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  1. Hello I'm hoping someone could kindly help me out with a lil advice with the correct arm movement in bowing . I have been having some problems with the bow bouncing on downward strokes . I'm a beginner so please bare with me As an example , when only playing the open A string with long bowing strokes , my elbow was moving up and down a lil , which I make the assumption is bad . So what I'm wondering, what is regarded as healthy elbow movement ? I tried to keep my arm and bow in the same bowing plane in an attempt to let my arms natural weight draw the sound , which has helped . But I still move my elbow inwards towards my body about the same time as my wrist bends inwards when the frog nears the string . Is this OK ? Again , forgive me if this is a rather obvious question Any advice would be greatly appreciated .Thank You Kindly ..
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