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  1. Quote: She ended up tying with the kid who has been sitting in 1st chair -is he the Concertmaster?- for the last four years. How can they pick the Concertmaster before the soloist? She won because she plays louder, clearer and with the right amount of color. But in truth, she always does. Until the solo, she was never made aware that any “positions” were being played for. It came as no surprise to anyone who has heard her recitals that she won. Do you think I need to call a conference? If I remember correctly...that solo line was so short it wouldn't even be worth it to call a conference. What do you mean by "tying" with the kid?
  2. I don't know the specifics of your situation...so I'm going to make a guess. The first situation is if that solo spot is a "standing" solo, meaning she will play her solo as an actual soloist. In that situation, the conductor may have made her solo performance more of a suprise to the audience. In the second case where she has a solo line to play in an orchestral piece, usually the concertmaster should play it, but I guess in a few exceptions other chairs might.
  3. Hello guys, long time no see. I've been having trouble finding a better recording of the Brahms Double than the Heifetz/Piatigorsky version. It seems the Oistrakh/Fournier recording is much more bland and unexciting to me. Are there any suggestions?
  4. I know and love the Butterfly Lovers Concerto, on the erhu and also on violin of course. It's a part of my history and the story is beautiful. Actually, I believe this concerto would be better received by the judges and the audience because of the unique style and sounds it brings to the violin. Also, one would be saved some comparison with other students and legendary violinists. The Mendelssohn is a violin benchmark of sorts.
  5. Of course it is! Especially since Mr. Heifetz also said that.
  6. In windows explorer you go to view, folder options, go to the tab called "view" and uncheck "hide file extentions for known types". Now rename the file "saint-saens" as "saint-saens.ram" and make sure you have realplayer installed. That fixed it for me.
  7. Haha, my nick is Paganini but my favorite violinist is definitely Heifetz.
  8. The playing is great, but there are some funny, noticable skips with the recording. Thanks for taking the time to make it though.
  9. Ok, fine. I'll buy a house and a ferrari!
  10. I'd sell the "Strad" at auction and buy something I like better, a Guadagnini or Tononi perhaps if I can't get enough to purchase another Strad. I'm pretty sure a Guarneri del Gesu is still out of reach.
  11. I'm guessing some people also saw the Bisiach on the Shar fine instrument and bow site (which contributes to all the accurate guessses). I knew that back looked familiar!
  12. I have a friend that asked me to find a violin for him on a limited budget, and I've read of some people purchasing instruments from a school of violin making (preferably some place around the Chicago area where I live). Can anyone tell me exactly where to go to find these apprentice made instruments? Are the going rates for these fiddles much lower because the makers aren't established? Finally, around how much do these violins cost? Thanks for all replies in advance
  13. Jeffie, So far Mr. Redrobe and Toscha have been more than considerate in dealing with your unrealistic advice. I think they understand that you are trying to do some good, but in reality, what you suggest will damage this student's future playing. Encouragement is good, but spouting false hopes is not.
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