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  1. Well thanks a lot guys, I appreciate you're reply's. Unfortunately it always seems when I post something now adays I have to leave right away to my 'real-world' which is a city away where there is no computer for me. And now it seems the times will be more difficult as my family is moving to texas and i'll move to toronto, so whew its going to be a messy few weeks. About the Bartok, it was mentioned that the fugue in the first movement was 'sublime', well I completely agree - Bartok was a genius. Although amazing parts, his fuges in the piece, the one in the second movement is extremely difficult (intonation wise) and even more - its hard for the audience to understand this at all. Playing this piece for parents isn't a prime choice, but for musicians, you can not go wrong!
  2. Does anybody have neat info on this piece? My orchestra performed this yesterday (only 2nd and 4th movements). Also, about how long do you think does it take for a pro orch to be able to peform it? Our's sounded amazing, but of course had some flaws - a youth orch was performing! Intonation wise we were perfect, and rhythm wise also on the dot, but this piece is SO hard to get down musically for every part; you kinda just want to cocentrate on your part, and thats it, but knowing the other side's part makes it sound even better, dont you think?
  3. How many performers, in each category, are there supposed to be - around? thanks. p
  4. You know, i'm not to sure about what i'm talking about here, but the other day I was watching Bravo, and this Bach themed show came on, highlighting Yo-Yo Ma's solo suites, however not in concert, but as a drama show so it seemed. Several vingettes about people, and that 'to be continued' feeling at the end. It was weird. So, I dont think it was titled "Bach and Broccoli" but it was a Bach themed soap opera or something. Ha! Bravo always shows weird things like these. sorry to be no help, but I felt it necessary to tell my story too! Haha,
  5. Lauragigs, If im not wrong, I believe that the Ballet is the one about the "ritual gang-rape + murder", not the actual Piece Stravinsky wrote. But more importantly, when listening to a piece, I dont think you should pay any attention whatsoever (unless its a play, ballet you're watching, or a musical) to what its written about and/or for. You should close your eyes and listen to what its offering You, not everybody. When I'm listening to this piece I still think of Dinosaurs and Bee's and somewhat nature in a riot of change. Of course I had no idea whatsoever that the Dinosaur part is from Fantasia, (as i've never seen Fantasia), but was quite ammused to find out what I imagined is exactly what they portray in the movie! Since what you think of is a ritual sacrifice, etc, you should try and move beyond it and think of something different. Imagine something totally different. Try the dinosaur thing (the second half). Or, if you really cant get over the sacrifice, dont think of murder or anything... Just think of this girl dancing around on her own, having her own crazy thoughts, around a fire, and she slowly dies. (haha, hard to type all this while i'm listening to Shostakovich symphony 11. All I get from him in this symphony is 'spirals' and stuff. So cool.) Sorry my sentence structure seems "everywhere". I'm totally out of it this morning, and Shosti isn't helpin'!
  6. Yeah, so just another opinion question. I like knowing what others think about a particular piece. This is my favorite piece, but not far ahead any of the Shosti symphonies 5-10. Haha. This piece is amazing. I've always enjoyed memorizing every note of a modern piece (would you call Rite of Spring modern? what?) so that eventually your mind can play with the phrasing. For example, my favorite piece to phrase in my head is the Bartok Solo Violin Sonata. fun stuff! P
  7. Just wondering what ya'lls favorite B. Overture is. Mine is the Corolian, followed closely by the Egmont. Leonore is really not tasteful in my opinion, however does have one neat little strings obligato/ornament I like towards the end.
  8. Yeah! My favorite sonatas. I've only heard two of them, and my favorite for the second sonata is by Ilya Kaler, listen for free! And Leila Josefowicz's recording of the 4th and 5th on her Solo Phillips CD with Paganini, the Bartok Solo Sonata (which is also my absolute favorite recording of anything) and Ernst's Erlking. wow!
  9. lol, true, pirastro olive is gone in like 10 minutes!
  10. Since we're telling our stores or boasting about our repertoire, i'll share what our repertoire is for this year. For the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra, this past season, we performed Dvorak's Carnival Overture Brahms' Symphony #2, Stravinsky firebird Suite A modern work by french-canadian composer Mercure - Kaleidoscope This season we'll be playing Elgar Cello Concerto (full) and Sibelius Symphony #2 and a work by our guest conductor Gary Kulesha - The gates of time For my other orchestra, the Royal Conservatory Accademy, we're playing Beethoven Smphony 4 and Tchaikowsky's "Arias" (?) Mendelssohn's Piano Concerto #1 and Bartok Concerto for Strings (Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta. Of all of em', the Bartok is definately the most difficult...But, a very interesting piece - especially the second and fourth movement. The Beethoven is also a bit difficult. The Sibelius is probably my favorite, but for some reason our rehersals have been horrible, with the conductor literally taking it in half time so its double the tempo...Hideious. I was ready to walk out! -patrick
  11. I'm desperately tring to locate one for my friend for Christmas (He plays Bassoon). It was be the best for him, but I can not find anything. Help!
  12. Mostly, I'm wondering what you guys think on the Sebilus Symphony No. 2? I'm listening to bits and pieces. Looks nice n' all. But I dont think the audience will like it that much. Mostly, however, I love the ending - even tho a bit long, its neat and hits you in waves. Our second piece is the Elgar (full) cello concerto. Sir Andrew Davis is our conductor! Oh yea!! And the CBC radio is (by sponsorship of Yamaha) recording a CD of it. Hmmm, I cant wait! P
  13. Any info on this composer and pianist? I've heard his two recordings of the banshee and aeolian harp & sinister resonance. Those two works are amazing, (the latter composition being my favorite). -P
  14. Where have I been? I've been... busy! I'm real involved with the Music scene here in Toronto all of the sudden, and loving every second of it. As a matter of fact, I have a concert at Roy Thompson (where the TSO) and we're playing a back to back, and then next Tuesady we have our main performance! cant wait!! -P howve u been?
  15. I'm trying to find the first page to TRY!!! and play along. I just downloaded the MP3, and its..well, whoa. -Patrick
  16. Nah, the #2 difficulty wise is only comparable really only to the Ernst Pieces - the Erlking and last rose of summer. Those pieces are the two most difficult, in many violinists opinions, pieces ever written. And in my opinion Erkling is the hardest of the two. Are ya'll saying that the rhapsody (2) is the most difficult piece for piano?
  17. Wow guys, thanks so much for all you're help. Yeah, I pretty much decided doing grade nine would be a better bet for me. These RCM things are kinda difficult. One other question I have - do you have to memorize every piece? My teacher says yes, but I dont think he heard my question right as we were walking through downtown. -p p.s. I love "de Beriot Scene de Ballet" and can actually play it very well, but if we have to memorize it, plus a concerto, plus a Bach - forget it.
  18. Thanks everyone for you're help - i'll really take into account what you all have offered me. In response to Vieuxtemps, thanks for you're help. Grade 9 Concertos: Bach #2 in E (I, II) de Beriot D maj, Op 16 (I w/ cadenza) Haydn C maj (I, II, w/ cadenza) Mozart 1, 2, or 3 (I, II, w/ cadenza) Rode 7 or 8 (I, II w/ cadenza) Viotti 23 since those are my choises on 9, i think i'll just down grade one level as I believe those others are too difficult for me. Now that I have those, I'll need some help choosing between those. Vieuxtemps, what I meant by "you have to pay for EVERYTHING..." was mearly an attempt at sarcasticness. I was born an American and lived a Texas for 14 years and living there I took for granted many things they give for free, where as here It seems to me, to me anyways, that complementaries aren't even offered. But thats another topic innapropriate for this forum. Hmm.. I think I'll try out Viotti 23, or the Mozart 3. I did Mozart 5, which I found pretty difficult, but I know at least I cant handle the 3rd. Any other suggestions? -Patrick. p.s. auditioning for U of T, would Mozart 3 be something they'd see as valid? -P
  19. oh, and you know what? I hear its not in print anymore. So i'd have some trouble finding it..... hmm, where to look
  20. As compared to say the Bruch and/or Viotti 22, hows the difficulty of the K? -p. orrr whats it similar to?
  21. Actually, there are a couple of other Concerto's I can choose from, however I cant remember them off the top of my head as the RCM only prints them out in the syllabus. (in other words, i'm not going to spend 22 dollars for a book on pieces to have an exam for... you have to pay for EVERYTHING in this country). hmm... Kabvelsky (spelling is way off, sorry). Bruch... And thats all I can think of. -P
  22. What should I do? Viotti 22 or 23? I dont think i'm all that good for the 22, but then again, i've never heard or seen music for 23... I'm doing a royal conservatory (canada) exam, and I'm not sure If I should do 22 (grade 10) or 23 (grade 9) as i've never done any exam before, and I hope to get into U of T next fall.. hmm...
  23. I was completely blown away by Ilya Kalers recording of the 2nd Ysaye, and Leila Josefowicz' recording of the 3rd and 4th. My favorite of any Ysaye is the 4th, by a whole long shot. A free-bee for you: -p
  24. its all about better overall body posture; believe it or not, changing how you stand, sit, etc... will improve your sound quality by as much as 50 percent. its awesome!
  25. I have this recording of the shosti 1 (and many of the 2), but I dont know who the player(s) are of ANY of them... Shesh, these mp3's DO have a downside!!! I'd love to purchace a CD of both, but I'm not going to buy just any one - some recordings i've heard of the 1st are absolutely horrible. Patrick.