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  1. I was there too and agree with StringDad's comments - it was a great evening. She really is extraordinary. A privilege to hear her. NY audiences can be somewhat snooty and standing ovations are not given out to just anybody. I don't think I've attended a concert in NYC with so much whistling and cheering! My only (small) quibble would be that I've heard those same encore pieces at her recitals for the last 3 seasons. Everything was played from memory, by the way.
  2. When I was in music school I didn't practice enough - maybe 2-3 hours a day, which was not enough for me at that time (for others, it may have been plenty). 20 years later, I often wish I hadn't squandered that time. A few years later, when a great gift of time came my way, I upped my practice to 6-8 hours/day. Did this for about 8 months - the improvement was unbelievable.
  3. Back when I was in music school, I found Bach boring (I know, I know!), much the chagrin of my teachers who must have been questioning my intelligence/musical aptitude. Now, Bach is my favorite composer. I am constantly amazed at the intricacies of his music and its majestic beauty. So many layers, so much going on, so much to learn. I find there are infinite ways to listen to and understand his music. It is a never-ending quest.
  4. I am a reluctant Lara St. John fan. I bought a CD of hers and did not expect to like it, but found it growing on me. She is not my fave but I do like her playing. The marketing of her, however, I find to be a joke - except, it has worked for her, hasn't it? I don't find her especially pretty either. But the marketers of classical music have been looking for a sexpot for quite a while now and LSJ seems willing to fill that role. So, more power to her. LOVE aaron's photo!!!!!!
  5. Kabal, my hubby also has a Chuck Jones. He met Jones when he was a young boy and asked for his autograph. Jones said he didn't sign autographs but if Mike would write him, he'd write back. So he wrote and got back an autographed picture of Wile E. Coyote! We have it framed.
  6. It doesn't seem very bright or forward-thinking of the dealer - perhaps after that important engagement there would have been no problem finding a benefactor...
  7. But the Mostly Mozart concerts that don't involve the festival orchestra are still going on. Gotta second rainyann's suggestion of Bargemusic - definitely the best place in NYC to hear concerts. Unique, fun - you'll be sitting 10-20 feet away from the players - some of the best musicians in the world. Whenever people from out of town visit me I drag them to Bargemusic. All have enjoyed it immensely.
  8. Interesting article. Times sure have changed though. 20 years ago, during my conservatory days, nearly every male teacher could have been charged with sexual harassment by someone. A couple of incidents: I was on tour and a teacher was with us. He leered and flirted with me all day. When we got to the hotel he asked for my room number and if he could come up later. I said, sure and gave him a room-number on a non-existent floor. I told everyone and laughed about it the whole rest of the trip. I played a piece for my teacher which was to be played on my upcoming jury. When I was done he came over and kissed my forehead and told me the piece was lovely and beautiful and all the notes were there, but "you played like a sweet little girl in Sunday School choir - it's just a little too virginal, if you know what I mean". He then told me details of the previous night he had spent with the woman he was dating (not a student) and the charged sexual/romantic atmosphere of their evening, "and I thought of you - I thought 'one day (fatcat) will be able to play like that'". I couldn't wait until the lesson was over - to go back and laugh with my friends about horny old Mr. XXX and how he advised me to get laid before my jury. This teacher was adored by me and all of his students. I guess I could have had him fired if that happened today. I'm not saying that sexual harassment isn't real or serious, just that some incidents can be taken care of without resorting to lawsuits. But yes, other times a lawsuit is what it takes.
  9. I adore Wodehouse and agree with Oldbear's definition. If I had another lifetime I would spend it trying to annotate all of Wodehouse - probably an impossible task. Remember, "The F. of the S. is more D. than the M."
  10. I think your experience is typical and I was thinking along those same lines as I read that thread. Every teacher I have had has changed something but that doesn't mean what I had been doing was wrong or that my former teacher was incompetent. Sometimes things will be refined as you improve or get older, sometimes a teacher has discovered a technique that works for him/her, sometimes they simply insist you do it the way they, themselves, were taught.
  11. I don't know what it is like for teachers in NC now but in the 1970s, when my Mom was a public school teacher in NC, teachers got paid for the months they worked (10) with the OPTION to spread that 10 months pay over 12 months if they wished so there would be no pay gap during the summer months.. I think she was making about $9000/year, no joke. Every weekend, holiday and summer day off, Mom worked at the local hospital. She sometimes worked at the hospital after coming home from school at 5pm. She literally had about 1 day off per year. She was one of the most popular and best teachers at my high school. Also found time to work on a Master's Degree during that time. I know this is off-topic and I know no one here was suggesting ALL teachers are lazy but I just felt the need to put in a defence of my Mom, who is also my hero.
  12. I've heard the Larks, though not recently. I was friends many years ago with their cellist. An excellent quartet.
  13. My opinion on this changes constantly but recently I'm really loving Faure's Quartet No. 2 in G minor, Op. 45. What a great piece of music!
  14. I'm pretending I don't know who that guy is.
  15. quote: Originally posted by hk1997: In Houston, our symphony advertised that you can go in t-shirt and jeans. And I did once, but I didn't see anyone else dressed the same. In NYC you see people at concerts in all manner of dress - from jeans to tuxedos. Though most people dress up a little, I think that gowns/****tail dresses and tuxedos are even more out of place these days than jeans.
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