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  1. Rat.... As Art Director of an internationally-recognized consumer magazine, I can assure you that what you suggest is NOT standard practice. While it's certainly more desirable for the subject of a photo to be "looking into" the gutter rather than off the page, most designers understand that flopping a photograph compromises its integrity as well as the integrity of the entire publication. The reason why the mistake happens is that 95% of all photographs that are scanned for publication are transparencies -- not paper photographs. So the flopped image is not intentional, but rather an error on the scanner operator's part (it's conceivable that a transparency can be scanned incorrectly, since sometimes it's difficult to tell which side of a slide is the right side -- especially if there's no text in the photo). SOMETIMES a photo is flopped for stylistic reasons ONLY IF it's completely convincing. [This message has been edited by Ludwig (edited 02-20-2002).]
  2. Rat.... "Magazine layout people" rarely "flop" photos intentionally.... it's usually done by mistake.
  3. I agree with you 100% on everything except the Keuris. It hurt my ears. I have a newfound respect for Ms. Hahn after last night's concert.
  4. Let's not condemn Ms. Mutter for cancelling her performances without specifically knowing the reasons. I had heard that her reasons for cancelling were related to the fact that she is a single (widowed) mother and that the events of September 11 made her realize that she hasn't spent enough time with her children recently. Family comes first.... her true fans will respect her decision and continue to support her.
  5. She also plays a mean viola d'amore. I've seen her perform.... fascinating....
  6. I'm sure Einstein tasted the insides of LOTS of violins before he invented the light bulb.
  7. I'm sure there are some recordings by the old-timers.... but to be honest with you, I REALLY enjoy Kennedy's recording on his new "Kennedy Plays Bach" CD. I'm not sure who the second violinist is, but I like what I hear. The recording is of superior quality too....
  8. Yes, but then the debate arose over WHO is universally admired..... For me, Brahms just doesn't cut it. I simply don't enjoy listening to his music (with exceptions, of course). I would NEVER claim, however, that he is not "universally admired." [This message has been edited by Ludwig (edited 05-02-2001).]
  9. Remember..... Many folks consider Bach an anti-semite as well... (I believe performances of his St. John's Passion are occasionally met with protest the world over). I should HOPE nobody questions Bach's genius, influence and "universal admiration." Perhaps Wagner was a horrible man (anti-semitism is inexcusable), but the fact remains that in the world of operatic composers, it's difficult to dispute that he is one of the most "universally admired." (Notice I said "one of" ... not "THE") Personally, as much as I enjoy reading about the lives of the great composers, what they did or what they thought has no effect on my enjoyment of their art or the appreciation of their genius. [This message has been edited by Ludwig (edited 05-02-2001).]
  10. Sooz.... I think it IS just a decoration.... It's one of those cheap Chinese collectibles....
  11. illuminatus..... What????? Actually, I would put Wagner near the VERY TOP of the "universally admired" list
  12. While we're on the subject of the Glazunov concerto: Which recordings do you recommend. This is by far my favorite violin concerto. So far, the best recording is Maxim Vengerov's (with the Berlin Philharmonic). However, it seems there's always a better, older recording of every concerto by one of the all-time "greats." I have Heifetz's and Oistrakh's.... as well as Gil Shaham's and Leila Josefowicz's recent recording... all of which don't seem to compare even remotely to Vengerov's. (I have to say I like Heifetz's the least). Am I missing one?
  13. .....and I was just enjoying a nice piece of chocolate cake....
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