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  1. charly, Do you find your bobelock to be big or heavy? What are the measurements of it? Also, what does it mean by full french fit and hill style? Thanks violinist82
  2. Ludwig, I'm seriously considering the Kolstein humistat violin case. I will probably have many questions over the next several days. First, what kind of musician are you, in other words, do you play your viola regularly or travel a lot with it? Do you like the combination lock and can you input your own number? Did you see the green interior, if so was it an olive shade or a hunter shade? Does it have an exterior music pocket? Is the suspension very protective? That's all I can think of for now. Thank-you violinist82 [This message has been edited by violinist82 (edited 07-30-2000).] [This message has been edited by violinist82 (edited 07-31-2000).]
  3. Toscha, oops, I guess I wasn't looking very closely We played Die Fledermaus in orchestra this year. Have you heard Vienna Blood? I like that one too. Also, have you listened to any of Richard or Edward? I have a cd of Johann, and another of the other Strauss's. Very cool. violinist82
  4. Ludwig: Thank-you for recommending the kolstein. I have been looking for a case with a combination lock. Do you know what material the case is made with (wood, styrofoam, ect.)? Thanks violinist82
  5. I was also wondering, in addition to my previous message "new violin any thoughts", what does it mean when cases are hill style, or french fit. Are these features important? Thank you!
  6. I'm so happy about responses to my question! Thank-you all so much. I have yet another case question: What makes a case that is hill style or french fit any different than the others? If you know, let me know! Thanks
  7. I can't believe no one mentioned Johann Strauss! The Blue Danube is a great piece!
  8. I'm looking at several string companies for a new violin case. I'm looking to spend up to $300-$400. I want a very proffesional and protective case that will keep my violin safe at least through my four years of college. I've come across a brand, Bobelock, that seems rather inexpensive, but I don't know much about it. If you know about Bobelock, have any ideas of a good place to purchase my case, or know a good brand, please respond! Thank you
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