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  1. Regis Great you decide to make an artificial Lightbox. Down here in PR , humidity and temperature fluctuate hour by hour .Remember to get the proper UV lamp . I my self use 4(four) 30watt Reptile UV lamps. A good blower (extractor) will circulate air and blow out the heat. A filter in one extreme corner of the box will let fresh air in and will avoid dust . A temperature & humidity digital metter will be Ideal too. Vic
  2. Since I'm a Diavetic,sometimes I use a Millar Glove in my left hand to prevent cuts.But the must dangerous tool is a blunt knife or carving gauge.Keep your tools properly sharp at all times. A sharp knife or tool is the most controlable and safe..! Vic
  3. Karla. 1)Prices vary alot..There are $1.00 bridges and Naturaly seasoned,well aged, select wood Bridges. 2) After a new bridge, there is an obligation of sound setting adjustment. 3)Planning the fingerboard alone in order to eliminate some wear and not examine it for warp up etc. etc.Hummm!!! 4) Tail Piece...for that price you will be getting an Indian Rosewood Tailpiece ( a $4.00 to $8.00 value ) 5) The Helicore Strings..Ok the most expensive item in your violin repair. So far you have been very lucky..!Congratulations. Vic
  4. Once you select the bar wood, shape the arch and properly glue and shape and tune. I see no need for replacing the bar. I have found some big pieces of log in some violins(Factory Violins) That after many years you can make a better, bar re-shaping it since you have so much wood to work on it, but as far as replacing,,Oh No Strange argument ...! Vic
  5. Can you Post some Pix? How old is it?? I just reset the neck of a "Jacob Stainer" Copy, that has a sheem under the fingerboard. Vic
  6. Yutori Baxter's Data , nor Red Book or Tarisio among other's has them..! Vic
  7. HongDa Look in the search data for all related "Termites" Posts. Last Year I took some Xrays to see the extended damage of termites in this Violin. The crevices and channels will appear white. We suspected termites insfection since a strange vibration appear to make the player crasy. We were surprice to find an area of the scroll full of wood resudue from th termites. The X rays will not kill the termites. You know by now that insects survive an atomic explotion? Use CO2 and Argon. Ah! the termites produced a ratle sound and Vibration. Others areas of the Violin were infested such as the back and upper block. Vic Whell look for the posts
  8. Just write and click "Peresson" in your browser and search. Is tetter this way Vic
  9. Hope this can Help you. When the Language Box opens just clik the X. :-) http://www.shirakawaviolins.co.jp/sergio.html Vic
  10. Hi Michael.! Hope to see the final Pixes of your Viola. I can just imagin ,how nice it look's and sound. Really hope to see the final product soon...! ;-) Cordially Vic
  11. I just forwarded you an e mail to your hotmail addres with an offer that I just received. They have an exelent "accer pseudoplatanus Mapple" that many of us consider the best. Cordially Vic...
  12. Let me tell you that I've try them all. Dick-Gmbh, International Luthiers, Int. Violin, D&D.Mr.Crosby The Euro is making it very difficult to buy in Europe now that is closing over $1.20,Transportation from Germany is very Expensive too. As far as Int. Luthiers in Tulsa OK., they are very nice as well as Lory Kirr and her staff at Int. Violin.Sponsor the National providers...Ok Vic
  13. Michael Let see more of your Viola Pix. I'll like to see your Varnishing..! ;-) Vic.
  14. Michael Let see more of your Viola Pixes..! :-) Will like to see Neck carving and Varnishing , if posible!!!!! Cordially Vic
  15. It was my first book a very long time ago. Is very interesting and still has a lot's of references and drawings of tools. A few years ago I so one of the two violins made by Mr.Ed H A, a copy of the M. Sainton ,Guarneri...This book is a good collectors Item. Vic
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