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    Need help picking Carbon Fiber Bows.

    These posts are troubling for many reasons. If the person who gives you their opinion of a bow is an accomplished cellist and you are a student of two years, even if you played the same bow you wouldn't be playing it the same way. And vice versa. Someone with no command of technique whatsoever could give a great bow a lousy review simply because they can't play it well. So unless you know the person giving the advice, I'm wondering how helpful the advice is. Empirically, of course, if the input you have is that the bow fell apart in your hands after six months, then that is something we can all relate to and want to stay away from. But preference for strings, rosins, again has to do with how you play, what you play on, and the like. I can't think of a single shop that sells bows that doesn't have them available for trial. Just do it. As for price, many companies have strict pricing and discounting policies. Therefore, I seriously doubt Stringworks has the lowest prices on Coda bows, since Coda is one of those companies. But it is nice to support the stores you have had good experiences with.