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  1. I thought Vengerov lived in Amsterdam. Or he did a couple of years ago. He owns a house in Israel that he bought for his family to live in, and as far as I know spends a lot of his holidays there. But if you really think about it, someone who travels that much doesn't live anywhere....
  2. Did you go to their London concert? Will you please tell me all about it, Jane? :-)
  3. I recently attended a concert with Nigel Kennedy. Afterwards I went backstage to his dressingroom and there was a huge security guard standing duty outside the door. When I went inside there were several people in there and his violin cases were sitting on the table. (Not that anyone could have gotten past the guard with them!) But I know that Kennedy is careful with his violin because he told me that when he plays in gigs in rougher places he NEVER takes his Guaneiri. Last year when I went to the Masterclass with Maxim Vengerov, he came out into the foyer and mingled with the crowd, but someone else was holding tightly to his violin case.
  4. Prok3, I can recommend the Vengerov/Barenboim recording of the Brahms 3rd sonata. I love it - not least because it is coupled with his breathtaking live recording of the Brahms concerto. His playing on this disk is very passionate and there is often a feeling of restrained energy in his tone which I find quite tasteful. Barenboim is great on the piano as well. A great disc that I think is well worth the money. I actually have Vengerov playing the 3rd Brahms sonata several times on video with various pianists and I always love his interpretation of this piece. The other recording I have and love is the Perlman/Ashkenasy recording. It is great too.
  5. Meadow, I would really like to know the name of the lady who conducted the masterclass with your daughter. Is it wrong of me to ask you to write her name here? After all, she probably won't come here!
  6. I can't believe that this CD is still unavailable in America and Great Britain. I live in Australia - we usually get everything last - and I bought it in September 2000. I never really listened to the Dvorak concerto until I bought Maxim's recording, and then I realised what a beautiful piece of music it is. I also have a video of the concert which I love dearly. The Elgar I haven't listened to enough to really get to know it yet. I am now waiting for his promised recording of the Beethoven concerto....
  7. HKV, the Russian lady that I was speaking of was a student of Milstein. Was he from the Auer linage? I wonder what the new bow that Maxim plays with is?
  8. Perhaps the reason you are so easily able to pick the sounds of your favourite old violinists, HKV, is because you know all of their recordings. They are no longer alive and making new records to surprise you with, so of course you know everything they play. As it is, I appreciate many modern musicians and am extremely thankful that the art of music making didn't die with your old masters. With technology we are able to enjoy both the new and the old at the same time. By the way, I adore the way Maxim Vengerov plays, and Itzhak Perlman too.
  9. Yes, I have heard the recording of the Hill viola concerto. I especially listened to it to hear Pickler play because of the connection with my teacher. He had a lovely sound. My teacher is a former student of his - her name is Elizabeth Holowell. Do you know her?
  10. How often would touring concert soloists be expected to rehair their bow? Is it a major operation or just a simple one that doesn't take long at all? Is there a different quality of horse hair like there is with woods, ie Brazil wood?
  11. I have a recording of Ferras playing short violin works - encore like pieces. I must say, I am not at all impressed with his playing. The first time I heard the Ave Maria on the cd, I was amazed at the ugliness of his sound, I couldn't believe that someone who was recognised to be a good violinist would produce such shabby playing. Actually, I thought he was a 'no name' performer until I heard of him playing in the Bach Double with Yehudi.
  12. Thankyou Phidyle. At last someone seems to have heard of him. From your message, I gather that you too are from Australia..? Were you perhaps one of his students while he taught violin in Sydney? You might know my teacher.
  13. Has anyone heard of this violinist? He died some time in the eighties and was apparently well known before the 2nd World War. I would like to find out more about him if anyone can help me.
  14. I remember reading an old post (I think one of HKV's) which dealt with much the same thing that I am proposing again - masters of the violin who never achieved fame. However, while I read the posts with interest, I didn't want to post until today - and of course I couldn't find it again! Has anyone ever heard of Robert Pickler? He was a student of Hubay and Thibaud and was apparently quite well known before WW2. After the war he came to Australia where he remained and taught until his death in the 1980s. If anyone has heard of him and knows more about him, I would love to hear it. You see, he was my 'grandteacher' of the violin.
  15. This has been very helpful, but I must confess I am now a bit depressed about the videos. The DVD option sounds tempting, can it be done comercially for a fee? Also, what is the general length of DVD - I would be looking at a lot of video space! Illuminatis, my precious CD's were sent to me by a friend in Europe, and they contain live concert broadcasts and that sort of thing. They are definitely irreplacable, so I'll have to look into getting them copied too.
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