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  1. Frank Peter Zimmerman plays the Joachim cadenza.
  2. Here is a link to a similar ASTA list (10 levels. Level 10 includes Bruch, Mendelssohn, Mozart 4 & 5): ASTA Certificate Program
  3. mitch


    Does anyone know where I could find the sheet music for the Zimbalist arrangement of Carl Engel's "The Seashell"?
  4. Superscope makes several cd players and recorders that can do this: Superscope
  5. My daughter flew from Oaklant to JFK on Jet Blue last week. There was no problem taking her violin as a carry on.
  6. Milstein wrote an autobiography, From Russia to the West, when he was 87. It is out of print, and used copies can be pretty expensive. There are copies available on Amazon: From Russia to the West You can probably also find it at a good library.
  7. It is Opus 12, #1, RV 317. There is a recording by Perlman:
  8. She could try Musica Bella Their web site also lists about 15 other non-professional orchestras in New York.
  9. These recordings are from January 29, 1953 and are currently available the cd, "Michael Rabin - The Early Years" The 10" LP is probably somewhat rare, since a copy recently sold on ebay for $152: wItem">
  10. My daughter will be 13 this summer and is interested in attending the Indiana University Summer String Academy. Does anyone have any experience with this program? She has gone to Point CounterPoint chamber music camp for the last two summers, and loved it. She will be going back this summer, but she is also looking for a camp where she can have more time to practice solo music. She is not at the level of Meadowmount/Encore. Thanks. Mitch
  11. Martinu Sonatina in G Kreisler Chanson Louis XIII et Pavanne Tempo di Minuetto Dancla Air Varies Faure Berceuse
  12. "Song of the Wind" in Suzuki Book 1 requires lifting the bow for two consecutive down bows. The first time there is a quarter note rest between them, the second time there is no rest. The kids learning this piece spend a lot of time practicing doing this with a circular motion to prevent bouncing.
  13. Do you know of a good internet or mail order source for Kohr violas? I can't seem to find them in my area.
  14. At the Suzuki school that my daughter attends, the faster moving kids finish Book 8 at age 10-12.
  15. I just turned 50 this week. I started playing 8 years ago and I'm in Suzuki book 6. This seems a lot harder than the earlier books (especially "La Folia") and I have to practice at least an hour and a half a day to make progress.