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  1. I haven't yet heard him play live yet (although I have heard his CD and on the radio, I agree he is very talented) but I was at a concert last night, and he was the page-turner!!! Not sure if anyone else recognised him...I was just wondering if he could have played the pieces better than the guy actually performing.
  2. Quote: I have just started, and I am 47yrs old. I don't expect to be a concert violinist, But I am going to try my best. Well done Rich. You will find lots of support here, and even if the dream of concert violinist is maybe too difficult to achieve for us late starters we can still get lots of enjoyment and satisfaction from playing. Make sure you get a good teacher, good posture and the right bow hold are very important from the beginning. Good Luck Jane
  3. Quote: A 4 year old thread!! It would be great to hear how everyone's doing after 4 years. :-) I posted here originally 4 years ago. I am still having a great time playng in the orchestra, and I do a lot less "air-bowing" than I used to. I also now play in a string quartet, but only for our own entertainment. Major success this week was that we actually managed to play the first movement of Bartok's 1st quartet. And I am still having regular lessons and having passed my ABRSM grade 4 last year with distinction am working hard on Grade 5. I think I am probably making slower progress than I would ideally like, but practice time is always an issue when you have a full time job, and a part time job and a home to run, and I like to be sure I have any technique firmly under my belt before moving on. Still loving it completely.
  4. You can download the Bruce Fox-Lefriche version for a small payment from Net4music. Andrew Manze has also recorded a version in A minor, his own transcription. I don't know if the music is available. Jane
  5. Two things: Supporting Adult learners...there is a great organisation in London who do this (and have a spin off org in Leeds too ) check out this website http://www.ellso.org.uk/ AND "I wish I had started this 30 years ago! " Me too. But stick at it, it will bring you enormous rewards (if my experience is anything to go by). You have the advantage of already understanding music which will mean you progress faster. Best of luck! Jane
  6. Jane

    Balancing act

    Quote: (antidote: play a couple of minutes with a stuffed bunny on your head and don't let it fall off). At last a use for that stuffed bunny I had at Easter that has been sitting on the dresser for months!!! Jane
  7. Has anyone else tried Bach Flower remedies? I found a shot of the "Rescue Remedy" helped me before my recent Violin exam and calmed the shaky bow arm. The examiner even commented on my air of confidence!! Jane
  8. Quote: I started at the age of 46. It was the best thing I ever did. It's been frustrating at times, but the joy is great. I have a goal to someday play in a community orchestra also Well I was about your age when I started to learn, and yes it is the best thing I ever did too. Regrets??? Only that I didn't start sooner. I now play in the local community orchestra (after about 2 and a half years when I first joined) and am a very good faker!! BUT I do know that each term I have to fake less than last time. And I play in a string quartet (2nd fiddle of course) who are not for public consumption, but we just meet every week and play for our own enjoyment. I would thoroughly recommend BOTH these activities as soon as you feel confident enough. The quartet has done wonders for my sight reading (I couldn't read music when I started), and both the quartet and orchestra are tremendously supportive. I think the main thing is that they can see that I am serious, that I practise, have regular lessons, and I am getting better, so they are willing to put up with my faux pas from time to time. Quite honestly the violin has changed my life in so many ways. Lots of new friends, new experiences and a life so much richer. Jane
  9. Quote: I saw the subject thinking this was a fill-in-the-blank statement, and was going to say "... his late string quartets." Absolutely sublime, and to think that he was only able to hear them in his mind. Me too. The more of Beethoven I hear and play the more I love his genius. I sometimes think it was a good thing he suffered from deafness as we got what he heard in his head without being subject to outside influences. The late string quartets are indeed sublime. Jane
  10. Dr S that is a good and solid argument, and for playing with a piano, or in a large group, and while learning intonation I would wholeheartedly endorse it. I think though that when playing in small chamber groups such as quartets there needs to be a little adjustment made between the players in order that the harmonies created in the ensemble are tuned together. Jane
  11. Quote: Must make one more observation. I believe Maxim is much taller than Dr. Suzuki and most of the violinist in the field except for say, Zukerman. Just shows how presence can give the impression of stature...he is no more than 5'7". Jane
  12. Steve That's an excellent point. And if concert halls do go ahead with this it will increase the costs to the concert goers inevitably as I guess this stuff does not come cheap, so we will all be paying for those minority who cannot be bothered to check that their phone is either "off" or on "silent". Jane
  13. So how long before a performance would you need to take one (ie how long does the effect last and how long to "kick in") and what sort of dose...does it depend on body weight or how laid back you are already??? Just thinking I have a violin exam coming up, but don't want to be so cool I fall over, but might help me not get completely shaky! But then again might just be too risky! Jane
  14. Just booked my ticket for Perlman and Canino at the RFH London for 27th October. Franck and Beethoven op12/1. Jane
  15. Thanks all, I was getting it down to two theories after asking around, one the "it doesn't exist due to key structure" theory, and the other the "they are not the same in just temperament" theory. But no-one had so far been able to say categorically why, just suggest "Maybe its because..." and then explain either theory 1 or theory 2. Looks like it is theory 2, as I am fairly sure now that diminished 6ths (etc) DO exist although my example (above) was probably not a good one. Jane
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