and German made violins are usually good for that. I don't think higher prices make better violins. I have a 10 000$ German made violin that sounds better than my teachers 165 000$ Italian violin. You have to be satisfied with what you buy! I think that instead of buying, you should become friend with an old man who owns an old violin so you could get it as an heritage! (joke) All I can say is, don't get influenced by anybody but yourself in the purchase you make! If you want more info, email me! Good luck Ana! David Pichette Fiddul@Hotmail.com
  11. I've been playing with fine tunners on my 4 strings for 16 yrs now, I don't see any difference, I guess I'm addicted to it. There's a lot of prejudice about those, The fine tunners are not what makes the diiference between a good musician and a bad one!!! If your comfotable with them, then keep them. David Pichette Montreal, Canada
  12. You want to know about Weird gigs? Here it goes. This past christmas, Myself(violinist) and my folk band were hired by Molson-Canada to promote their beer in a super store. The catch was that the stage was made out of 500 24 beer cases in the freezer department. That was the weirdest gig I ever done. Dave
  13. Hi there, my name is David Pichette, violinist from Ottawa Canada and I was wondering if anybody ever had trouble with a 5 string barbera pickup. If you know a way to add some attack to the sound please tell me. thanks, Dave fiddul@hotmail.com
  14. Hi guys, I am a violinist from Ottawa Canada and I am about to purchase a 5 string ZETA pickup for one of my hard body violins and I was wondering if anyone tried the ZETA pickups on a hard body violin. If you did, please leave me your impressions. Pros and cons. Thanks for the time, Dave fiddul@hotmail.com
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