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  1. I started piano about 9 years ago but haven't been playing it for all that time. Violin would be 4 1/2 years. Wow, I thought Lymond was a lot older than 17, and I thought Crystal was something like 28. As for my guess on S. Taylor: 35? (I hope I don't make you mad because once I guessed someone's age at 41 and she was actually 28. Oops - That was a couple years ago but I've been careful about guessing people's ages ever since.
  2. Dressed up as myself: AAAAAAAAHHHH!!! I ate a lot of the candy my mom was passing out but not as much as last year. People that came to our door...a boy dressed as a woman and who talked in a high-pitched voice, lots of kids whose "Trick or treat" was obviously "I'm just doing this to get free candy", and a few people who had electronic candy holders that talked when something was dropped in it. Happy Halloween!
  3. Really interesting. How would you play the violin with the chinrest on the R side? Obviously bowing and fingering with opposite hands but it's just a question. I think it'll be a while before everyone or most people in an orchestra have "different" or "that's ugly" instruments. I'm predicting it'll start out with those colored haired bows and go from there. I don't have enough confidence to buy something out of the ordinary because I think that people would think that I needed attention and that was the reason why I got it instead of just because I like it. A glow in the dark bow would be very cool to have, though.
  4. Most of the time I will play a lot of my favorite songs in my head if there's nothing good on, but then I usually end up singing it or na na, dum dum, or da da ing it aloud. After orchestra in school I usually have the last piece we played stuck in my head for most of the rest of the day.
  5. quote: Originally posted by Mu0n: You all have more money than me, therefore I can only play a 500$ POS. -Mu0n I might have a POSier one at $400. Case cost: $100 Bow cost: $120. Scrapping my money (or pleading with my parents) for a more $$$ instrument hoping I'll be a better player and not play stinky like I do now: worthless.
  6. quote: Originally posted by donuel: In Cuba they do. They are called dictator tots. Tony Blair tots in England? Sorry, upon reflection I realize it was a bad joke...Dictator tots are better. [This message has been edited by 454 (edited 09-22-2000).]
  7. Why is the # in concertos number something abbreviated No.? I thought it might be numero or something having to do with a different language and smack it here on this taco post. I like their border "fries" if they're crispy because when they're not the whole meal gets a frowny face. Why don't they just call them tater tots or something and I already know the answer because border fries probably have a better image appeal which I just made that phrase up and I do know how to write correct English but I find it easier to write what I'm thinking (a lot) in a mumble jumble one sentence.
  8. Composed something for piano when I was 9ish which was fun. Once in a while I'll just start playing things and sometimes it sounds like a song. Sometimes it sounds cheesy, then I stop practicing and do something else.
  9. Nope, I eat all kinds of stuff, pretty much whatever I feel like and stay my puny self. People tell me I've got a fast metabolism or something but that registers nothing in my brain. I tried going vegetarian for a day for fun and then my brother reminded me I couldn't have cheese or anything. Since I like pizza and many other things with cheese, I am glad that I don't have any eating rules, because I know many religions forbid you to eat certain stuff or combinations of stuff at certain times etc.
  10. Albert Einstein - from what I've read he was a really cool person (did a little kid's math homework in exchange for cookies) and could wiggle his ears, a trait I find most interesting as I do people who can move both their eyebrows and juggle Whoever invented chocolate milk One of the following authors: Shel Silverstein, Roald Dahl, Dr. Seuss/Theodore Geisel, or Louis Sachar [This message has been edited by 454 (edited 09-20-2000).]
  11. D***, I think I spelled "Susuki" wrong. Shows that I am, of course, the best musician in the universe. Nobody beats me, because I'm the whiz! *I don't think that the administrators will dislike that 1st word, but if your post gets deleted I'm sorry and will email you 5 worthless imaginary dollars. I think I remember others with that or other words in it that were fine, though.
  12. If I were that good, I'd give it a shot too. But I'm not. I just stick with school music and teach myself out my brother's old Susuki books because I don't have lessons. I don't have piano lessons either, and right now I'm learning a hard piece on my own. That's where I'm coming from and I don't expect to pursue both instruments to a professional level. It seems you have the determination and I'm guessing if you practice so much you'll eventually learn it because nothing's impossible. Except maybe - wait, I just thought of David Blaine and Copperfield. Good luck nonetheless.
  13. We like to tap our feet or clap on our thighs, but this is the first time I've heard of bow applause. I often poke people with my bow if I want to get their attention even though they're within my voice range... and if I happen to be sitting 3rd or 4th chair my stand partner or I might repeatedly stab the 1st or 2nd chair (sometimes that stuck up walk to sit down or flip of the hair gets to you) and innocently look at the music or talk to each other when met with an angry face. Yes, sometimes we get beaten with bows too, or get pummelled by the end of a violin case on the way back to put our instruments away. (just kidding)
  14. Whoever can whip their violin out of their case put the shoulder rest on (if necessary) tighten and rosin their bow, play some song, and wipe off the rosin, loosen the bow and put everything away the fastest. Or running while playing the instrument (I'm chuckling imagining someone running with a cello or bass) - that's a sport. On 2nd thought, wouldn't your knees bump into the back of the cello or bass? I always get these seemingly great ideas before thinking of some reason why it would never work...
  15. 454


    Oops, you must have posted about right after I left yesterday but happy birthday anyway! Mine's in April but I wish I had a summer birthday just because. I'm 15 turning 16.
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