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    Try to find a copy of "picture yourself playing violin" it is a great beginner book that encorporates the suzuki method of violin playing. It comes with a dvd that shows you step by step how to get started correctly. Practice in front of a mirror, and mimic what bridgette is doing in the video. You will learn all the basics of holding, tuning and playing correctly from a classical standpoint. Bridgette also has a separate dvd series which you can purchase....google academy of music performance. I purchased the series and was able to correct years of bad habits working through her series. If you purchase the dvd series, you are automatically signed up to have email access to bridgette. You can ask her whatever questions you need answered. Good Luck!
  2. Does anyone know who the violin maker is in North GA? Someone on Maestronet told me about him years ago, and I can't remeber his name or where he is located. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  3. Someone told me, some years ago, That there was a luthier in North-East Georgia. I think It was someone who was a member of maestronet. Does anyone know who this might be? I am getting ready to go on a camping trip to Helen, and wanted to stop by and take a look while I was there. Can anyone Help? Thanks!
  4. Jay Ungar had classical violin lessons as a kid....I SERIOUSLY doubt anyone would claim his playing is abysmal
  5. WOW!!! I never thought about it that way!
  6. WOW! I am impressed! a friend of mine gave me a violin kit he didn't have time for....I haven't done much with it yet because I amsure I will do something wrong and it will be beautiful but sound like CRAP
  7. are you sure it wasn't simon??? he posted several pieces years ago that were great, as I recall
  8. That's what I heard, too. I haven't been here much since all that stink...when I have popped in and lurked......there hasn't been much going on
  9. Helicore mediums are loud on my ivan dunov....but maybe it's just my ear
  10. Gaetan, I tried the Huayin strings on my cello and liked them. they tune up quickly, STAY in tune and are true. I play for weddings on mine so they are fine for an entry level instrument/player. They also have good response. I have not tried the other brands
  11. HI! It really depends upon your comfort level.... I started playing solo flute and/or violin a couple of years ago. Now I play with a friend. My friend plays violin, and I play violin or cello in our duets. I designed our website and we slowly started doing some advertising. Things have started to take off for us. We have bookings almost every month. We have some for next year as well. We found it's a lot more fun to play together, rather than solo. We have a set repertoire that people can go with, but if there is enough time before their event we will learn a piece for them if they have a request. I say, "go for it"! It might turn out to be a nice little side business for you.
  12. Ha anyone heard from HKV? Last time I talked to him, he was moving to Phoenix, but that was YEARS ago
  13. a good video that will help get you started is : waltzes airs and slow tunes, by Jay Ungar. He is definately a fiddler.... not classical.but some great tips to get you started and some WONDERFUL tunes. you can find this video at homespun's website or at http://www.jayandmolly.com good luck!
  14. What is the difference between a violin and a fiddle? nobody cares if you spill beer on the fiddle
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